Progressive? Obama’s Energy Platform: Nuclear and Coal

Liberals take note! All ye who cling to Obama for his most liberal on high policies: The very foundations of progressive politics that stemmed from the sixties anti-war effort are given little attention in his overall plans. Remember? Our tenets are: No Nukes! Reduce Greenhouse Gases! Reduce Coal Mining!

On today’s 5/4/08 MSNBC Meet the Press broadcast, Obama states clearly — as he also did in the debates — that his energy policy will rely on nuclear power and coal. And this platform is not “Washington as usual”? This would-be-president is speaking out of both sides of his mouth, once again. He is merely re-packaging and co-opting the language of idealism to clothe a weak, out-dated energy policy.

I’ve had to link to the entire video broadcast above, because MSNBC showed its bias once again, and did not include in its shorter recap pieces — read: edited out — the two minute snipet where Obama speaks his mis-guided opinions about nuclear and coal. You will find it about 30 minutes into the video.

We have our answer about Obama’s energy policy — one that’s been reported this year, last year, and beyond. He’s for safe nuclear and coal, but seems to give short shrift to developing an energy policy like Hillary’s that would put money into developing solar, wind, methane, and more comprehensive corn-based technologies and create thousands of jobs. Here’s an NBC News piece about Obama’s record from February, 2008. It appears that Godley, IL citizens living near a leaky nuclear power plant got the short end of the stick, and instead the power company Excelon benefited. When it came to a choice between the people of his state and corporate interests, Obama chose the corporation, despite the health dangers it posed.


4 thoughts on “Progressive? Obama’s Energy Platform: Nuclear and Coal

  1. ODE TO OBAMA (Second Ed.)
    by Publius II

    There once was a man named Obama
    His life began with drama
    An African Muslim father
    And a wild white mama

    Obama’s white grandparents
    They gave him a charmed life
    Raised on the beaches of Hawaii
    Far from ghetto strife

    He went to private schools
    Fourteen thousand dollars a year
    Working-class white folks
    They were nowhere near

    He attended Columbia
    Then Harvard Law
    A very soft and liberal upbringing
    Something Americans eventually saw

    He then went to Chicago
    Nation of Islam, Farrakhan, Black Panthers and Jackson
    The only friends he made
    All from the extreme left-wing faction

    He joined a radical church
    His Pastor downright insane
    Blacks and whites, he said
    Think with different parts of their brain

    His church praised a man named Cone
    With hateful opinions he was filled
    He said white people were “the devil”
    And Gods who love whites must be killed

    Obama first ran for State Senate
    With permission from Chicago’s Marxist King
    A domestic terrorist named Ayers
    Obama kissed his ring

    He wrote a book called “Dreams From My Father”
    From start to finish a racist rant
    After people finally read it
    They later said: “Obama, no we can’t”

    He wrote how he rejected his mother’s race
    And that Malcolm X was a hero
    People had a clear warning
    Obama was a dangerous zero

    He was then elected to the U.S. Senate
    Obama’s ego grew very bold
    He barely served a year
    I will run for President was the story he told

    He spent millions to stage rallies
    The crowds would yell and cheer
    But then it all fizzled after he said
    Typical white folks cling to religion, guns and beer

    His wife said America was mean
    She was never really proud
    Her Black Separatist thesis at Princeton
    Became a campaign cloud

    People said he was a Muslim
    His supporters scoffed and jeered
    Then his Black Liberation Church was exposed
    And Obama’s ugly head was reared

    He tried to recover in a speech on race
    The radical left-wing media offered raves
    But he said white folks had an “untrained ear”
    And abolitionists in Pennsylvania turned over in their graves

    He claimed to be a uniter
    He would bring people together all at once
    But after his speech in Philadelphia
    He proved to be a demographic dunce

    He tried once more to persuade whites
    But his bowling was a mess
    He rolled a 37
    Like a 5-year-old girl in a sundress

    He then played basketball
    He drove the ball to the rack
    But when all was said and done
    He looked like an old man having a heart attack

    He wouldn’t cover his heart
    As the National Anthem played
    It’s a meaningless gesture he said
    But Americans felt betrayed

    He wouldn’t wear a flag pin
    It was against his One World view
    It doesn’t matter he said
    And the American people stewed

    He first called terrorist Ayers his friend
    Then said this man he didn’t really know
    More deceit and cover-ups
    Obama’s lies began to grow

    Farrakhan, Jackson and Sharpton
    Three of Obama’s greatest fans
    He tried hiding them in the closet
    So not to further offend the white man

    Then came his anti-American Pastor
    Obama’s mentor for 20 years
    He preened, shucked and jived
    White people rose up and sneered

    NBC and the New York Times
    They tried each day to save Obama’s campaign
    But real Americans said “FU”
    And Obama spiraled down the drain

    The radical left-wing Democrats
    A Presidential race lost once again
    Is it really a surprise
    They’ve lost 7 of the last 10?

  2. Publius II: Thanks for your poem. I’m assuming you wrote it and have copyright. I’m leaving it on here for now, although it’s borderline and contains a bit much incendiary language for my taste — some perhaps was driven by wanting to make it rhyme. Although I think you are speaking to issues of character and choice, I prefer to focus on the issues of the campaign or note if Hillary is given unfair media or Obama treatment. Are you a Dem?

  3. Coal to liquid is our only hope, turning our coal to fuel solves our national security so please wait and watch as our idiot congressionals kneel at the feet of coal.

  4. fthefarmer: It appears that the scientists haven’t yet figured out how to burn “liquid coal” without emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than petroleum does.

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