I’m a Lady Baby Boomer, who took the opportunity of being born as one to follow an interesting life route. I set out early on my spiritual path, tuned in, turned on, and dropped out, and helped found a pioneering sixties-era spiritual community / commune where I lived for fifteen years. I’ve always preferred the solace of and immersion in the arts, healing, and nature to arguing politics. However, during crucial socio-political times such as these, I get stirred up, and feel an itch to bitch.

The 2008 Presidential Campaign, and especially the unconscious, misogynistic media, commentators, and pundits have gotten me so on edge that they’ve ignited my fervor for feminism, Hillary Clinton, and what she’s worked for her entire life. I’ve been writing to news outlets, Hillary-related websites, and blogs to complain, point out their misconceptions, and be a clear voice and contribution to help elect her. I feel that she is the best choice, and has an extremely strong record of service and accomplishment.

This is my jumping off point, and we’ll see where it goes from here. It’s gratifying to have a centralized venue through which to express and archive my thoughts and opinions. I invite you to read and contribute your thoughtful voice to the discussion.

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  1. Heather: Thanks for your support. As far as the PM, I just changed my settings — I think I had PM off, as I didn’t know if it was a “good thing” or not.

    What a riot is your Hillary in the Box, I mean in The White House! Great work, and I love the signature story in your press release. (That p.r. website is good to know about.) What dedication to get that signature!

    I’m a bit overwhelmed so haven’t seen it yet, and the HCF was loading slowly earlier, but I hope you posted your news there, and if you haven’t already, I suggest that you also use the “contact us” box on hillaryclinton.com to let them know of your project — they take action on cool stuff. Also, see if you could tie it in as a comment to one of her latest official blog posts on same website. Plus, you could post a short piece w/ your ebay link in the comments box at hillaryspeaksforme.com — you just might get some takers.

    Have a great fundraising auction! I’ll see if I can tie it to a new post.

  2. i TOTALLY agree with your post on CNN and practically any other coverage during this campaign…it’s pathetic that even ‘thinking’ people can’t see how incredibly bamboozled they are by watching such media glitz…there really isn’t a real news channel anymore…and so we continue to trawl the internet for some NEWS…

  3. Sarah: I K-no-ooo-w! (in my best singsong New Yawk voice)

    Cue 1950s kitschy sci fi music:
    Cue intro: “Somewhere in a galaxy far, far into the future.”
    Cue deep-voiced announcer: “In Search of . . . The REAL News.”

    More channels ain’t really that much better, right?

  4. It is clear that Hillary Clinton is a great politician and she is now the best candidate of Democratic Party to win the Presidential election. Gallup and other polls show it clearly. In popular votes both candidates are rather equal but Hillary leads the number of popular votes in the swing states where the Presidential Election will be mainly decided. The number of delegates, stablished by the DNC, has a bonus for candidate with more support in “democrat states” while the system should has a bous for candidate with more support in “swing states”. Hillary also leads the Democract Primary if we simply calculate the average percentage of vote weighted by the population size of each state. I am glad to see that many Americans feel that it is not fair to try to throw Hillary out of the competition when she is the candidate with more popular support to win the Presidential Election. I think that it deserves to run the Presidential Election.

  5. I tried to say “the DNC should have a bonus for candidate with more support in swing states”, instead of “should has”. I apologize for this misprint.

  6. At I meet you at the Hillary event, we came on the bus together. I was the young lady that was standing next to you at the event.

    I just wanted to share this video

    BTW, the media has been very nice to hillary, of course now that she is done.

  7. Dear Lady Boomer,

    Thanks so much for your website, I love it. I have been feeling so alone, I really enjoyed your piece today about Greta Sustern and Nancy Pelosi and Nancy’s ridiculous listings of Obama’s qualifications. He is indeed a joke. Maybe he could be great in ten years if he would do something. He certainly is good at winning elections, but alas, governing does not seem to be his forte or interest.

    I have no one to talk to as my friends and family are all liberals (as I was until last month), and liked Hillary but now are doing the unity thing and getting behind Obama who is just so ridiculously unqualified, I cannot even believe this is happening. So I am voting Republican for the first time in my life. I was a Hillary person and now am voting McCain. This makes me nervous as McCain seems also somewhat clueless about the economy, but at least I respect him, and I do not at all respect Obama. On the other hand, in a new age freaky way, I am worried that a lot of folks are saying, “No Obama, Never Obama.” As I have just read “the Secret”, yes I know, it’s like so two years ago, and also pretty silly, but we are all sending “Obama’s” name out there, so he might win. Instead we should all be saying “McCain McCain”. As I know you are a spiritual person in that new agey kind of way, I believe, I was wondering about your thoughts on this.

    Thanks again for your great website. I go to it often, as I cannot speak of any of my thoughts against the great Obama to my circle of friends and family and acquaintances.


  8. Julie — You’re welcome. So sad that we’re in this state because of (what’s new) power and greed. Hang in there, and keep taking action. Puma PAC and many other blogs have actions you can do, and we’re working at centralizing them. That’s my answer to your The Secret question. I kind of agree, I use Obama in my post tags as little as possible, but more because I don’t want to attract trolls. I try to keep moving forward and taking action on what I believe in and want to manifest. Writing to express yourself is great, and so is turning off media, being in nature, getting quiet.

    Another thing I think about is that many people who are seeing and feeling the same things are joining together to make their voices who never before would have crossed paths. That’s a good thing! If we can sustain this voice around a stand for democracy and justice, we have the potential do great things for this election and in the future.

  9. Greetings:

    It is wonderful to have my perceptions supported so eloquently when I read your blog! I’m still grieving for the opportunity the country has let slip away (or let be taken away). More than that, however, I am shocked that the media in this country was able to take Hillary down, with very few dissenting voices. I have a coworker who did not detect an sexism in the coverage. It’s breathtaking how people are able to lie for expediency’s sake, and in the quest to get Barry elected.

    Thank you for a wonderful well-written blog. Please feel free to link to mine if you find we are of like minds. –kt

  10. kt — Thank you so much. Yes, I will link to yours, please add mine! Let’s keep active; we’re the alt media for the dissenting voice. Don’t give up. Beyond Hillary, the Party takeover without core members’ assent = don’t shut up!

  11. We just wanted to say what a great site this is, and thank you for linking to our efforts!! Hope to see you at one of our NYC meetings!


  12. Nobamanetwork.com is only a 7 weeks old and we have 300+ sites listed already and we receive thousands of hits a day! Our sole purpose is to promote any site or blog involved in this grass root movement that is sweeping the country. Your site is listed on http://www.nobamanetwork.com .

    If you are able, please put our logo on your site. The more we network the more it helps the movement.
    Get our logo here: http://www.nobamanetwork.com/images/logo100.jpg. (Right click to save the logo.) Please link our logo back to http://www.nobamanetwork.com.

    United we stand.

  13. Hey LB, great to have met you in person today! You’re as cool in person as you are on the phone and on your blog. I’m glad you’re on our side.

  14. For Immediate Release

    Ms.Je’Amour P. Matthew
    822 Spring St.
    North Braddock, PA 15104
    412 351-6764
    Democratic group gathers to say No to Obama!
    Supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton, from across the country, will hold a press conference to announce the Kick Off to their Nation Wide Pre Election initiative to defeat Senator Obama.
    The press conference will be held on Friday, September 26th at the Capital Rotunda located in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and will promptly begin at 11 a.m.
    Democracy In Suffrage, a newly formed non profit political action group, will be hosting this event, and its founder Ms. Je’Amour P. Matthew states that “not only will this press conference launch Democracy In Suffrage’s first political action but she is hoping that other’s who supported Hillary will now find there voice, and declare their support for the initiative to defeat Senator Obama by holding similar pre-election press conference’s across the country.
    Lynn Forester Rothschild; a top fund raiser of Democratic Party, and a member of Democrats Abroad, has announced the support of Senator John McCain. She is not alone in her conclusion to Not support Obama, and Ms. Matthew, and other’s believe that the stakes, in the upcoming presidential election are just too high for those who oppose Obama to sit back, and do nothing. Unlike any other time in the nation’s history our country needs experience, and by Obama Not having Hillary on the ticket as his Vice President, or better yet by not simply doing the right thing for God and Country, by instead becoming Hillary’s Vice President Obama has proved that he places self interest and personal success above the real need, and prosperity of this great nation therefore, he simply must be stopped!
    Representative’s from various states such as: Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey, New York, will be on hand during the press conference and will carry Democracy in Suffrage’s initiative back to the respective states where they will continue to work for its success on Election Day.

  15. Go LBB!

    Submission for your time-critical guest posting, if you please, permission granted:

    Investigating Obama: Career Path Toward a Neo-Marxist Presidency

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