Superdelegate Asks The People to Decide

Now this is a novel idea: Someone in government, Superdelegate and California State Senator Carole Migden, actually wants to know what you think. You can vote and write your comments as to how and/or whom she should choose. She says, right on her website, that if you take action, you can help to change the world in 60 seconds. What do you think?

Looks like the Senator’s been taking comments and votes for a few months and currently Hillary is ahead. Funny but sad was poor Trudi’s, which ended with a who cares what I think anyway, I live in Michigan!

Here’s my note to her:

Carole, Thank YOU for asking! I think that Hillary Clinton will win the popular vote, if the DNC counts the votes. She is by far the most qualified, strong, brilliant candidate with clear, solid, progressive plans. So I hope the answer to your question is “both.” Like me, many people, especially women, feel that they’ve been discounted and thrown away in the Dem nominating and election process. We’re fed up that Dean and Brazile are blatantly biased. We’re sick to our stomachs at the way Hillary has been treated. We are sure that if she’d been treated with respect by The Media, DNC, Dem candidates, and Obama et al, that she’d be ahead right now. Many of us, as lifelong committed Dems who would NEVER have considered voting any other way, are considering jumping ship and voting for (gasp) McCain if Obama is the nominee. (Me in present time: Wow, did I write that?)

You can vote here, and be sure to thank and support Carole Migden. One of the ways to make the change we seek is to have more women in government.