Bill Clinton Tells It On The View 9/22/08

Bill Clinton on The View, Part 1

September 22, 2008 — Bill Clinton is in his element this week, out and about in New York City, in his fourth year of convening world leaders, wealthy philanthropists, and citizens’ groups at the UN on behalf of his worldwide Clinton Global Initiative. He outlines what we all can do to change the world in his 2007 book, Giving.

In his first-ever appearance on The View, get fascinating insights from one-half of the power duo we could have had. Was Hillary really dying to be VP, grasping at it, as the Obamabots and MSM snootily suggested for several months? What does Bill think of her supporters who would vote for McCain? (Hint: he gets it.) Does he think there was sexism directed toward Hillary during her run? Oh, yes he does. He describes it as subconscious in our society and because of that, maybe more insidious. He also gives his take on how people should treat voters who don’t agree with one’s own views. Let’s just say that his attitude is more gentlemanly than that of the Dem nominee and his followers.

Part 2

Bill gives his take on: the economic proposals currently on the table; if today’s economic woes stem from his administration’s policies; and the breaking Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley filings to reorganize from investment banks to bank holding companies. The View’s Whoopi Goldberg introduces Bill as one of her favorite people. Too bad The View hosts didn’t treat Hillary and Bill as if they mattered at all during the Democratic Primary, preferring to tout and fawn unashamedly over Barack and Michelle.

Part 3

Find out what the former Pres thinks of McCain, and who he thinks will win in 2008. He seemingly gives a black and white answer, (wild guess: the Democrat), but makes some crafty modifications. He attempts to clarify why he was given a bum rap over saying Obama wasn’t ready to be POTUS. I found it all quite interesting. Et vous?

[At this posting, the video wasn’t yet available on ABC’s website, so here’s a three-part YouTube, sans commercials, which is how I can actually use it. Let’s see if it stays up. If not, will replace.]

5 thoughts on “Bill Clinton Tells It On The View 9/22/08

  1. I was sickened by their treatment of John McCain….Thanks for this video…Since I don’t watch The View, I missed it!!

    The View should also get a dose of this…

    The Sisterhood of Shared Indignities (A Double Post by kenosha Marge and InsightAnalytical-GRL)

    “We’ve teamed up to reflect on our early experiences with–and without–baseball gloves and how our sensibilites about being a woman have developed from there…and where we are now during this political season.”

    kenosha Marge and InsightAnalytical-GRL”
    “SIsters” and “Indignities”

  2. Hillary is going to replace Condolica Rice, which is a better job for her than the VP.

    Certain women who are looking toward Palin just because they are mad at Obama, well the decision was actually better for Hillary. The VP has little real power, but is a heartbeat away from the Presidency. To an older guy like McCain who has had cancer before, that becomes more of an issue. but Obama is younger and healthier.

    Therefore, if hillary wants to be in a better position then it is better that she remains available for Rice’s job or something similar.

  3. Yup, Hillary is charting her own course and doesn’t need permission from ‘the one’. Bill is busy doing humanitarian work around the world and they are able to smile at the end of the day. They are both good people.

  4. What I think is that no one can be honest about Obama without being called a racist. IMO calling someone a fairytale does not constitute racism. Reminding people of history certainly does not constitute racism…. but it happened!

    The only conclusion would be because they didn’t have the confidence in their candidate to get there on his merit, character, and experience (although he doesn’t have any in IMO) but these qualities are very important when it comes to running for President. But that doesn’t matter either. To some it is the color of his skin, and for others they think he is god. Me I think he is just a human being who is still green behind the ears and has a very shady background to match.

    All through the primary that is all you heard if you didn’t agree with an Obama supporter, they even called other African Americans racist because they didn’t support Obama…. yeah I read that on a few blogs. There was a prominent House Rep down in SC that is African American that got nasty, nasty phone calls, emails, and so on because he supported Senator Clinton.

    I have realized that when they can’t convince you to vote for Obama the race card is the only defense even when it comes to another African American and that is pretty sad!

    Another thing that I think happen is that the very same people pressured the Super-Delegates to change to Obama instead of waiting to see who would win the primaries, given the attitude explained above.

    Now it is all about the experience of Gov. Palin, well the way I see it the Gov. has more executive experience than Obama does. It really cracks me up now that they are bringing that up seeing that Obama has none!

    As far as John McCain’s health is concerned, I am also a cancer survivor and have been since 1995 over ten yrs now. Besides the fact that the Dr. from CNN went through his medical records with a fine toothcomb and has talked to his doctors and they all say he is fit to be President.

    It is sad that now these very same people are showing their desperation again by having to bring up a person health and age.

    By the way President Clinton does get it…he knows what they did…. and it wasn’t right!

    What I find interesting is when women choke up on TV she is being a whiner, but when a man does it we are to feel sorry for him such in the case of Joe Biden during the VP debate!

    Remember the old saying; you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

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