2 thoughts on “New Year’s Wishes

  1. Hi LBNYC,

    It’s great to hear from you! I hope you’re off to a great new year. Let us know how you’re doing and what you think of this so far boring presidential campaign…

  2. Thanks, VB! – my one loyal commenter from back in the day. 😉 How nice of you to write. I rarely blog these days, as I’m involved in my work, family, and staying afloat. Also my computer is so old that it takes ages to create and edit my posts on WordPress.

    Re the campaign, I’m kind of curious about Huntsman, but he likely hasn’t a chance. I will say that I’m seeing chinks in the armor of my longtime friends – who were die-hard Obots. Lots of them are complaining about BO’s inaction in many areas and his dropping the ball on progressive causes they thought he’d champion (lol).

    Have a great year!

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