How the Big-Brained Woman Can Win

There once was a big-brained woman who was told that she could be whatever she wanted to be when she grew up. She listened and went on ahead, but during that same time a very ambitious young man decided to cut in line, and many people in the land fell under a haze of charisma. In order for him to keep up with her, he’d copy her in debates and make fun of her. He created a milieu amongst his legions, ignited with kerosene by the media, where it seemed okay for them to put her down. But the big-brained woman insisted on sticking to the issues. Although her motives were constantly questioned, many other legions in the kingdom listened and concluded that her big-brain, her experience, and her compassion were compelling qualities of leadership.

Ohh, it’s bed time, sweetie. I’ll finish the story later.

A few weeks ago, after Mark Penn was out, Geoff Garin was in as chief strategist. He wrote to Hillary’s constituency for feedback about the campaign. I wrote him a delayed reply after Tuesday’s primary and the subsequent increased calls from Democratic Party members for Hillary to “get owwww-tttt, get owwww-tttt of the race.”

Dear Geoff,
Thanks for asking and sorry for my delayed reply. I’m a die-hard Hillary supporter who blogs on behalf of her and her platform, and against the media and their unconscious bias as expressed in their language, the staggering number of anti-Hillary commentators and guests, etc. My young cousin has worked in several states for her campaign for the last year, and my other cousins were Clinton delegates the first time around.

Hillary’s strongest suits are her programs, her plans, and her knowledge of so many facts, figures, and situations in a myriad of domains — all that in addition to her amazing grasp of the Big US, World, and Planet Picture. That is of course why she kills in the debates.

I haven’t seen the latest of what the media and Obama’s camp term as negative ads, but I don’t think she can win that way. I think she CAN win if she keeps emphasizing her programs and platforms as in the debates. She could easily put him on the defensive in that way. Obamahaze is apparently driven by his qualities of being a charismatic generalist powered by personality and little substance, offered to people who want to Believe In America Again. At the same time he puts Hillary down as being negative. But when she tries to push back, or call him on his platform, or on that he blocked seating Florida and Michigan according to their votes, SHE is accused of negativity and breaking up the party. Instead, she needs to make him try to catch up with HER on the issues. She’s so strong there. I absolutely agree with her standing for FL & MI votes and voters, and her pointing out that Obama said Indiana would be the tie-breaker. Count the Votes!

Because Obama uses hope and “new politics” to slur Hillary, and create hollow excitement, she can only lose by going negative. He’ll just say it’s “the same old Washington.” She can win by overwhelming him on the real issues that appeal to progressives–the environment, the economy, getting out of Iraq.

2 thoughts on “How the Big-Brained Woman Can Win

  1. Very well said. Total agreement.
    How can anyone not have admiration for Hillary, she’s been publicly humilated by ruthless media and Obama disciples. But she continues to stand. Off course she looks weathered by this horrendous battle of nasty babble that comes against her. WHO wouldn’t. If Obama had to endure even a little of what she’s been through he’d be crying racism.

    I can’t believe Barbara Walters gall, having M.lewinski on her show to air that crap again. Was Hillary in that relationship. Leave her alone.

    Anyway, I support Hillary continuing and the NY Times be darned for suggesting she bow out gracefuly. Is that what there trying to do. Well it doesn’t look graceful. And how is accepting defeat graceful.
    Good thing the U.S. didn’t bow out gracefully at the Boston Tea Party.

    Enough said.

  2. Vera: LOL about the Boston Tea Party, that’s a riot! Oh, wow, I missed The View–was that today? I’ve written to them many times about how they sold out Hillary and their female audience, and admittedly pandered to Obama — especially Joy Behar, whom I used to love. (giggle: Did you notice how we and the whole staff got dressed up when he appeared on the show? And I was touching him a lot.) Since Rosie left after flying off the handle in her attempts to fight sexism and this war, I can barely watch the show, but often do just to let my jaw drop, and keep up. It’s become just as stressful as the MSM, and I have a hard time seeing them be snide to Hillary while praising Obama.

    Onward! Thanks.

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