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Lady Boomer NYC reserves the right to publish or not publish the comments it receives, and to edit comments submitted to this blog. Sexist, racist, profane, nasty comments will be deleted or replaced.

This is a Hillary-friendly place. This is a place for us to enjoy and promote the merits of our candidate. If you want to pick a fight about Hillary, call her names, or otherwise stir it up against her or her campaign, take it somewhere else. If you don’t like the policy here, same thing–or better yet, publish your own blog. I promise I won’t stop by and try to harass you.

This blog is a vehicle to publish my own voice and contribute my part to changing the world. My intent is to connect with others who have a similar vision, rather than spend precious time defending that vision, or fighting with those who don’t share it. It’s my blog, and I take pride in having it just how I want it. Friendly comments are welcome, and I look forward to hearing from those who want to join with me, or have me join with them, in creating consciousness and unity in the world.

8 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. Hi Lady Boomer,

    I am right there with you on how disrespectful the DNC and Democratic Leaders, the Media and Obama campaign has been towards the stronger candidate in this campaign season not to mention that they have spit on the Clinton name, a President and First Lady who did so much for the Democrats. I too feel a renewed sense in feminism this year. I am forty years old and have always voted Democrat but this year I won’t if Hillary doesn’t get the nomination since she has the popular vote and because of how she’s been treated.

    I would like to get more involved in fighting for Hillary all the way to the Convention and see to it that if she isn’t the nominee connecting with other voters who will also not vote for Obama and leave the party as a result. Please email me back when you have a chance and I will happily start an email campaign to Speaker Pelosi, who I’m embarrassed to say is a fellow Californian like myself.

    Best Regards,

  2. I read your post on No Quarter and wanted to make a comment back. I hated Pelosi’s interview on Greta and I hate what Pelosi did. I live in Oregon and I just made a donation to Cindy Sheehan and hope she can defeat Pelosi this November. Since you used to live in the Bay area maybe you still have contacts there and can ask them to support Cindy against Pelosi. And if they (and you) can afford it, maybe a donation to Sheehan as well. I’m very angry that the DNC and Barry are so arrogant and don’t care about us – the core of the party basically – and blithely disenfranchised us. But not to worry, they are sure we’ll come home to them, where else can we go? Idiots. It’s McCain for me. Thank you.

  3. I found you from another website, and I made a youtube video about Obama’s FISA vote that no one in the media seems to be talking about. I was wondering if you would possibly share this with your blog readers. Thanks!


  4. Over at Puma pac we are trying to help as many pumas get to Denver as possible. In true grassroots spirit we are getting creative. If you cannot attend the convention but want pumas well-represented, consider donating freq flyer miles. They will be matched with a Puma with limited funds to help them get to Denver.,

  5. I am so happy to find a PUMA from NYC – you are a rarity.
    I thought I was alone here. Thank you so much for this blog.

  6. Topfree Sunday, in NYC, Next 8/22/2010, Noon (plus 7 other cties.)

    Women who are asserting their constitutional rights

    What: A top-free demonstration of equal rights.

    Where: New York City, NY Central Park, Columbus Circle … NOON

    Los Angeles, CA Venice Beach, Ocean Front at Navy St, …Noon

    San Francisco, CA Justin Herman Plaza 2:00 pm

    Columbus, OH COMFEST Community Festival … Noon

    Oahu, HI – Haleiwa Farmers market parking Hamehameha Hwy NOON

    Miami, FL Miami Beach, near Lincoln Road and Washington …4:00PM

    Seattle, Wa Fountain of the SAM Olympic Sculpture Gardens ….11:00AM

    Chicago, IL 1600 N. Lake Shore Drive NOON

    Austin, TX 6th street / Congress Ave NOON

    When: August 22, 2010, Sunday before Women’s Equality Day.
    Why: Full, Unqualified Equality

    Please come and cheer!

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