Hillary Will Stop

The New York Times, ABC, CNN, and Fox News are reporting that Senator Hillary Clinton will suspend her 2008 Presidential bid on Friday, June 6. Suspension means that she will retain control of her delegates. They’re saying she’ll endorse Obama, which would mean end her race completely. We will see; the drama continues. Word is Dems gave her tough talk and a week to get out. None of these punks deserve you, Hillary.

Dude, MSM, Dems, don’t have a cow!

According to NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell, there was a phone conference with Charlie Rangel and members of Congress from NY — sounding off about Hillary to get out, then other members joined in, telling Ms. Clinton that her leverage was dissipating — that these members who were truly her supporters gave her till the end of this week. Reportedly she didn’t want to quit even after Pelosi sent her herr decider letter around. Hillary was still reluctant, but then accepted it. The Party didn’t like were furious that McAuliffe took the stage last night, saying that Hillary would be the next POTUS. Then when she didn’t concede and endorse Obama, it put them “in a terrible spot.” According to sources, eight hardcore Hillary Senators, including Mikulski, Nelson, and Schumer, had another conference call on behalf of close members of her campaign, urging her to stop.

CNN’s Campbell Brown, pheh, pheh, questioned Toobin’s, pheh pheh, statement last night where he described Clinton’s speech as “deranged narcissism.” (I can’t wait till either of them gets 18 million people to walk into a *&^% voting booth and pull a lever to choose them, oh, and wins a primary that day, and then concedes that very night.) Brown presses Caputo about Hillary’s bad behavior.

Sr. Clinton Campaign adviser Lisa Caputo on CNN @ 8pm:

Remember there are 18 million voters, she’s going to do the right thing by her die-hard supporters (us) who are committed to her. Unprecedented voter turnout — Remember, Bill Bradley didn’t endorse till July? Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson, Ted Kennedy — didn’t let Carter shake his hand.

Why all this different standard for Hillary Clinton? (Thank you, Lisa)

It’ll be what it’ll be on Friday. Last night she won a primary, this is a close race. It is about the delegates, but when you look at the popular vote, it’s not a landslide. She wants to bring her supporters along. I think she was very gracious this morning when she stood up about Barack Obama at AIPAC.

Wow, there’s all this completely unconfirmed and unopposed nasty talk that Hillary is pushing herself onto Obama as VP. I seriously doubt that.

On Friday, Clinton will host an event in DC where she will make the announcement, thank her supporters, and reportedly endorse Obama for President. We’ll see; I guess that’s all she can do. But she’s a Party girl, she has to. She, and we, still will make some kind of fantastic future together. Remember, the voters don’t always get it right. Oops, I forgot, we did. (Numbers shortly.)

Boy, wouldn’t an iced cold fresh third party taste real swell about now? It’d be the perfect thing to wash down this pulled election pork sandwich.

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