“[New Dems, DNC, MSM], You Ignorant Slut!”

As Saturday Night Live’s sexist newscaster, Dan Ackroyd said it best to his co-anchor Jane Curtin: “Jane, you ignorant slut!”

The joke was that in saying so, the newscaster showed his own priggishness. Isn’t that what the “new Democrats,” DNC, and the mainstream media (MSM) are saying to Hillary over and over again? And what does this say about them? Well I say, back at cha. In case you’re thinking that “ignorant” (sic) is too harsh a term, what would you call those who deny substance over style during this critical time in our history?

Plans? Got plans? You name it, Mrs. Clinton has a plan. I posted a few points from her comprehensive energy platform earlier in the week. Read all you can eat here. In the above campaign video, Hillary outlines some things she will do for women and families. Even the fact that she has a separate piece about it, shows that she’s thinking about over 50% of the population, and has figured out how supporting the work that women do will make our country stronger, as well as women around the world.

What does Obama have to say? Here are some snips from his appearance today, May 10, in Beaverton, OR.

“Tell the truth, come together, be unified. . . move this country forward, get going.”

Yes, but about what, and go where? What exactly are the plans?

Then there’s repeated talk about how he’s not perfect so don’t expect it, and how Michelle reigns him in, brings him down to earth. (Hmm, I smell Nancy Reagan.) I am sorry, and it’s been said, but geez the way Obama talks about Michelle, you know who’s wearing the pants in the family. We women do like to wear the pants, Hillary does too, yada yada. However, somehow in this context, it’s like good cop, bad cop, and he’s telling us who’s the family enforcer. There’s nothing I like more than curbing a man (smile), but she just doesn’t seem to enjoy, or be real friendly-like in the role he says she plays. (I mean if you’re going to drive the whip, why not have fun with it, you know, play, be a flirt?)

More disturbingly, why does Obama always bring it up as a consistent theme in his speeches–like he’s compelled to do so beyond his control? Is he a deadbeat at home? Or, just the good cop who lays back and lets mom do the work? Or, perhaps he’s setting us up to not be disappointed when we find out that it’s all on us, and he doesn’t really have a plan.

He continues, talking about trying to figure out how to break down barriers, which we can do if everybody helps out. Of course, I agree with that. But, please say exactly what you’re going to do beyond evangelically going out to save the world. I guess that’s what we were trying to do in the sixties, and we also didn’t have a plan. How’d that work out for us? Some things very good, others not so much. Ended a war, started the green movement, revolutionized the advertising, technical, and entrepreneurial worlds, produced a Hillary Clinton, raa-iiight? Not so bad, and I do understand that the citizenry is looking for inspiration. . . .

Earlier in the week giving a speech in West Virginia, Hillary said that a Democrat has not won the Presidency without winning their state since Woodrow Wilson in 1916. Give you pause? She has an estimated +40% lead in the polls. Compared to North Carolina, isn’t that story a clear picture of our national divide and the challenge that any Democratic candidate faces? Nationally, it’s the electoral college, stupid.

Saturday at a Mothers’ Day event with Chelsea in NYC, well-covered by Fox News (!), Hillary promoted her views about how mothers have the big task in this country of running their families, supporting their households, and being caretakers of their parents simultaneously. Yet, they do the former and latter for free, without being compensated. If actually paid for, their family care giving would total in the billions of dollars. Regarding value for work, she noted that although we’ve made strides, women still earn about 77 cents on the dollar compared to a man for equal work.

Hillary, as aired on CNN’s “Ballot Box: The Candidates Unfiltered,” said she has: taken on the Republicans, the drug and health care companies to insure 6 million children, voted to freeze homeowner foreclosures, and stood up against Dick Cheney’s energy bill. She vowed to: do what it takes to keep good jobs here, to investigate the oil traders as to their record profits while gas prices increase, and to lower gas and health care costs. She will also immediately pass stem cell research, has invited Congress to resubmit to her as President the bills that Bush vetoed, and stands firmly behind a woman’s right to choose.

I am no shrinking violet. I will never quit, and I won’t stop until the job is done.

Hillary is the only candidate who stands for a universal health care plan, a solution for the country’s home foreclosures, and who is endorsed by admirals and generals.

Wake up, people! I don’t think that it’s petty to point out that your opponent doesn’t have solid plans, when our country’s future is at stake. The consequences are too great.