Cambodian Human Rights Advocate In Danger


Mu Sochua, 2005 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee for her work in Cambodian human trafficking awareness

From Alegre. Please read, spread the word, add your voice, do whatever you can for Mu Sochua, whose story is below with more info at the links, including the documentary Seven:

Hi Folks:

I got a disturbing email from VITAL (Invest in Women. Improve the World) this evening about a tireless champion of human rights in Cambodia.  Mu Sochua was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 for her work to stop human trafficking in Cambodia and Thailand, and has worked with Vital Voices over the years – and they just found out that the ruling party is moving to have her thrown in prison because of the threat she poses to their base of corrupt power.

I met this woman last fall and she’s a remarkable and inspiring leader.  We can’t sit silently by while they shut her away.  I’ve posted an action diary on Alegre’s Corner and I’m hoping you’ll make some calls and spread the word.  I’m not sure if our phone calls or posts on the Vital Voices blog will help, but it’s the least we can do as women’s rights advocates, and (in many cases) supporters of Hillary and her work on behalf of women and girls over the years.

I hope you’ll read my post and help spread the word within your own networks and circle of friends.  It doesn’t sound like we have much time to make a difference – but if we generate some heat around this maybe we might help Mu Sochua remain free to continue her life-saving work in Cambodia.

Thanks a million!