Make Your Voice Count: A Fundraiser

At the end of the Democratic Primary season, this was the situation:

Popular Vote
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton: 17,857,446, (48.04%)
Senator Barack Obama: 17,584,649 (47.31%)

Pledged delegates

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton: 1,730.5 (39.17%)
Senator Barack Obama: 1,747.5 (39.55%)


Then, for no apparent good reason, in June Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi decided THEY, not the delegates chosen by the electorate and not the superdelegates appointed via proper party procedure, were going to decide who would represent the top of the ticket for the general election. Now that same leadership wants YOU to legitimize their undemocratic and unprincipled methods by putting their selected candidate into the White House on November 4.

But WE can say no to the subversion of democratic principles within the Democratic Party. We can say no with our votes and by urging our fellow Democrats to pay attention to the particulars of the candidate Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi selected to represent the Democratic Party.

Over the next 24 hours and across the internet, we as a community will urgently be raising money to run edgy and persuasive ads made by Democrats in key battleground states. Generous contributors have pledged $500 in matching funds. Your voice counts. Please contribute now.


Or go to Democrats For Principle Before Party – The Denver Group’s general election website, where you can view other ads the group is running:

One thought on “Make Your Voice Count: A Fundraiser

  1. We can’t get shaky now, PUMA’s! We’ve come too far for too long to give up now! We fight on, right to the end! As the moderates of our Dem party, we have to ensure that we defeat the Chicago New Party Socialist Democrats and the best way to defeat the beast is to vote overwhelmingly for McCain. I no longer think writing Hillary in is an option. That vote is needed to go to McCain. Sitting this out is not an option. McCain needs that vote, too. Leaving the top of the ticket blank. Please don’t! McCain needs every PUMA vote out there! We have to make our voices heard and send the message to the thugs now running the Dem party that we’re taking our party and our country back!

    Go PUMA’s! Go McCain/Palin!

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