Oops, Didn’t Realize I Was So Late: Dean’s DFA

What and Who Is Democracy For America?

Talk about a bamboozlement. What a strategy. It appears that attempts to organize now, after the Hillary fact, are, well, several years too late, to put it mildly. This one bowled me over, like I’d been hit in the gut. It doesn’t mean that I’m giving up; I’m just saying.

Howard Dean, it seems, has been busy training Democratic operatives and bloggers in a highly organized manner for a while now. Where have I been? I hadn’t heard of DFA until this week. This from fellow blogger, Claudiabl*:

DFA (Democracy For America) along with Netroots Nation are organizations founded by Howard Dean for the purpose of “training” campaign workers and promoting progressive candidates

That makes sense, right? It makes sense to have launched such an operation, considering the ass-whooping Dean and company got in 2000 and 2004. At the time, there were rampant “what hit us?” conversations about how Republicans had organized at the grassroots level, situating themselves in local government and on school boards. And what with the “swift-boating,” we were patsies and pansies and weren’t going to take it anymore. (I can’t help it, even though Democracy For America was on my side and ostensibly formed for good progressively strategic reasons, my mind keeps wandering over to the Hitler youth movement as a comparable. I should be ashamed.)

Why Was DFA Founded?

DFA was founded to reform the Democratic Party:

DFA members are working everyday to build a stronger more progressive Democratic Party. We believe the Democratic Party must be driven by people-power and responsive to the needs of everyday Americans.

Why sure, “people-power.” Me too, I’m for that!

Too often, once leaders from any party get elected, they get tied to a culture of incumbency and insular thinking that is dominated by special interests. DFA members fight for a culture of activism and rebuild policies and platforms for grassroots empowerment. It is our mission to constantly revitalize the party with new members, progressive ideas, and effective actions.

Huh. I guess that the Clintons were among those cultural incumbents. Bill had been so wildly popular as to be elected twice (first time for Dems in 40 years), and accomplish so much for our country, that Dean couldn’t wait to take ’em down.

How Are DFA and The DNC Connected?

Evidently, DFA elected Howard to the DNC Chairmanship — Who knew? I had no idea how screamin’ Dean had gotten that position:

In 2005, DFA members elected our founder Howard Dean to the Chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. With the 50 State Strategy, Governor Dean has successfully delivered on our campaign commitment to stand up for Democrats and our principles in every district in every state.

Our work hasn’t ended with electing a new chairman to head the party, DFA members have run for all levels of party office from precinct captains to county and statewide party chairs. We don’t just talk the talk. DFA members do the work it takes to make change happen. Join us in our mission to reform the Democratic Party.

DFA, The DNC, and Obama

Dean had run a hallmark campaign in 2004. Indeed, it was the first Presidential primary campaign to make effective use of online technology to mobilize and raise contributions from small individual donors. Dean’s training of campaign workers and bloggers would seem like a dovetail fit with Obama’s so-called grassroots community organizing background, combined with the forces of the progressive grassroots moveon.org. Moveon caught the attention of Congress and the DNC with their effective online protest and voter campaigns beginning in 2003. I was an active member, from their Berkeley inception as they grew into a national movement, until their early endorsement of Obama which I protested.

A Florida progressive blog, Florida Politics carries along the DFA message in their state, and notes that their blogging software is similar the Daily Kos, apparently a bragging right. Lately, they’ve reported on the huge Obama operation being set up there, and the takeover by his campaign of a portion of FL’s previous delegate selection. Just as with Michigan, I wonder if the Sunshine State will Remember in November or warm to the candidate who blocked fair reflection and counting all their votes.

Integrating Activists With Grassroots Media

If you fish around on the DFA website under their trainers and training agenda, you will find that we PUMAs and Just Say No Deal Coailtion Members, and likely Hillary herself, ladies and gentleman, are very late to this table.

Last summer we did a session of Night School live from the YearlyKos convention in Chicago. We featured Chris Bowers from OpenLeft.com and Katrina Baker from Living Liberally to discuss building open progressive communities.

Of course it now stands to reason how the DNC could so “quickly mobilize” to announce their move to Chicago last week, and accomplish it over the weekend.

Early Involvement In Presidential Endorsement

Question: How did all the progressive causes that we — I and other Democratic Party members, now-refugees — fought for over our entire lives get absconded by people who seem ready and able to disregard us and our efforts? Hey, over here, I’m a progressive too. How did they choose to throw Hillary away? Or did she or her old-school campaign staff not see DFA as a force?

It appears that DFA had weight in making their early assessments of the Presidential candidates in terms of progressiveness. I don’t see any mention of Hillary Clinton being engaged with them. Perhaps they were deterred by Mark Penn’s purported initial barriers to her easy access, or perhaps Dean didn’t include her? Obama even used their training manuals for his trainings!

All throughout 2007, DFA members were engaged in the Presidential race. DFA kicked off the year with messages to the candidates demanding to hear their plans for ending the Iraq War and combating global warming – and Senators Edwards and Obama, Gov. Richardson, and Rep. Kucinich responded with special videos to DFA members. Gov. Richardson sent campaign staff to a DFA Training Academy and Sen. Obama’s campaign used the Training Academy manual for their trainings. (emphasis mine) This engagement culminated in November of 2007, with the largest online poll of the election season. Over 154,000 DFA members voted in response to “Vote for Me Messages” from the candidates in the race. As a response to the overwhelming support for progressive leaders, DFA launched the Unite for a Progressive President campaign.

Big Tent No More

DFA appears to send out strident press releases, endorsing their progressive candidates and slamming others within the Democratic Party who don’t go along. Evidently, they deemed Obama and Edwards the most progressive, crediting their organization with Iowa’s win, and challenging an unnamed candidate with: what’s all this inevitability talk, huh? Bwa ha ha ha ha.

So, it’s clear that the DNC Chair, under the auspices of Democracy For America, preferentially campaigned, and built an organization, to defeat Hillary Clinton from within, and from the git go — way before Iowa and months, if not years, before the DNC RBC Committee Meeting on May 31, 2008. Pardon me. I am now officially more than naive. I thought I kept up, but maybe I was just a “holiday Democrat” after all. Until this campaign season, I always thought that the DNC was a neutral body that contained all Democrats in “the big tent.” Oops, my bad.

From DFA, originally dated January 3, 2008:

Progressives Win! Obama Wins. Edwards Second.

Democracy for America Lead the Way in Iowa
Des Moines, IA – Democracy for America, our nation’s largest progressive political action organization with over 9,000 members in Iowa, has shown their power tonight in Iowa. With the one-two finish of Senator Barack Obama/Senator John Edwards in the Iowa caucus, it is clear that progressive voters are the key constituency in this election. DFA’s Unite for a Progressive President Campaign made the difference here in Iowa. Democracy for America’s Unite for a Progressive President Campaign brought together the strengths of the Iowa caucus process and the commitment of DFA members throughout the country. The 675,000 members of DFA gathered tens of thousands signatures on a national call to action, wrote over 6,124 letters to Iowa DFA members, and plastered the Des Moines Register with an ad asking Iowa Democrats to not leave their caucus until a progressive wins their location.“If you listened to people last year, it was as if there was no need to vote. There was all this talk about inevitability, but, tonight, Democracy for America’s members here in Iowa proved that primaries matter, progressive values are what make the Democratic Party strong,” said Jim Dean, Chair of DFA. (* bold format mine, itals theirs)

In sharp contrast to 2004, issues of concern to progressive voters have been front and center in this presidential race. The activism and involvement of progressive Democrats have transformed the Party and fundamentally altered the primary landscape. From universal health care to ending the War in Iraq to global warming, every Democrat in the race has seen the need to take a strong stance. Those Democrats who have taken a stance have seen their support increase among voters.

“Tonight’s caucus results are further proof that progressive voters make up the core of the Democratic Party – they are the key constituency in this election. DFA members and progressive Democrats support candidates who fight for progressive values: bringing our troops home from Iraq, expanding universal health care for all Americans, and fighting to end global warming,” said Arshad Hasan, Executive Director of DFA.

Dean’s Mission Remains The Same

Now I’m wondering exactly when did my candidate and I get voted out of the Party? It would appear as if the strong-arm tone and tactics that characterize many people’s encounters with the Obama campaign have roots in the mission of an organization that has been at play since Dean’s piercing scream. The fratboy doc never gave up. In fact, he has been very hard at work getting back at anyone who ever laughed at him, and is still intent on going all the way to the White House. Memory lane, y’all.


* Hat tip to Claudiabl for the lead.

41 thoughts on “Oops, Didn’t Realize I Was So Late: Dean’s DFA


    I was the 2nd DFA-Oklahoma City coordinator (took it over from the original Dean activist).

    DFA didn’t really give us an agenda for a year but since the election for Chair was taking place as well as the party elections in 2 years, the FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS was to install ourselves at the Democratic party HQ.

    Make no mistake, we worked hard for Democrats. We also organized sufficiently to win the “old-timers” over to electing Dean. And Dean sure seemed to have been the right decision… the 50 state strategy, the involvement of the DNC at the local level… it became very real and very helpful.

    DFA held forums to VET people running for party leadership. Candidates in OKLAHOMA sought out our endorsement! WE WORKED ON CAMPAIGNS and we worked on helping the local party become more efficient and organized. DFA made the difference folks, we began to turn the tide against neo-con rhetoric! We didn’t lay down and take it the way the old party leadership had done… we fought the ignorance!

    with that said, let me tell you how surprised I was when I got an email early in Dec or Jan (can’t remember when as I had taken a retirement from DFA and all things political for a couple of years as you have to de-toxify *w*) ENDORSING B.O.

    I was upset…just HOW could DFA do that! I talked to members and they said DFA took a vote. Well, if Hillary didn’t show up to talk to them, THAT WAS A BAD MISTAKE.
    But my issue with their endorsement at that point was NOT about B.O., it was just exactly how can we serve PROGRESSIVE ISSUES when we shut out such a large contingent of progressive issues. I never got a straight answer to that.

    Now, hindsight is 20/20. I apologize for Dean…WE HAD NO IDEA and I don’t think many DFA members still get it that we were just a cog in a very nasty machine that was going to corrupt the party and fold the flaps on the formerly “big tent”.

    IF HILLARY wants to become viable, I would hope that people will
    1) help pay off her debt with contributions before the convention, it will put her in a stronger position
    2) turn over her campaign organization to HER ACTIVISTS on the ground much the way Dean did with his organization after the convention
    3) WE MUST ORGANIZE ON THE GROUND and that is going to be very difficult now as the DNC and local democrat parties have been basically turned into a “cult of personality” by DFA/B.O. But if you are going to make ANY DIFFERENCE… it takes “feet on the street” and showing up at your local party meetings.

    while the idea of an independent party is nice, no one has managed to pull it off in the history of this country. I don’t see that as a bright horizon.

    as I told DFA members when I first took over our local organization… “our goal is to take over this organization from within, by working with the existing structure and people, if WE ARE THE ONES WHO SHOW UP, WE WILL BE HEARD”. And believe me, we were the ones who showed up… and while I never envisioned the level of success we apparently achieved… that’s the way it was done.

    I am sorry now… sort of. We started with the right idea… the advancement of a progressive agenda. What we ended up with apparently is a corrupt leadership willing to violate every progressive principal and a new “cult of personality” Democratic party. For that, I apologize…many of us just didn’t know this was Dean’s ultimate goal.

  2. Yep, I went to DFA training in 2006. It seemed innocuous enough. It was all about how to run a campaign, how to canvass, how to raise money. Then there was the county party membership stuff. I didn’t really think about it much but this is how they did it or were planning to in NJ: They would signup for voting district party leader. This is a fairly low barrier. You just need a few signatures, you get yout name on a local election ballot, a few of your friends vote for you and voile! you are now an official party official. You get to elect the county chairs and go to the convention etc. In some areas, the Democratic establishment was fairly well entrenched, They weren’t going anywhere. In other areas, the party had been sort of neglected so there was a power vacuum with lots of empty slots. My township is of the latter variety. In fact, my whole county is. So DFA recruited members to fill those empty slots and when they get enough critical mass, they will subvert the dominant paradig,. I know who my local DFAers are and they fit the Obama profile. Pretentious liberals. One is a community college English teacher, one is a drama teacher, one is a lawyer. All of them Deaniacs. And WEIRD about it. Dean is like a god to them. He really can do no wrong.
    And here’s something you may have mentioned but I missed it: Jim Dean, Howard’s brother, is the head of DFA.
    I would not be at all surprised if they were behind the caucus stuff. It’s just the thing they’ve been trained to do. It was probably organized as some kind of social event.


    and yes, it’s howard’s bro at the head of DFA

    really though, I had no clue HD planned on a coup d’etat at the DNC

    how stupid was I

  4. you went to the training in Austin… we did too! very good.. best part though was MOLLY IVANS!

    if HRC could do that with her campaign organization after the convention with support from her for a year…

    WE COULD TAKE BACK the party from the kool-aid drinkers

  5. At least it is starting to make some sense… even though it makes me truly want to gag.

    Worse yet, it is just terrifying…

  6. THIS – (if true, which it certainly sounds like it is) needs to get on the justsaynodeal media docket. It has to be summarized succinctly but it is just the kind of story that can get questions asked …

    or am I just being naive?

  7. riverdaughter – I replied to your email but it was returned. I’m doing a follow-up article. Can I please bump your comments up to a post? I may edit for length or intersperse into article. Will attribute to riverdaughter. Thanks!

  8. Oh, who cares!! (sarcasm)…Obama has a new Reverend to help him out…

    “Obama Hides Behind Rev. Joseph Lowery-Literally”

    This pair of fundraising letters really was full of ironies…and bullsh*t. Would be funny if they weren’t so aggravating…

    Which I point out….

    It’s all so phony….

  9. lol well, I think you’ve gotten most of the story straight. What I would say though is that I think most DFAers have no idea what the ultimate plan was…that this primary would be hijacked via their efforts.

    DFA has done A LOT of good for Democrats. When I organized a candle light vigil for Cindy Sheehan (because Move On requested organizers) at the state capital it was my DFA list that publicized it.
    We put a picture of the event at our local website. http://www.democracyforamerica.com/groups/343-democracy-for-america-oklahoma-city

    Let me tell you, when I volunteered for that here in very red OK, I thought…heck, 20 people maybe… but there they were, out of the blue…more PROGRESSIVE ACTIVISTS from DFA and other groups, they knew how to find me
    …heck, we even had a band…totally NOT PLANNED! Even made the evening news. But those wonderful people called me saying, heck, we know how to do these, can we help! It was an incredible effort.

    So I know HOW MUCH GOOD the DFA did for the party and to advance a progressive agenda. We SOFTENED the neo-cons underbelly for this election cycle.

    Let me tell you, I’M PISSED at what HD has done with DFA. If Obama wins this election, DFA is now going to be hated by the center as their role in this hijacking becomes more widely known. And that’s a shame…because I truly don’t believe that local DFAs knew what HD was up to… but Obama was even there in Austin back in 2006 and he has stayed close to the organization.

    Remember, those politicians who pay attention to the activists will GET their help at election time.

  10. Would the DFA be in response to the DLC? DLC seems to be something more connected to the Clintons and ‘mainstream’ Democrats? I had always heard that some within the dem party did not like or go along with the DLC..

  11. I had joined our local DFA-link group here in Lansing, Michigan after being urged to join on a blog, but only went to one meeting back in the fall of 2006. It put me on their national email list serve and the group list serve, which proved to be handy this election cycle when I soon discovered they were all in the tank for Obama. I sent some blistering replies once I had had enough. (Through them I was also spammed repeatedly for the MI Uncommitted vote campaigning leading up to our infamous primary on Jan 15)

    Last month took the cake though. A regular DFA email arrived [5/16/08] called “Stop the assault on our democracy”. I about fell off my chair to see it was a fundraiser for a new campaign they were rolling out for none other than what a graphic said in nice big letters: PROTECT THE RIGHT TO VOTE.

    It said in part:
    “.. Republicans are turning to new ways to hold on to power. In state legislatures across the country, they are trying to create new laws restricting voting rights.
    .. We must stop this assault on our democracy. Chip in $20 today to power DFA’s campaign to protect the right to vote.
    .. With your support today, we’ll have the resources to beat this Republican backdoor power grab.
    .. we won’t stop until our right to vote is protected from desperate Republicans.”

    Got projection? That took quite some nerve to send that to MI & FL citizens! Which is exactly what I pointed out in my instant blast reply. I really let them have it on that one, and this was two weeks before the disgraceful May 31 Rules & Bylaws Committee meeting where the DNC stole votes and delegates while still negating half our votes.

    I finally got around to finding my DFA password. Went in and wiped out any personal info on my skimpy DFA profile and replaced my name with initials, before I unsubscribed from the dfa-link group. Then I ‘deactivated’ my whole DFA account by searching for that link. I thought that would stop the emails, but no, they still kept coming so I had to do the Unsubscribe link in the emails too. They have ceased at last. Good riddance.

  12. Interesting blog post and blog. Someone here posted a link from my blog about potential vote fraud in Iowa and I noticed some hits from your site and decided to check it out. I can’t speak for DFA but I’ve been on their list for a long time. When they first started the New Hampshire chapter, they got my email some how and started communicating with me. I requested that they put my blog on their blogroll but they refused, probably because I was critical of Dean [even though I voted for him 2004] and some progressive Dems. They have kept me on their list ever since but I just glance at it and then put it in a file. I think I have gotten maybe one or two things from them worth writing about or posting.

    I understand what their mission is and I don’t think Clinton people should be offended by it. All they have done is galvanized the Dean/Kucinich wing of the party and got them organized. Many of them didn’t like the Clintons and didn’t support them although many people in NH have said that they would be happy with any of the top three candidates at the time.

    Some Hillary people will be angry at what has happened and that is understandable. But they all now know how us Jerry Brown supporters felt in 1992. In the end, Hillary supporters can choose to vote completely against their personal interests by voting for McCain or Barr, or they can vote for Nader or McKinney, or even hold their noses and vote for Obama. Good luck with your choice!

  13. I am calling on all Hillary supporters to support Ed O’Reilly in the senate race in Massachusetts. If we can defeat John Kerry in the Sept. 16 primary (or at least give him a run for his money) we will send a loud and clear message that Hillary supporters will not be silenced.


  14. GRL — I checked the video a couple of times, but it was beyond me to break it down. If it’s a conspiracy theory, I need more than that to go on, although it’s not too far of a stretch.

  15. Thanks, Tony. The problem is that Dean devised a way to elect himself the head of the DNC. Yes, they built an effective org in the DFA, but the problem was that they used the same slash n burn tactics that the Repugs use but against other Dems. They also made their choice early, as did moveon.org, thereby making it impossible to let the people really judge the candidates as they unfolded. To me, that’s not listening, that’s not new, it’s the same ol same ol, which is why we voted for Dean, Kucinich, Brown, et al. All this crap about not liking the Clintons — 18 million people proved them wrong, despite being outspent 3 to 1 and ton’s of negative press. It’s shameful, and the rest of the world isn’t impressed.

    Yes, I’m grappling with my choices. Standing on the sidelines for now, seeing what new power hungry moves BO, Dean and Axelrod will come up with next. As he stated on the first day he took over, June 4, 2008, it’s Barack’s Party now. Judging from his new campaign emblem, he’s giving us a scary sci fi glimpse into his real vision of the country, and it’s all about HIM and his cronies (didn’t we used to say that about the GOP) not us.

  16. Hill4Pres — I’ll check into the DLC (Dem Leadership Council, right?) — interesting point. I forgot about them, but always used to hear news. What happened to them? Good lead, thank you.

  17. Linda and all — Stay tuned, am still working on this story. I find it very interesting.

    You said: “lol well, I think you’ve gotten most of the story straight. What I would say though is that I think most DFAers have no idea what the ultimate plan was…that this primary would be hijacked via their efforts.”

    Which I think means that they took away your and our choice by selecting Obama so early — way early. I also don’t like the tone or mood they use to deride other Dem candidates. It’s just nasty and is at the root of the derision that so many of us experience in conversations with BO supporters. I think it sets a really bad mood for the country. Keep on! Perhaps we can take lessons from DFA’s organizational model without acting like pricks. I noticed that, once again how they’re hand in glove: Obama’s new emblem says: “Obama for America” (chills n shivers)

  18. Edgeoforever — I went there, but guess I need to sign up. The number of groups is overwhelming! We must continue to coalesce! Of course, there will be many sites, blogs, groups, POV, but somehow we need to effectively join together in order to make a difference.

  19. gob — Thanks! I know, finding this info filled things in for me too. Stay tuned for follow up article.

  20. Kind of funny that the same people complaining about someone else trying to rip apart the Democratic Party are trying to do the exact same thing by taking up a vindictive battle against Obama. And frankly, I kind of hope it happens since the entire Democratic Party is rotten to the core. (Think Obama or Hillary will get you out of Iraq? Think again, they’re gunning for Iran already!)

    You want a real progressive? Vote 3rd party. If you put half the effort into trying to elect one of them as you do trying to destroy every person that ever supported Obama we could really get something done in this country.

  21. Well, well,well…who wants to bet that George Soros is the brain behind DFA, or at least the primary backer? It makes no nevermind to me that they are over150,000 strong. That can’t even begin to compare to Hillary’s 18 MILLION supporters, so stay tuned until November, DFA!!! I am soooo looking forward to it!

  22. very interesting POV, I disagree w/ Hillary BUT she could GOVERN

    these DEAN liberals are really NAZI’s and endanger the UNION with there manchurian candidate OBAMA a SCUBbag who would LIE and cheat withOUT exception 2B KING

  23. Hi, I found a relevant bit of info on another blog (Confluence) and thought I’d let you know because it all adds up. The post was about a conversation with a Dem district chairman:
    “The second interesting thing was that I mentioned that I felt the Obama supporters “stormed” the caucus by entering in a large group and overwhelming the registration table so that their voter registration and eligibility could not be verified. He said that he didn’t feel that it happened that way, because it was not necessary!!! He said that he had received orders from “very high up” and then he said all the way from the DNC that there was to be no eligibility verification at the caucuses. He said that they threatened to strip delegates if the DNC rules were not followed.
    He said the reason for this was that they were afraid that some legitimate voters might be disenfranchised by late registration because the records would not be up to date, so the decision was made to let anybody and everybody come in and vote in the caucuses.
    I just wanted to share that with all of you. It explains a lot about what we saw at the caucuses.”

  24. This is the silliest analysis I’ve ever read about DFA. Howard Dean has nothing to do with DFA and hasn’t since he lost the presidential race. Regardless, he’s done nothing but encourage everyone to get involved in the Dem Party, work for candidates they can support and run for office themselves if they want to have an impact. Many of his supporters did just that and got others to join in as well, including former Kucinich supporters, Edwards supporters, etc.

    One of the main things that DFA and many others working for progressive change have in common is a shared commitment against the invasion of Iraq that goes way back. That is why Obama is popular with many progressives and why Hillary is not. She voted for the war and never apologized for doing so.

    This isn’t some plot, it’s a policy disagreement.

    Every Dem presidential candidate was encouraged to answer questions on video about the important issues, including the war. Including Hillary. Her answers were not popular.

    I have been involved in a local DFA group for about 4 years and these groups operate independently from the national group although they are a part of DFA national’s loose coalition. We have never gotten directives about who to support and how. We’ve decided these things by the vote of our members.

    By far the most popular presidential candidates with our members have been Kucinich, Edwards and Obama, primarily due to their positions on the Iraq War but also because they don’t take federal lobbyist money and Hillary did.

    Again, you are seeing nasty plots when there is only disagreements on policy and issues.

  25. By the way, Hillary Clinton has chaired the DLC – Democratic Leadership Council – which has been very bluntly outspoken against anything that’s progressive, populist or antiwar. Another reason why progressives and former Dean, Edwards and Kucinich supporters don’t support Hillary Clinton.

  26. barb… I do think I pointed out that the local DFAs had NO IDEA the organization was to be used for a coup

    remember the poll that DFA ran.. Dennis K won it! So just exactly how did “the Precious” get endorsed?

    And if you think HD and his brother Jim (who heads DFA) don’t talk… think again

    Matter of fact, I attended one event with HD in which I was talking with him when a guy wanting to run for an office came up. Guess what HD told him… you need to talk to Linda and the other DFA people. They’ll help you get going!

    He didn’t say, go talk to your state party chair. And I was glad he did, because it was important for us to advance progressive candidates who could present an intelligent progressive agenda (btw…I equate progressive with pragmatic.. not liberal).

    So no, the local groups didn’t have an agenda but the ones at the top clearly did as we have watched the annointment of “the Precious” via the heavy handed actions of the DNC and their DFA operatives in local states.

    Heck, I live in one of the reddest states in the union but the year that DFA became active on the ground, we managed to create the most progressive platform every seen here. (it ultimately was fillibustered by legislators and not even heard) But that same platform came to the floor 2 years later and WAS passed. Why, because instead of the Union or the AA community OWNING the state convention, DFA organizations in conjunction with other progressive groups (such as stonewall) put the Progressive caucus into the majority.

    If you don’t think that DFA was not key in this hijacking..you haven’t been paying attention. They were the foot soldiers.

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