Syria: No Easy Answers

Heard on CNN about Obama’s strategy: if we can’t get the British, then go to Congress.

Horrendous deaths and a horrible dilemma. So much bigger regionally than a waffling president’s red line. We’re broke. People are suffering. Inhumanity abounds. There are forty-five million refugees worldwide. How could more bombing be the answer? We never talk anymore. Yoko: Imagine peace.

Call Your Peeps in Congress: NO MORE WAR!

I called one of my senators’ offices (Chuck Schumer) and will call Kirsten Gillibrand and Carolyn Maloney next. Did you call yours? I’m calling the White House, too. After all, they certainly all contact me to make sure I know what they’re doing and ask for contributions.

I said simply,

I’m a constituent and want to register my opinion.

  1. Out of Iraq (We’re still there, right? Funny, it’s fallen off the radar.)
  2. Out of Afghanistan (I could give a flying flip about it, and vice versa.)
  3. Start talking about jobs instead of health care (Sorry, I know it’s important, but I haven’t had health care for a long time. I need work more than I need health care.)
  4. I can’t find work and always can. (I forgot to mention that, gasp, I think I have to apply for food stamps.)

We expect that of “our” elected Democratic Party: to fulfill its stated promises to end “the war” and promote jobs for US citizens.

Here’s a link to find your reps in Congress.