The Politics of “No” At Best, Hateful At Worst

Senator Obama needs to bring up a plan of his own. If he doesn’t like Hillary’s gas holiday, then what is his plan? Instead of griping about her proposals which are the first steps in a long range total energy policy, Obama could be talking about his own ideas. His responses and reactions are reminiscent of his actions during and following the debates with Hillary (of which there have been four not twenty-four, please correct me if my tally is wrong), and his campaign controversy conduct: blame the other guy or gal, so you don’t have to account for your own opinions and votes cast. More deflection. How is that new politics? Sounds like hateful behavior and old Washington to me. Umm, let’s be clear: Obama IS a Senator IN WASHINGTON. He’s running to be the P-rrez-ident, the leader of the free world, the epitome, the apex, and center of WASHINGTON. There’s not much doubt that this person will embody what it means to be Washington. I mean, again, pul-leaze. Sigh. Don’t we want that? Not just another slick showman like Bush.

People are waking up a bit, I think, I hope. I mean, ideals are great, inspiring. Obama talks a lot of ideals and generalities — but Hillary talks details that are fleshed out, built upon her ideals. Did you hear her on Bill O’Reilly this week? My gosh, she’s got it all, and the pundits say she can’t unite people and get along. Duh, she gave him a run for his money, beat him up a bit, and he loved it. Touché. Good on ya, Hill. Bend over O, and how do you like that? Again, guess it’s old news, but for those who haven’t yet watched Hillary in her strength and glory, quick on her feet, displaying a depth of knowledge on so many issues, unlike any of the candidates: here’s Part 2 to the above Part 1. Far be it from me to promote Fox Network, as O’Reilly said, boy am I surprised! But it’s a great example of showing Hillary’s enormous capacity to work with people. She’s like the Energizer bunny — keeps going, and even more, keeps getting better and better. Like us all, sweeties, we’re not getting older, we’re getting better.

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