Hill Can’t Buy a Thrill — What a Week It Was!

I’m feeling bad for Hillary, no really. Whatever she does this week, she just can’t buy a thrill. She began on Monday with what was billed as a major policy speech, which was drowned out by her Bosnia gaffe and Obama’s intro by Mayor Bloomberg, followed by his appearance Friday on the View. Gosh, Sherri Shepard declared her allegiance — well, that she’d voted for Hillary, but since “the speech” has switched to him, and together with Elizabeth Hasselbeck, gushed that they were ready to hit the Obama campaign trail on the weekends. Meanwhile, Hillary’s major policy speech about the economy and housing market didn’t even make it to the evening news.

All this and more: Easter weekend featured Bill Richardson all the time. Then there was James Carville. Come on, Judas? That’s a little strong, don’t ya think? Hmm, not that Hillary is Jesus, but Gov. Richardson did turn around and bite his unwitting colleague in the butt — really hard. Then . . . we had the purported letter from Hill’s camp urging Super Delegates to consider who could win the general election, and to not abandon her.

Then there was Thursday’s retaliation by Nancy Pelosi, whose distaste for Clinton was publicly evident a couple of weeks ago in her turned up nose answer to hopeful idealists who wondered, “Will there be a dream ticket?”

“I don’t think so,” she replied. Sigh, I’ve really liked Nancy for a long time, but that just came off way too cold.

And then to cap off the week, we have two more stalwart Dems, Dodd and Leahy, calling for Hill to throw in the towel. It’s Larry King’s favorite question, and spreading around like wildfire on all the shows. The final cherry on top: late Friday, and under the category of “with surrogates like these, you don’t need opponents,” Governor Rendell said that both Hill and Barack were great candidates, but PA has a lot of white conservatives who wouldn’t vote for a black president. Now the black PA community is pissed. Wow! Bill and Hill must be feeling the sting of all those slaps right about now.

I don’t know, am I just blind, stupid, or what (don’t answer that) to be clinging to my faith that Hillary would be a really good President? She’s really smart, has the will and desire, and she definitely has as much to prove in office as Obama. I’ll tell ya, she’s got more cojones than any of the sissies who can’t take the heat and are now jumping out of the frying pan.

According to the DNC, Hillary has 13,464,305 votes to Obama’s 13,568,526. If FL (where neither spent money, which is how I think it should be everywhere) were counted, she would have 14,321,249 votes and he 14,137,456. But Obama is blocking all efforts for a solution to have FL and MI count. Then DNC Chair, Howard Dean, whose brother works for Obama’s campaign, mocked the whole process instead of trying to act more Solomon-like in order to broker a deal.

Has anyone ever run for class president? School president? Imagine hitting it day after day just to win a few votes. Now imagine if you’d run and nearly 14 million people voted for you: Wouldn’t you feel an obligation to stay in and keep representing those people? What if nearly 1 million more people voted for you, which would push you into the winning category, but the school board said it couldn’t count? Then your opponent, who said he was for “the people” refused to let those votes count or propose a way for every person to vote, and blocked solutions that would reflect the actual vote where neither candidate advertised. Wouldn’t you stay in and fight? There are 10 states left, and 14 million people are pulling for that one.

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