Syria: No Easy Answers

Heard on CNN about Obama’s strategy: if we can’t get the British, then go to Congress.

Horrendous deaths and a horrible dilemma. So much bigger regionally than a waffling president’s red line. We’re broke. People are suffering. Inhumanity abounds. There are forty-five million refugees worldwide. How could more bombing be the answer? We never talk anymore. Yoko: Imagine peace.

Sic the Spies on Bin Laden

As a peace-loving liberal, I won’t score points with this one. I’m certainly not a pro hit squad or targeted assassination kind-o-gal. However, what do you think of the idea that instead of probing the Mossad for sending spies to kill a top Hamas military commander in Dubai last month, or putting them on the Interpol wanted list, we just send them in to get Bin Laden?

Yeah, it’s a flawed strategy you could say, without principle, but look at all the lives, resources, money, heartache, trauma, and irreversible injury we could save by one or two smart, stealth actions. For how many more years will the U.S. play the role of “trying” to catch OBL, Taliban, and Al Qaeda? Why not let the Mossad top spies do what they do best, or at least better train our people? Let’s get it over with and “bring the troops home.” Why don’t we spend the money to rebuild our country and its defenses instead? The U.S. is such a lumbering hulk.

Speaking of Israel, did you see the small blip on CNN during the first days of Haiti’s disaster? The Israelis had set up an entire surgical hospital in Port au Prince, with separate wards for each type of injury. While they were highly organized, mobilized, and got their trauma facility up and running right away, we Americans were still struggling to get the food and supplies out of the airport.

Having just flown to Cali in early February after the crotch bomber was foiled, I can’t help but think that, with how we handle security, the economy (banks rule), the job force, manufacturing, and business incentives, our government only knows how to react. We think it’s smart to simply counteract the latest “evil doers'” scheme? We have become so short-sighted as a nation, that the smartest people can’t seem to, don’t want to, or don’t care to think far enough into the future to realize the responsibility and consequences for their political, military, domestic, and foreign choices and actions.

After seeing the past two years of governmental folly, posturing, gridlock, and self-serving, ideological behavior, I say, yes, let’s start over. Only compassionate listeners and non-ideologues need apply.

Meanwhile, I finally did it . . . my heart was a bit nervous as I hit the send button. Yes, I know, I know, many or most of you did this a long time ago: I just now unsubscribed from the DCCC’s email list. I kept on way past its shelf life because it always felt like oppo research to stay up on their latest. But, I’m finally done. They only write to me to slam Republicans and blame it all on them, then to ask for money to counteract them. First, I don’t have money because I don’t have a job or work. Second, the Dems need to f’in get something done in DC rather than complain about the other guy. You know, those sixty votes and all that crap. Congress should be ashamed, and I feel liberated.