King Me

Obama is pronounced the winner, day after day, on talk shows, in editorials, on blogs, his every campaign stop, talk, and plane interview a topic of excitement.

On March 25, 2008, NY Times columnist David Brooks wrote:

Second, Obama’s lawyers successfully prevented re-votes in Florida and Michigan. That means it would be virtually impossible for Clinton to take a lead in either elected delegates or total primary votes.

Now I just don’t get why preventing millions of voters from having their say would be a yay moment, and reported as a successful winning strategy without questioning it?

What happened to reporting the news, fair and square? Oh right, FoxNews does that. Every pundit is a star. Face it, I tell myself, he’s a phenomenon, and they’ve helped make him one. We’ve been so starved for a smart, charismatic leader to pull us out of the Bush dumb hole.

Wow, can you imagine a scenario, see if you can get a picture of it in your mind, where Democratic big Whigs pronounced daily for six months–actually two years, including getting into the race–that Obama should quit when he’s in a statistical (1 percent) dead heat with his opponent? Just listen: Can you hear the roar of the furor that would cause and the implications that would be mined by the media?

Yet Hillary is described as divisive for doing what candidates do: staying in the race and fighting. She said this week that the big boys club is trying to bully her around. I’m sorry, guys, but the men just look like they’re gloating right now. It seems so obvious to me.

As a nation, we could be learning so much more about the issues and candidates if the media would pose some real questions instead of playing with themselves. But of course, conflict, intrigue, back-biting are what they think sells, their allegiance pledged to the almighty dollar. This is the very same media that sold us the war in failing to do their job as the fourth estate with the responsibility to investigate stories in-depth. In that case, they were beholden to fear and bandwagonism, which is extremely dangerous.


8 thoughts on “King Me

  1. Yes, we owe the media so much. They sold us George W. Bush, who was supposed to be the MBA President. They sold us the Iraq War, which was supposed to be a cakewalk with flowers strewn in our path. Now they’re trying to sell us Barack Obama. No way, no how, no thanks. I’m ready for some intelligence and competence in the White House, and I see only one candidate capable of providing that.

    I have stuck with the Democratic Party through Clarence Thomas and many other episodes of spinelessness and stupidity on their part. If Obama is given the nomination in spite of the fact that Hillary is the clear winner among Democratic voters who are in it for more than a day, then I’m gone.

  2. MessyMarcy,

    Yes, sold American. Thanks for the reminder: I’d forgotten about the Democratic Party during the Clarence Thomas hearings. Are you referring to their tough stance in questioning Anita Hill? The Dems aren’t as clear in my memory, as foremost was Arlen Spector’s demeaning manner toward Anita.

    In it for more than a day is right. When you say you’re gone, will you vote for Obama if . . . ? (feh, feh, not to jinx it)

  3. I’ve been a dem all my life..I am very proud of Hillary Clinton..Her command of the issues her strenght and determinaion..What a great president she is going to be. I won’t give up and I know she can win the General.

    I have learned thru this primary season how corrupt our News Media is. It seems to me they, being the major cable news networks are nothing more than Political Parties…only interrested in a Political Agenda….truth is something to spin. Slander lost from thier vocabulary.

    I too as many others will leave the democratic party if indeed the fix is in for her opponent.

    Good Luck in New York…wish I could be there, I will say a prayer for all..

  4. There are so many really good liberal blogs — I’m falling behind with the reading.

    About the Thomas hearings, I don’t remember any tough stance by the Dems on the Judiciary Committee. In fact, judging from their behavior, “Democratic tough stance” would be a classic oxymoron. Leahy, Kennedy and Biden absolutely trembled with fear of being called racist if they dared question Thomas about Hill’s allegations of sexual harassment. But it was just, to use a word stolen from Riverdaughter, all ticketyboo to put said harasser on the Supreme Court, where he would be deciding cases involving women’s rights, and to allow Anita Hill to be viciously attacked by Arlen Specter and Orrin Hatch. And IIRC, after the hearings were over and Thomas was safely seated on the Court, it turned out that Anita Hill was not the only woman who was willing to testify about such behavior — she was just the only one who had been allowed to testify.

    I lived in Missouri at the time, and Senator John Danforth had his grubby little paws all over the concerted effort to attack Hill’s credibility. He actually then had the audacity to write a guest editorial in the Kansas City Star several weeks later decrying the “politics of personal destruction.” I so despise him that to this day I do not buy Purina pet food.
    But at least the Republicans like Danforth are willing to fight for their cause, not sit there like cowardly little weasels.

    And not to let the press off the hook, don’t forget how they, with their usual imbecility, treated the whole Hill/Thomas thing as an office romance gone sour, casting Hill in the role of the spurned woman.

    Which brings us to the present and the way Hillary is being treated by the Democratic Party elite and the press. I will never vote for Obama. If this is one of those websites where you are not supposed to say that, I apologize; but that is the absolute truth. I have voted for the Democratic candidate every presidential election since Carter, but too much has been said and done, and I am no longer willing to tolerate it (plus the fact that Obama is about as qualified to be President as Dubya was). And the “protecting the Supreme Court argument” does not work on me. Hillary is the only candidate of the three left who will actually work to preserve what is left of a woman’s right to choose. And I phrase that as “what is left” directly as a result of the Dems rollover for Alito.

    Time may have passed, but one thing remains the same — to our party elders, sexism is no big deal and we women will vote Democratic no matter what. The only way to get them to take women’s rights and women’s issues seriously is by withholding our votes and our money. I’m starting with this election.

  5. American Woman: I’m of the age that I remember the stalwart newsman, Walter Cronkite. How I long for his even-toned reporting! You could feel his heart, yet his personal opinions seemed to be absent from the mix. Call it: integrity.

    Is personality-style reporting the new model as news channels struggle to fill their 24/7 schedule, and also keep up with bloggers and website pundits of any ilk, including me, who are joyfully free to espouse their opinions, with no mind to “just the facts, m’am”?

    When did these op-ed TV news anchors emerge? Was it in the era of Gulf War I with the “scud stud”? Or was it when presidents (Bush 41) began adding nifty adjectives to name their wars, as Gulf War I became the quasi-mystical sounding, “Desert Storm”?

    Or is it connected to the fluff of news, as celebs of the day supplant air time given to accounting of our dead, maimed, and/or mentally/emotionally suffering from this war, and dollars flushed down the drain, er, spent, to support it?

  6. MessyMarcy: Yes, I’ve been sitting on my butt far too much since deciding to write (rather than the more painful phoning) for Hillary. I don’t know how Riverdaughter and others do it so thoroughly well and have a life, job, etc. simultaneously. There’s so much to read and write about. Well, that’s a good thing? “Yes” and “no” are both true.

    Ah, thanks for another walk down memory lane — I must have blocked it out, was too painful, but I watched those hearings faithfully, mouth agape, not believing what I was seeing and hearing. You’re good, very good in your recounting, and with your memory. I also hadn’t known that Danforth was connected to Purina. I only remembered his self-righteous attitude.

    Yes, the Dems just let Anita Hill sit there and take it. And on the Repub side, let’s not forget Alan Simpson and his snakey, snidely, snarly, suspicious questioning of Anita Hill. As you say, we’re having deja vu aoa with Hillary.

    I agree with you about treatment of women by the Dems, especially clear with frat boy Dean in power. I’ve been told same by supporters of both candidates: that they won’t vote for the other, but although I agree with you, I definitely can’t stomach another four years (another minute) of repugnant Republican rule.

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