Break Time

Hi All!

Thank you for coming around as much as you have and exploring my past posts. As my readers know, I’ve only been writing about one or two posts per month this year, actually since the November elections. I’ve been focusing on work, work, work and doing my part to boost the job rate. I feel like I’ve been treading water. However, I’m now again headed out to sea, having been laid-off from my full-time editing job.

I’m off to pursue more work and doubt I’ll have much time to write here. Actually, I have one in the can, so stay tuned. I’m not shutting LBNYC blog down, because I hold it as part of the history of the PUMA Movement. (This blog is also the most consistent and prolific of my writing body of work, so I don’t want to obliterate it!) Unfortunately, the PUMA movement has become fractured. However, its purpose in its original intent as a protest movement for democracy and against patriarchy still stands as a noble, spontaneous cause and achievement. Pat Johnson wrote a sensible synopsis of the movement and its fracture last week at The Widdershins.

Thank you for being loyal readers and supporting my work with your hearts, minds, and eyes, with a comment or two thrown in for good measure. I hope you’ll continue to keep me in your reader or subscribe, so you’ll know when I do post something.

See you real soon . . . .


2 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. I wish you luck and prosperity, LBNYC, and have appreciated your wonderful insight and talent.

    Weird stuff happening in the pumasphere for sure.
    Hope all can find a way back to the core stuff that kept all of us sane for those long months back in 08.

    I will keep checking back and again wish you smooth sailing.

  2. It’s sad that things fell apart with PUMA but I suppose it was inevitable considering we were so loosely based. We served our purpose and I am thankful for the things we did achieve. Was great meeting you in Denver. Best of luck with employment. Been rough for me (as well as many others) too.

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