What We All Want

What we all want . . . It’s not what you think. I mean, I’m not talking politics. I’m not even talking about peace on earth or health care, none of that. Freddie Mercury said it best. More and more everyday, I find that people are searching for love. They are not satisfied with a portion of their life–that part which makes them feel fulfilled, emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, or sexually. They want to feel alive, vibrant.

They don’t always know it, but they are seeking intimacy, a connection to the world or with a special someone. Sometimes they are seeking that connection with themselves, knowingly or not. Even those who have given up and come to the conclusion that they will never find real love or that the love they once had is dead–even they can feel or know they don’t have “it.” Sometimes they say, “That’s okay. It’s been this way for a long time, and it doesn’t matter anymore. Yes, I still love her/him. S/he just doesn’t have the urge, never really did.” Sometimes, they decide they want to try for more, to fill the void. Sometimes, they just want someone to listen and say, “It’s okay. Whatever you want. I’m here for you.”

“Somebody To Love” by Freddie Mercury

Can anybody find me somebody to love?
Each morning I get up I die a little
Can barely stand on my feet
Take a look in the mirror and cry
Lord what you’re doing to me
I have spent all my years in believing you
But I just can’t get no relief, Lord!
Somebody, somebody
Can anybody find me somebody to love?

I work hard every day of my life
I work till I ache my bones
At the end I take home my hard earned pay all on my own –
I get down on my knees
And I start to pray
Till the tears run down from my eyes
Lord – somebody – somebody
Can anybody find me – somebody to love?

(He works hard)

Everyday – I try and I try and I try –
But everybody wants to put me down
They say I’m goin’ crazy
They say I got a lot of water in my brain
Got no common sense
I got nobody left to believe
Yeah – yeah yeah yeah

Oh Lord
Somebody – somebody
Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Got no feel, I got no rhythm
I just keep losing my beat
I’m ok, I’m alright
Ain’t gonna face no defeat
I just gotta get out of this prison cell
Someday I’m gonna be free, Lord!

Find me somebody to love
Can anybody find me somebody to love?


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