Remembering Friends Gone Too Soon

I’ve had several friends and acquaintances pass away lately, or this time of year is the anniversary of their death. Today was the seventh anniversary of my dear friend’s death. She was Irish American and loved this song.

Danny Boy, performed by Eva Cassidy


Remembering Karen

Gone too soon. We feel you still,
My sister dear, sister in the spirit,
Co-madre, in memory of you here.
May you and all our dear ones up there
Join together, help each other
In your heavenly work,
And I hope to gosh some play.

Gone too soon. We feel you still.
Today. I know it’s odd that we recall you
On the day on which you left
More than the one on which you came.
But, now, listen, I’ll tell you why:
Most of us didn’t know you then,
And your absence was so deeply felt,
So we remember that one,
And we cry.

Gone too soon. We feel you still.
Look at all the good
That has been done to help the world,
Because of who you were,
And all the gems you left for us
Get passed along like pearls.
Our kids have sent you through
To carry on, and in your name decreed,
Will your and their great missions
Be fulfilled and well succeed.

Gone too soon. We feel you still.
Mostly the songs of love,
And how you held all dear.
You did so minus thought or judgment,
You did so minus fear.
Thank you, my dear, fine sister,
For who you were on earth.
Reminding us to take the time
And also to revere:
The magic that we have
And that we make
Is happening right here.