Both Sides Now

I’m feeling a bit numb, but not comfortably. Just letting everything settle in. Although I had Patron on election night and not Southern Comfort like madamab, I’m moving a bit slowly, but no migraine!

I thought that November 5th would be the day that my life would return to normal, and mark my political devotional journey’s end. One way or the other, I could return to civilian life. Heh. Hasn’t happened yet. Tomorrow. Apparently, it’s hard to get moving, or declare a direction for myself after stopping short.

The morning after, Riverdaughter congratulated Obama and his supporters, whose dreams were fulfilled, saying she understood their joy. She made some waves! I get what she was feeling, because I saw it wash over her at our NYC election night gathering. Congratulations to Obama and The Democrats! And really, would we have wanted them to be sore losers? (Whoops, I forgot: they already were–to Hillary.) From what we’re seeing, Obama’s election to the Presidency is a huge participatory be-in where African Americans can finally be vindicated, feel and see that there’s a way up for them, and that we respect them.

Baby boomers who fought in the civil rights movement are celebrating that they don’t have to leave the country, that their sixties spiritual dreams are fulfilled, and that anything is possible. Even some of my mom’s generation, who were born eighty-something years ago and live in Florida, went for Obama. Hard-core feminists disliked and demonized both Clinton and Palin, and went to Obama. I’m writing, keeping to myself at home, so they don’t see the tread marks up my back.

By any measure of my life up to this year, I’d be as happy as a clam at the big win. Instead, I feel let down. I’m an emotional being. My beef all along has been about the means, the dirty means, the integrity-less, back-stabbing, issue-equivocating, race-baiting, misogynistic, homophobic, money-mongering, combo far right/left MEANS. Period.

Had either Hillary or Sarah gone to the White House, I don’t see that women and men would have universally and spontaneously rejoiced in the streets all over the country like they did for Obama. Do you? Reclusive Leftist wrote that women are just supposed to wish that everyone else does well, regardless if it’s to their own detriment. I’m thinking about that, thinking and wondering.

Some ardent feminists are such fishes in water that they can’t really tell they’re in the tank. Gloria Steinem was on post-election Oprah, and the gist was: Palin had no content, wasn’t fit to be VP or President, and it’s McCain’s fault for choosing her. Gloria said that the more people found out about Palin, the more they went away from her. (These days, I’m feeling that way about Gloria.) She pontificated that women’s issues are about substance not form: it’s what you’re for that matters, not just being a woman. It’s not that she’s wrong, I just don’t like the holier than thou attitude. Hmmm, more tread marks from another feminist who’s absolutely confident within herself, and elated that Obama’s in.

The MSM and FOX News are doing entire segments about Palin’s reported temper and refusal to be coached before the debates. Perhaps they’re right, who knows, but I feel that once again a woman is being scapegoated by Looooo-sers. Her governor rating WAS over 80% BEFORE the MSM, pundits, and Obama got a-hold of her. I guess I should be glad that Obama won, because Hillary’s treatment would have been far worse had he lost.

Although the spiritual and progressive Left are elated, and Obama’s background agendas and means to power have escaped their horizons, I don’t fault anyone’s celebrations. I understand their genuine joy, but am saddened by what they chose to see and what they chose to gloss over, ignore, or spin. Michelle’s Narciso Rodriguez dress got more perusal than Obie’s record. Yet, a majority of Democrats complained that Republicans ran a more negative campaign. They thought that questions about background, associations, decisions, and policies were extraneous, old-style politics, and off-the-mark. They were all for women in high office, just “not those women.”

I don’t see that Hillary Clinton will be supported by the Dems for Majority Leader. David Gergen was also on Oprah I-didn’t-use-my-TV-show-to-promote-Obama. Gergen said that Hillary Clinton came so close but did not make it through the door this year, but that she made 70 different appearances for him, and women will have their time. Obama’s alliances are made, and despite her generosity, it will never be enough. Just like he treated Alice Palmer. It’s rumored that Rahm Emanuel will be Chief of Staff, and that he and the Clintons are enemies. Right now, Hillary’s rise to Majority Leader or President seems as probable as Obama’s choosing her for VP. (But, I’d love to be proven wrong.)

I always “made the holidays” for my kids. When we lived in a collective household, I’d cook and prepare and engage others to help, and we’d celebrate the Jewish holidays (along with all the other holidays of whomever lived there) — Passover, Chanukah, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur. After the Farm, when my kids were growing up, and even after they were on their own, I kept up with our traditions, inviting friends and family. It was always lovely and warm.

When I moved to New York three years ago, I expected it would be the same. However, when I called to make plans, they said, “Mom, we have our own thing, with our group of friends. You’re welcome to come, though.” Well, as a parent, that was a whole re-orientation—a “mother, please! I’d rather do it myself” moment. I wasn’t in charge of the family holidays anymore, which was a surprise but good for two reasons: 1) my apartment and kitchen are teeny, making complicated meal prep tricky, and 2) I must have passed on the holiday tradition in such a way that they wanted to carry it on themselves, with no prodding or guilt from me.


In Obama’s acceptance speech, I didn’t hear an attempt to lower expectations, I heard a call to action, an exact echoing of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We may not get there in one year or one term . . . It’s your moment, your time, and get ready to work. Everybody who voted for Obama, everybody who was dancing in the streets and cried for that moment: You’re on! Let’s see who steps up. YOU can make the holidays for us now.

I’m an optimist. Maybe it’s good. Obama got people to move on his behalf for whatever they thought he stood for, and Obama says that brothas should pull up their pants. (Maybe my son will do it, too. Sorry, dear.) Now that’s something that just might happen in an Obama administration!

I don’t mean to make light of the serious problems ahead, and I’m not saying people aren’t allowed to make mistakes, and I hope for every success, because we’re all in this together now. Some voters, though, might be a little surprised when and if they discover what they actually bought. To them: you wanted it, you got it. And I’m glad you’re going for it. Enjoy! God bless us all, and God bless America!

PUMAs, we still have work to do! Thank you for reading my stuff, helping me keep my sanity, being here to raise each other up, and remaining a strong, clear voice for truth and fairness.

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Oy! Stop With The Emails, Already! (updated)

Today May 22, 2008, Obama spoke at a Boca Raton, FL synagogue, in an attempt to redeem himself, and the questionable policy statements he’s made during his campaign regarding unconditional talks with rogue nations like Iran.

The first half of his speech consisted of a lot of naming of the Jews he’s known, and (with an air of admiration and amazement) how inspiring, warm, smart, and friendly those “Jewish Americans” he’s met are. Speaking as one, and on behalf of them, I’d like to say, gee thanks, Mr. Obama. I feel the same about African Americans I’ve met.

Lest you think I’m xenophobic, I’m not at all. I just happen to have a really good sense of smell–learned from my mother–and this propped up lox opp-or-tuna-ty smells like a red herring to me. Updated: Apparently, Soccer Dad, Jennifer Rubin of Commentary, Joshua Pundit on No Quarter, and Ed Morrissey at Hot Air can smell it too. Hat tip to Joshua Pundit for the article, especially the photo, and to No Quarter for publishing it.

The remainder of Obama’s talk was a melange of nostalgia and gonna get tough on behalf of Israel talk, based on his very inspirational visit there, he said. Hitting home by relating to serving a cause, he let us know that he knows about ‘tikkum olam’ the Jewish holy duty to be of service.

But perhaps, he should have picked up a little of that Jewish warmth and hospitality that so moved him.

With thinly veiled annoyance, almost a kvetch, Obama said pointedly, as he tightened:

People have been getting emails . . . NON STOP!!!

He obviously didn’t consult with Jackie Mason, who could’ve taught him a bissel about how to use Jewish humor in his delivery. In the right hands, that line could have been a kicker. You know, something like,

“Oh booyyyy, have I been getting eee-mails like you’ve never seen. Oi, stop giving me a Hakn a tshaynik. (pron. a hock in the ch-eye-neck)

(literally “to knock a teakettle“), meaning to rattle on loudly and insistently, but without any meaning, is one of the most widely used Yiddish idiomatic phrases.[1] It is most often used in the negative imperative sense: Hak mir nisht ken tshaynik! (literally “Don’t knock (me) a teakettle!”), in the sense of “Stop bothering me!”.[1]

The Senator went on to assure the congregation that his position on Israel has been the victim of rumor-mongering out there, and it’s not true (you bullies)–he supports Israel–and its right to exist. (phew, glad we got that out of the way)

The One (although we don’t believe in that sort of thing) seems to have made quite an impression, because they gave him a standing ovation. There’s talk of making him an honorary Jew, he kvetched so well — about the emails, you know.

Here! Over here, Senator, have a knish, dear. Sadie, we shouldn’t bother him anymore with those emails. But, shush, we should leave him alone to eat while he’s noshing on that knish. You know how he gets. What do you mean? You know . . . about the waffle. Huh? You mean his convenient waffling winks about Canada and NAFTA? No. How he’d deal with rogue nations? No. How he’s chatting us up now that he needs us, but hasn’t tried to get our votes counted before? No. Oh, right, “Can’t I just eat my waffle?” You got it! I know what it is: low blood sugar. What? You know, he needs to eat more. Look at him, how thin he is. I think he gets grouchy when he wants to be left alone. Okay, let’s go. Let’s leave him be.

Obama Early Investors: Still Time To Get Out

I began this piece five days ago, but blog news years must be like dog years so it feels like five times seven days ago. Hillary has taught me that I should finish what I started, so here’s some of why I stand by her. It’s a heart thing. Sadly, I’m sometimes propelled by the outrageous behavior of her Democratic rival, which typifies the kind of politics as usual that he derides. Here’s my take. It’s not analysis, not based in numbers, but admittedly based in passion.

In his opening remarks in Watertown, SD on Friday afternoon, May 16, 2008, Barack Obama praised Tom Daschle as “an early investor.” (Hmm: All of those early investors. I wonder if it’s too late for them to get out?) Why do I say that?

Let’s begin with the week of the three-way, er Bush/McCain vs. Obama dog fight. Obama’s campaign speech is covered on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News in the middle of the day, to counter the President’s remarks comparing [Obama/Dems] to Nazi appeasers in WWII. There’s a nose scratch as he mentions Bush’ name.

Obama derides Bush that instead of celebrating and offering some new ideas about how to move the Middle East forward, he has targeted his remarks towards our domestic election while he’s in a foreign country, Israel, on occasion of their 60th anniversary. (true)

“Booo, Booo,” says Watertown, SD.

Obama takes the gloves off, and pontificates, as he delivers the one-two:

“So much for civility.”

He goes on [paraphrasing]: If George Bush wants to have a debate about defending the US of A . . . that is a debate I’ll have any time, any where.

Wait. Stop. Oh no heditnt. He’ll go head to head with the leader of the free world (an intellectual midget, also not running), or his presumed opponent, but he’s afraid to go head to head with a girl? (Sorry, but I’m making a point here.) Obama declined to debate Hillary on a flat bed truck. He declined an invitation for a 1/2 hour slot in a Portland Town Hall, so Hillary was offered and snagged the whole hour. Besides that . . . so much for a new style of politics.

In his speech on that day, Obama names every modern American Democratic President–Truman, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Carter–except Bill Clinton as an example of US diplomacy successes. I felt really embarrassed that he treated Bill that way, and I think it’s endemic in his campaign. If I were Bill, I’d be furious about now. Why didn’t he list Bill Clinton for his administration’s Middle East, Ireland, and Bosnia diplomatic efforts? (Wouldn’t that have been the generous thing to do, just as Hillary stood with you in pushing back at Bush?) Every President but Clinton? It was just plain rude. Yes, Clinton made mistakes, so have they all. The black community still loved him, despite or perhaps because of his transgressions, for years they loved him. And now, he’s like dirt in same community? Who caused that, who spread that through the electorate? Obama did. Bill Clinton took our country to unprecedented heights on many levels. But to hear Obama, it was as if he’d been wiped off the map. Goose gander.

Obama goes for direct hits on McCain/Bush: Israel, Iran, McCain’s 100 year Iraq war, tough vs. weak stances, talk, and negotiations.

The reason Bush attacked Obama (and why Obama thought as much) was due to his stance in the debates in opposition to Hillary Clinton. Obama said he would sit down with our enemies, including terrorist and rogue nations unconditionally. Hillary disagreed. She said there absolutely would have to be pre-conditions and that the President would not be part of those lower level meetings until certain standards were met, that it would be foolish to do otherwise. I didn’t hear that mentioned at all in the news on Thursday when the story broke via Bush’s Knesset speech. Then Hillary HAD to support him, but her stance was, and still is, that she would talk to those terrorist-controlled nations with pre-conditions. I support that.

Hillary and Bill weren’t even mentioned in this tussle. Nor did Obama have the good political manners to thank Ms. Clinton for taking the gracious stance on his and the party’s behalf in her statement when the story broke.

“The change that we’re sinking, seeking” — I swear he said that.

Then it turned into a town hall, where a local asked a family farm question, fuel, input costs. He was in bad shape financially, hope-wise. In response, Obama tried to do a Hillary move, which is to listen and be compassionate. The news was beginning to cut away for comments, but I could hear the gist:

Obama listened and repeated exactly what the young farmer had said, “Your prices have gone up, just like those at the pump.”

Wow, that’s a revelation, and an amazing summation.

A fourth generation rancher talked about how all the kids leave the ranches and farms, because they can’t make it, there’s nothing for them there.

Obama’s response, summarizing again, “Capital considerations are prohibitive.”

Dude was all business, pure corporate businessman. I didn’t see an ounce of compassion, and the speakers just sat there looking kind of uncomfortable. Take two aspirin, call me in the morning. I didn’t feel any heart swells, no glorious answers from above, especially no violins, none at all. Farmers, ranchers whose families had lived there for hundreds of years, really pouring out their troubles to him. It was like: Losing the farm. Check. Gas costs are breaking us. Check. It’s so bad that our kids don’t want to carry on in their family business, and we’re afraid of losing it all. Check.

The depth and breadth of Hillary’s heart makes me feel better. I think they would have felt better had she been the one to answer. Then in her typical fashion, she’d offer them some real solutions instead of parroting back their problems. That’s old school for you.

Early investors, I want you to know, you can get out; it’s not too late. You can change your vote.

The interesting thing about being invisible is that you can be stealthy, and use it to your advantage. We used to say that if parents aren’t in agreement, kids will find the holes and run roughshod through them. Things are getting reversed, and Bill and Hillary have proved not to be the establishment but the kids. Idealistic at heart, but wizened enough to have actual plans to back it up.

It’s been well noted that Hillary’s gigantic 41 point West Virginia win was stomped on by Edwards’ endorsement, followed by the aforementioned 3-way. The cherry was when Campbell Brown and many other anchors? at CNN and MSNBC were calling last week, right after Sen. Clinton’s trouncing of Obama, “the first week of the national election between Obama and McCain.” Oh, and then she trounced him again last night, May 20, in Kentucky taking 65.5 to his 30 percent of the vote.

Women and men rallied to her side. None of us could believe ourselves, but independently people were coming to their own conclusions and talking about it. The DNC, who stood by when MI and FL could have resolved ages ago, was warned: You are about to have a voter revolt on your hands.

Do you get it? I don’t get it. Bizarro World Pt. 2

Dude, do you get it? I don’t. May 14, 2008, one day after Clinton smashed Obama in the West Virginia primary by 41 percent, in preamble to his endorsement of Barack Obama, John Edwards gives the best Democratic Nominating Speech I’ve ever heard — for Hillary Clinton! Made me cry. Then in the like fourth best nominating speech, he endorsed Barack Obama — for the exact same policies.

Do you get it? I don’t get it. I wonder, instead of being promised a jet ski, as Edwards keeps joking about, if it isn’t the VEEP position he’s been offered? Did Edwards say getting rid of “papal politics” as he’s endorsing a man, or did I mis-hear it? Powerful speaking from Edwards, for sure. He has less to prove than when running. Not as much pressure. He’s jazzed, I guess. He’s bringing up all of Hillary’s lead issues: poverty, children, healthcare, and endorsing Obama for being able to handle them. Like Hillary hasn’t taken the lead in all this. It’s admirable, but sad. Deep divisions in our country, he says, that Obama will heal. Unfortunately, for us on the other side, he’s given the speech of his life.

Now in discussion, Pat Buchanan is talking sympathetically of Hillary, about how it appeared that all the boys were getting together and ganging up on her, which made her seem sympathetic, like the underdog. Of course, all this on a day when Hillary moved ahead in the popular vote (with Michigan and Florida.) Oh, and this is all happening in Dearborn, MI, the state where Obama took his name off the ballot, refused a re-vote, or to seat delegates according to the current vote. Kind of unbelievable that a huge auditorium is cheering Obama on. A moment they’ll remember forever. Hard ball, for sure.

This just in: every blue collar redneck, biker, trucker, farmer, and college dropout alive joins with their wife and mother, hangs a u-ey and votes for “the women.” For the first time I’ve ever heard, Lou Dobbs is bitching about how We The Media have caused all this “Hillary ending the race talk.” He goes on . . . instead of raising a stink about how the nominee will not be chosen by popular vote, but rather big wigs at a brokered convention. [Hel-lo-o] He’s getting all outrageous about it like he does. And Wolf was very respectful today. On a day where Hillary had picked up tremendous steam, when her teammates all ganged up on her, The MSM stood up and noticed, and were even deferential for umm, twelve hours? Deep breath. Sigh.

Like I said last time, it’s an bizarro world, right?

An Bizarro World: Hold On To Your Uterus, Ladies! NARAL? Edwards?

Afternoon Mishmash:

Big Ride: Well, is our goose cooked? John, you too? According to CNN News, John Edwards is about to endorse Obama, which he alluded to coyly in last week’s CNN appearances. I’m not about to bail, but geeze, John, wow. Am I the only one (well, including about 16.5 million people) who can’t understand what people are seeing or not seeing about Hillary with all these defections or rats jumping off ship, as expressed by the Red State Update guys’ video.

How much more bizarro can things get? NARAL endorses Obama? Best candidate to unite black and white women? Ahhhh-uuuummmmm — How about Hillary Clinton, the best candidate to keep women’s bodies healthy by having a health care plan of substance? How about endorsing the candidate who has consistently stood for women, women’s right to choose, children, and families? This is just too bizarre. Oh my gosh, I think I’ve temporarily run out of words. Riverdaughter gives some perspective about NARAL’s leadership over the last few years.

Then there’s Hillary in a pre-taped CNN Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer that aired today May 14 where she said:

I don’t quit. You don’t walk off the court before the buzzer sounds. You never know when you could get a three-point shot in at the end.

Then we have ABC News announcing today that Hillary is leading:

ABC News: Hillary Leads In Total Popular Vote

5/14/2008 3:56:36 PM

Following her strong victory in West Virginia last night, Hillary regained her lead in the total popular vote, including Michigan and Florida. From ABC News:

Clinton: 16,691,283
Obama: 16,647,926

Edwards is about to speak. Honestly, I’m feeling ill about now — yah, like on a roller coaster ride. Why the heck is everyone so skittish? Hillary is so strong. If she won’t give up, neither will I.

Don’t you know, they’re playing real hard ball to hit her when she’s up and riding the wave. Yup, lots of back room stuff, BO walking around in a baseball cap, chillin’, playin’ pool, then wham bam. If Hillary can fight, so can we. I’m interested to see how she weathers this, and if other SDs are swayed to Obama’s side. Keep fighting and contributing to Hillary Clinton. Me: $20 today. Little, I know, but if even 16 million gave that, we’d retire her $21 million loan to herself, and have some in the coffers to ride on till June 3.


Progressive? Obama’s Energy Platform: Nuclear and Coal

Liberals take note! All ye who cling to Obama for his most liberal on high policies: The very foundations of progressive politics that stemmed from the sixties anti-war effort are given little attention in his overall plans. Remember? Our tenets are: No Nukes! Reduce Greenhouse Gases! Reduce Coal Mining!

On today’s 5/4/08 MSNBC Meet the Press broadcast, Obama states clearly — as he also did in the debates — that his energy policy will rely on nuclear power and coal. And this platform is not “Washington as usual”? This would-be-president is speaking out of both sides of his mouth, once again. He is merely re-packaging and co-opting the language of idealism to clothe a weak, out-dated energy policy.

I’ve had to link to the entire video broadcast above, because MSNBC showed its bias once again, and did not include in its shorter recap pieces — read: edited out — the two minute snipet where Obama speaks his mis-guided opinions about nuclear and coal. You will find it about 30 minutes into the video.

We have our answer about Obama’s energy policy — one that’s been reported this year, last year, and beyond. He’s for safe nuclear and coal, but seems to give short shrift to developing an energy policy like Hillary’s that would put money into developing solar, wind, methane, and more comprehensive corn-based technologies and create thousands of jobs. Here’s an NBC News piece about Obama’s record from February, 2008. It appears that Godley, IL citizens living near a leaky nuclear power plant got the short end of the stick, and instead the power company Excelon benefited. When it came to a choice between the people of his state and corporate interests, Obama chose the corporation, despite the health dangers it posed.