Sarah Calls Critics Cruel

November 8, 2008 — I don’t know what’s going on, as Repubs scramble to get off their sinking ship. The rats are fighting for styrofoam flotillas — as some McCain insiders anonymously critique their failed ticket’s VP candidate, Sarah Palin, while others come out publicly in her defense.

But where in the world is John McCain? His silence is deafening.

Go Sarah! Good for you! Bitterness and scapegoating really aren’t becoming in the losing Party, and they’re exhibiting it. Hmph. And we PUMAs thought Repubs were a bit more advanced in their actual, as opposed to their ideological, treatment of women. Dream on.

Let’s see, we still have: the MSM as usual, back-biting, misogyny, homophobia, racism, economic ambiguity, and taking under consideration the hate-filled congratulations of Ahmadenijad. Has anything changed yet? I guess we’ll have to take that under consideration as The One prepares to take office. No pressure, but your minions are waiting, Mr. President-Elect.

Oh, and I couldn’t resist:

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6 thoughts on “Sarah Calls Critics Cruel

  1. I love the interview on Greta, and look forward to the second part tonight. Sad thing is this woman is intelligent, down to earth, I believe in my heart she would have made a great President hopefuly she will be…

  2. So who were the fucking debate preppers who started the rumor? We need to call them out. They need to be exposed. I want to know who they are. How do we get their names?

  3. I guess I missed the memo about it, but what all this Republican’s washing of dirty laundry in public has to do with “Mr. President-Elect”? Of course, we all know he’s the embodied evil, but still…

  4. Governor Sarah Palin genuinely loves her country. She actually brings much to the table, but, understandably, some folks saw her threat potential and simply marginalized her to minimize her broad appeal. Politics can be so nasty at times. Wish Governor Palin and her family well.


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