Governor Rendell Goes Head to Head with Charlie Rose

God bless you, Ed Rendell, for speaking about your newfound realization and appreciation of how women feel about Hillary’s mistreatment by the media, and about our culture’s invisible misogyny. Case in point: On Monday, what was billed as a major policy speech was completely drowned out by the Bosnia landing strip gaff. Details, information, anything at all? Clinton’s plan to help the nation’s housing market and financial situation wasn’t even covered on the evening news. To say that the media who repeatedly predicted her demise and said she was running a negative campaign, even after she’d win a state, is biased against her because she’s a woman, is the understatement of this election cycle.

He could barely spit it out without being challenged by Charlie Rose three or four times, “What makes you say that Obama has been given a pass?” “State where Obama has been given a pass”? Charlie, you would have been better off to ask for examples regarding Hillary’s treatment, but instead you went for the questions that appeared to be Obama-defensive. Ahem, exactly the point.

I’m not the most photogenic person — in fact, I look lousy on camera, always stiff, or like a little old lady — I’ve always been that way, even in grade school class photos. But darned if the Governor didn’t have a piece of saliva sticking being stretched between his top and bottom lip with each word for the first half of the show. For you baby boomers who might remember, it was the real live equivalent of a classic Rosanne Rosanadana riff by Gilda Radner. I got so grossed out, I had to turn away and just listen to Gov’nr Ed, thinking, can’t someone tell him in his earpiece to just use his handkerchief? Oh gosh, I’m smiling now, but really, it’s not a great way to get those young people on board for Hillary. I mean who wants to see that? Oh, I joke. Okay, now who’s being shallow?


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