Hillary Wins Indiana! CNN Wins Bias Wars

I just can’t help myself. I can’t seem to get off the topic of feeling burned by and burned up by cable channels’ election coverage. CNN used to be like vanilla: accountable, reliable, just the facts, umm, you know, news. I used to work for CNN in the ’80s. But now I’m so annoyed, gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh, when I hear their bias, just like MSNBC. So, I had to drop Anderson Cooper, whom I used to like, a note via his handy contact form:

Your election coverage is sick — you have on your “pundits” panel at least three declared Obama supporters, two Republicans, and poor Lanny Davis as a talking head brought to us by TV monitor (?). Then you have John King on that ridiculous map, as Lanny pointed out, without FL and MI. From everyone’s language, including yours Anderson, you’re playing like school kids, always wanting Hillary to play catch up even when she’s winning. Same deal with PA and every other state you’ve had “commentary” on. CNN is disgusting. I used to work for the network when it was a baby, and we REPORTED THE &%#? NEWS. You’ve all fallen so far, it’s shameful.

Then you have the Obama supporter joking about if his aunt grew an appendage she’d be his uncle when talking about the possibility of Hillary winning. (Can you believe this stuff?) Okay, what if that language was used in reference to a point about Obama winning or losing? Your &*S%* would be so outta there. You should be proud: you’ve finally caught up with MSNBC in official bias and news loss. Oh, and now the Repub punditist (sic) is talking with glee about the impending topple of the Clintons, yes, you know, those bad people who were responsible for the most prosperous and cost-cutting administration of our time. Remember how Obama said Indiana would be the tie -breaker, and that they were expecting a double digit win? Just like Lanny and Hillary said–nanny nanny boo boo. He lost. Cut it any way you want, he lost.

Can you get a Cronkite or someone to moderate a news show or host a panel who isn’t a Hillary hater? So that’s how it is, anyone can say anything unopposed, put forth false truths just because they have a mic? I’m so disgusted with CNN. Where the heck can someone go to watch the news? The Republican (read: might as well be an Obama supporter) panel member says that no working class white men will vote for Hillary. That’s just promoting hate ‘n bias — does he get that?

Then, incredibly, all throughout Hillary’s Indiana victory speech, the banner below her face is displaying “OBAMA WINS NC, INDIANA TOO CLOSE TO CALL.” This is just too much. I can’t, as a lady, even write how disgusted I am with CNN!!!!!! I can’t believe that I’m turning to MSNBC instead!!!!!!!!!!! (Pardon all the hyperbolic exclamation points, but that’s how strongly I feel.)

What is the deal — how disrespectful can they get? To all news networks: Why are all the pundits and the newscasters speaking against Hillary and trying to bring her down? Why have we been talking and blogging and protesting about this for so many months and years? Why is CNN displaying INDIANA TOO CLOSE TO CALL on the banner during Hillary’s victory speech? By doing so, they are once again revealing their bias that she shouldn’t be in the race. I’m turning CNN off and watching MSNBC. At least they didn’t do that. For shame and shame on me. It’s just so sad how many millions of people are still drinking the Kool Aid, even after finding out what was in it.