Hillary’s Convention Speech: Keep Going!

What a speech! Many tears were shed, as we were again touched by the most Presidential, brilliant candidate of our lifetime. For us, “it’s been a privilege.” Here at Puma Headquarters for hours afterward: lots of happy partying — is there another kind? The mood was extremely upbeat and festive, and we are so proud of our true Democratic candidate.

Your determination to keep going, often in the face of enormous obstacles . . . you taught me so much.

To my supporters, to my champions, to my sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, because you never gave in, and you never gave up. Together we made history. . . .

And even in the darkest moments, that is what Americans have done: we have found the faith to keep going.

My mother was born before women could vote, my daughter got to vote for her mother for President. This is the story of America, of women and men who defy the odds and never give up.

So how do we give this country back to them? By following the example of a brave New Yorker, a woman who risked her lives to bring slaves to freedom along the underground railroad.

On that path to freedom, Harriet Tubman had one piece of advice:

‘If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If they’re shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop, keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.’

And even in the darkest moments. That is what Americans have done. We have found the faith to keep going.

We do not yet know the results of the floor vote petition. Word is that the ballots went out to the delegations on Tuesday night. In the face of enormous odds, from our hearts, we can do no less. We keep going.

Keep Going (click to play)

[by Pearl Harbor and The Explosions]

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44 thoughts on “Hillary’s Convention Speech: Keep Going!

  1. That was the most moving speech I have ever seen in my life.
    Obama should be grateful for what Hillary has done for him last night.

    Even if I am not fully there yet, I could now at least imagine voting for Obama. In the end Hillary is probably right that there is too much at stake to allow continuing the republican destruction of our country.

    Besides, have you seen how Chelsea has grown during her mother’s campaign? I would not be surprised if we see her again one day on that platform.

  2. what a beautiful post ladyboomer….i will post up on JustSayNoDeal shortly — too many intvus!!

    I disagree with Linda — i could never ‘imagine’ voting for this ticket – i still say “no deal!”

    all that speech did was remind me of what a fabulous president hillary clinton should have/would have made….

  3. No doubt about it, great speech.

    No doubt about it, Nobama. She just showed us all why Obama couldn’t carry water to her. It also demonstrates how badly the DNC has screwed over our party.


  5. It was a brilliant speech, brilliantly and authentically delivered. I was not in the hall, but even watching from home, I could feel the electricity that Hillary generated. What have they done? What have they done? Why isn’t she the nominee?

  6. While I did listen to the introduction and was truly moved, once the subject turned to our cnadidate asking us to toss out all of our dreams and hard work and support a man Senator Clinton, herself said was not prepared, I changed the channel.
    I support Senator Clinton to the end, but, I will not support Obama after what he has done and allowed to be done to Senator Clinton and her supporters, in his words, we will never “Just Get Over It” everyone I know, friends, family were only more convinced than ever what we have lost…and we can live with Senator McCain as our President muich easier than we can Barrach Hussein Obama who is not only inexperienced, but, far too liberal in his views about many things, like drilling and ABORTION and his disrespectful attitude toward women, especially Senator Clinton. I imagine it will be extremely hard for President Bill Clinton to stand up there and give a speech supporting a person who two months ago was stomping all over his wife and his daughters mother, by flicking her off his shoulder..No, I won’t vote for “THE ONE”. Nothing has changed except even more so now I know what a terrible mistake the DNC/Dean/Kenndey/Pelosi/Kerry/Brazile have made….

  7. I have to say I am between the lines. I don’t like Obama personally, but in the end this is not only about Hillary or us. This election is about the future of the whole country.

  8. I could listen to that speech over and over. What a motivator? What a president she would be!! She has done what is expected of her above and beyond. The rest is up to Obama, she cannot win the election for him. She’s a very gracious lady and I have had the honor to attend two of her rallies, one being in the 6th row and the other in the first row and had the opportunity to be photographed with her. I will treasure the photo always. As great as a speech it was, I cannot in my heart vote for Obama, even if that’s what she wants and expects us to do. I feel everyone has treated her very unfairly and and she has taken it all with professionalism and poise, more than I could say for me. I will always support and admire this gracious, caring, lady.

  9. Hi Lucy Wolphat,

    what do you mean by:

    “Obama is … too liberal in his views about … ABORTION.”

    I get the feeling that somehow ladyboomers blog has been infiltrated by republicans.

  10. Hey All,

    We cannot afford Barack Obama. He has no experience or real credibility as a politician. He is an empty suit, and no rhetoric from Hillary can ever change that cold, hard, fact.

    Here’s what that speech did NOT change.

    1. Hillary is still NOT the nominee.
    2. Hillary will NOT be the nominee in 2008.
    3. The DNC treated us like garbage, and a speech can’t erase what they said about us during and after the primaries.
    4. Hillary was NOT considered for VP, no matter what “the messiah” says.
    5. Barack won just like Bush did, lost the popular vote and won on a technicality.
    6. John McCain is STILL ahead in the polls, DURING the convention no less.
    7. 600,000 voters in Michigan STILL had their votes for Hillary transferred to Obama. Can we spell
    P R E C E D E N T?
    8. A woman is STILL Not in White House.
    9. Barack wasn’t even there for her speech, how “unifed”
    10. Donna Brazile still has a place in the party! I wonder how CNN became the ONLY network to air from the convention floor.

    We chose Hillary because we are smarter, and pay attention to issues, not hype.

    Unfortunately, Hillary’s hands are tied by the DNC. No speech will ever change that.

    She WILL NOT be a voice in his administration, except as a surrogate on the trail.

    This convention looks more and more like a cult every nauseating minute.

    In the words of Dennis Kucinich WAKE UP AMERICA

    The DNC has sunk to the RNC’s levels, and still tries to trick us into thinking that they’re better, lets remember, they’ve had a majority in congress for two years, and they managed to kow tow to Bush until the election.

    Here’s breaking news, If Hillary isn’t the nominee, the
    “messiah” will lose just like his cohorts, Gore, Kerry, Biden, Richardson, A PACK OF LOSERS.

  11. The democrats have been in the senate and congress and have one of the lowest approval ratings ever… having done absolutely NOTHING!!! Obama has NO experience, No passion for his… OUR country…. he just wants something good to finally put on his empty resume……… THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE COUNTRY>>> QUALIFICATIONS PLEASE!!!!

  12. Thank you so much, Linda and Tiffany and everyone else on this site who is here because they love Hillary. I have always supported Obama, but I came to this website to say that I have always supported Hillary Clinton as well. During the first debate I watched, in which only the two of them were left, I was moved by their respect for each other and their desire to keep the democratic party united.

    A lot of people have been saying bad things about Hillary Clinton, that she would give a speech to intentionally make him lose so she could have a last shot for the presidency in 2012. I was deeply moved by her selflessness and by the eloquence of her speech. I laughed and I cried, I cheered and I got those weird tinglies you get when the Star Spangled Banner is played, or when your countryman or woman has just won at the Olympics. I just wanted to say basically that I deeply respect Hillary and think that she will be an important part of Obama’s candidacy, and hopefully administration. So I have to say that if you support Hillary at all, if you respect her message and her candidacy in the primaries, you should continue to respect her judgment and work hard to get the democrat in office. Even if you personally have personal qualms about Obama, please, please think about what’s at stake. How many of you have enjoyed life under Bush? And how many of you, moving past his war hero aura, can really support what McCain is saying–basically assuring us that under him we’ll continue with our unjust war and funding big oil and allowing global warming to continue, and that all of this will happen with us plunged to the depths of economic despair. Democrats for 2008!

  13. I find it amazing how so many people can reason their way into following the herd – “Oh, Obama is not so bad after all, and she can run again in 2016.” (they’ll probably say she’s too old then)
    Check out Nader – he’s all that you wanted from Hillary, and then some. And he only will not win if you don’t vote for him.

  14. Who are you people telling us what Obama will do? If he was into compromise Hillary would be VP? We have never been in to this to support democrats. We are in this to support women. If you don’t care about women, go away. We are in this because Dean and Brazile are criminals, and need to be prosecuted, not rewarded. If you don’t care about corruption in the DNC, go away. We are in this because we will not wait another generation to share power. If you don’t care about women’s power, go away. We are in this to force a vote; Florida and Michigan will not be restored to the Union unless they vote. If you don’t care about America, go away. We will never support your unqualified, unelected Prince. What is up with the roll call, Darragh!!!
    Is there anything we can be doing today to help. It is morning in the West people. Stay focused.

  15. By the way asshole, the chick who started this, is very familiar to us. She is a mother of three and a soldier for America. I hope she runs for office, and if it weren’t for cretins like you, thugging at caucuses and purloining primaries she would not have been created as the political monster she is. Yeah Darragh!!! Cynthia McKinney 2008 Clinton/McKinney 2012

  16. So anybody who doesn’t want Obama must be a racist? It seems to me Obama is the racist – or were you not aware of the church he was a member of for 20+ years?

  17. Thank-you Lady Boomer for capturing the essence of Harriet Tubman’s words!

    Leave it to Hillary to quote them so movingly.

    We’ll see what President William Jefferson Clinton has to say tonight…speech approval or no speech approval, he will most assuredly stray from the tele prompter!

    What I grow tedious of is self-righteous individuals who seem all to happy to define what constitutes a “True Democrat”.

    Indeed, some of these “True Democrats” have slung the most vile mud e.g., accusations of racism and misogynist statements, yet they have the temerity to accuse others of party disloyalty. Believe me, their hypocrisy is not lost on the American People. I feel like I’m in a scene from The Body Snatchers!

    At what price is principled behavior valued? Since when in the Democratic Party do the means justify the ends?

    I hope to God the idealist outlast the opportunist, otherwise
    the task won’t be to merely identify dissenters, but to eradicate them.

    Hmmm…isn’t that what the DNC is doing this morning in the hotels with the delegate count???

  18. “Keep going!!!” To the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit…she said it “Keep going”.
    And I believe she will. Hillary Clinton has made the first of her many presidential speeches of the 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. And this time, THIS TIME she will break through that damn glass ceiling. They seem to forget that WE ALL CAN SEE THROUGH THAT DAMN GLASS and we still want the result we can see. So yeah I’ll keep going. I can stand four more years if that is what it takes to get a woman in the White House. One that is not supposed bow and scrape when she is told to. One that is not there to decide the menues and prepare the scene for the big boys. One that is there to lead and not just to make nice for her husband. I WANT HILLARY TO LEAD NOT FOLLOW AND I’LL SETTLE FOR NOTHING ELSE. PERIOD. 2012. BRING IT ON.

  19. If Barack was “behind us on the issues” Hillary would be VP. How stupid do you think we are? If you don’t want this disturbing trend of coups at the DNC being fought on the backs of women, you had best not vote for your selected Prince. He could not make Hillary the VP, because the White Male money he works for would never allow it. Their whole point was to cut the Clintons out of the Democratic Party. We are talking about the real enemies being HOWARD DEAN, DONNA BRAZILE, WEXLER THE TRAITOR, AND THE MSM. Voting for the Prince is voting for these criminals and the faceless corporations they front for. Your Prince says he wants Pinkertons to take over the war in Iraq. Do you know what Pinkertons are? They are mercenaries: they knocked out my grandfather’s teeth when he was eleven years old just for being an Appalachian civilian. Barry probably doesn’t know this, he is so inexperienced but he will destroy us overseas.

  20. The man who sponsored the bill to move up the Florida primary was Wexler from Del Ray Beach. An avid Obama sponsor who was rewarded for betraying his constituents then and at the RBC with a speech in Germany, and probably national office. Florida was not punished. Democrats who voted for Hillary were scammed by a gaming conman who was on both ends of the primary scheduling. Obama is a crook and you are just sad for following like a sheep.

  21. Then don’t vote for Barack “Saddleback” Obama. I agree with you on Hagee. He like all Old Fundamentalist Men is a toad.

  22. To you obamabots who are here to mess with us this morning- Why couldn’t we go together, Hmm?
    Chicanas matter, Appalachians matter, LGBT people matter, Asians matter, Jews matter, Florida matters (what does Hillary have to do with whether we get to vote?), Michigan matters, West Virginia matters, Black people Matter!! Hillary would have made him vp. We could have all gone together. Did you really think we’d settle for a speech?

  23. I am an Appalachian (educated in Florida and California). I was born a democrat and a Baptist. I have ample reason to mistrust both. The Obama people helped me reregister Green. I will not support Howard Dean or Donna Brazile or their coup of the democratic party, from a populist like Clinton. I waited all my life to vote for a woman or even someone I could be proud of. I felt that way when I voted for Jesse Jackson back in the eighties. But, lordy, I was so psyched to vote for Hillary in Jan. And, THEY STOLE MY VOTE. Where exactly is this roll call your Obama is willing to compromise on. Why has it not actually materialized? Because he cannot win. This is Howard Dean and Donna Brazile and their corporate money. I won’t help them. I will never vote for men again. I am voting for Cynthia McKinney, an African American Woman Who Loves The Earth. Blessed Be.

  24. This roll call takes place Wednesday or Thursday. Its supposed to be some catharsis thing in which the delegates who stand for Hillary will be allowed to say so, but as there are to be more Obama delegates, seeing as he won more, Obama will end up nominated. It is speculated that New York may go last and Hillary herself might cast the winning vote for Obama.

  25. voice of reason- discrimination did very much breed me.
    rampant misogyny, child abuse, educational discrimination, spiritual abuse, and now voting rights abuse
    -i think hillary would have made him vp, because for 35 years she has fought for all American people
    -thank you, I am not trying to be hostile. I respect your right to your opinion. I simply will not vote for people who shut out women and Floridians. If there is a roll call (Fair) maybe.
    Murakami-if you do not care about women’s power, you do not care about women.
    I have kids, I have to go to work. If any of you Obama people do really care about reassuring feminists and democrats, please tell your bossman, Let the People Vote!!!!!!!!

  26. Agnes, I really must go to work. I just can’t do it. I know this is the trap Howard Dean has set for us. But, I cannot vote for somebody who stood against my right to vote and stood between women and power. He had so many opportunities to bring us on board. Joe Biden? Was that meant to slap Black women as equally as other women, all together? Anita Hill’s Naysayer, Really? He loves Bernie Mac, Really? And, I am supposed to swallow this, Why? Three elections. Floridians aren’t supposed to vote for three elections. It is not the lesser of two evils. It is democracy or not. I would have loved to vote for him, honestly. But, he purposefully set himself against women. He purposefully participated in benefiting from rigged elections. They still won’t allow a vote on the floor. I can’t stand to see America die like this. Bless you Agnes. I just can’t take anymore. Neither the democrats or the republicans represent me.

  27. Amanda — Barack Obama gamed the system every step of the way to get where he is. He and his minions coerced the electorate in the caucus states. He promoted racial hate toward the Clintons. He never once spoke out to stop the booing and the misogyny toward a former First Lady — one of the best we have EVER HAD — a sitting Senator and Presidential candidate. In fact, his actions promoted hatred toward her. And you think his policies matter. He has none. He’s copied Hillary’s plans just like he copied speeches and lied in his autobiography and on the campaign trail.

    He had the audacity to block Florida and Michigan votes until he could claim them for himself. His ego is unparalleled. Good luck with electing him. During the campaign, she said he couldn’t win without the states she won. He won caucuses through fraud. Once again, she was right. We will never support him. Good luck with your candidate.

  28. Alohapuma — Body snatchers! Great analogy! Maybe I can work that in to a post.

  29. Why do you think Hillary will have a big part of his administration? He already dissed 18 million voters in his pursuit of white males and fundamentalists. What contacting superdelegates is for – WE STILL HAVE NOT BEEN ALLOWED TO VOTE!!!!! If you want us to unify, why support this antidemocrat. Why can’t we vote? Obama did not win the election. Pushing down the electorate is his only chance of coronation. You are being used by Dean and Pelosi and Brazile. I’m going offline to continue to contact delegates, as should all good Americans.

  30. I am sorry. I keep promising to leave. But, Ms. Milly, you are sticking in my craw. Women are not fulfilled through men. That is absurd and makes me wonder about your gender. Also, Michelle Obama was the “If you can’t run your own house, you can’t run the white house, ummumm, can’t do it.” She went after women, as women. You call that misogyny. She has stated publicly, she has nothing to do with politics and “is just really glad, picking the vice president has nothing to do with me.” And, “I just like to be thought of as pretty.” If that is your idea of a first lady why don’t you buy a Barbie. If you think the fact that Michigan doesn’t have a voice is not his fault: I ask you, what if they do it again next election? How about the election after that? You got dissed like Florida this time around, but it’ll be different next time. Little wifey first lady is enough for you. Michigan has still not had it’s delegates heard. It’s not his fault. Then who, pray tell, is at fault. The DNC. Duh. Vote for them if you like and kiss suffrage goodbye. Never get to vote again. Keep on Going!!!!!! Women hold up half the sky; LET US VOTE!!!!!!!!

  31. Lady Boomer!

    I thought you might like that one!

    The other thing it reminds me of is Minority Report…

    Remember the scene where the little mechanical spiders invade your apartment and force everyone’s eyes open, for identification purposes??

    They all had to submit, didn’t they? Yes, they all had to fall in line. What for? The safety of everyone? C’mon people! Don’t let them brainwash you into thinking what they do is for the greater good of the Democratic Party.

    Christ, even the Repugs are dropping ANWR from their platform (or at least having a serious debate about it)! What are we doing? Refusing a 50 state roll-call and looking like a bunch of tyrants. We are thru the looking glass now folks…it’s all getting curiouser and curiouser.

  32. Murakami, Voice of Reason, Sanity and Reason, Sylvia, J — Oh, guess I didn’t read through all the comments before writing to Amanda. What I wrote goes for you, too.

    Get educated before you post here again, or don’t waste your and our time. Hillary won the popular vote. This is and will always be a pro-Hillary blog and safe space for PUMAs.

    Oh and by the way, speaking of church and state: haven’t you heard of Barack’s church initiatives — just like George Bush’s. Oh, and his pastors and abnormal friends?

    Don’t come here calling us anything but late for dinner. Bye, bye.

  33. Hello Beautiful!

    Please write with your email address so I can send the lovely pics to you.

    Be well, Sister and Friend.

    May all of our efforts be blessed.

    Daniella * *

  34. Absolutely Nobama for me or my daughter! However, I wish I knew the right way to vote to ensure an Obama defeat. I keep wavering between writing Hillary in and voting for McCain. Although the former decision is where my heart lies, the latter decision would more likely result in an Obama defeat. I want that defeat because it would be a repudiation of DNC “machinations,” as well as a vindication of 18 million democratic voices which were effectively but unfairly stifled.

    There should be a new DNC ad. which states: Give us your money, your votes, and your time, and we will squash your dreams, stifle your voices, and ignore your needs. Better yet: Don’t bother to vote at all. Howard, Donna, and Donna will do it for all of you. This method will be less costly and more time efficient. Hell, maybe the DNC should just eliminate primaries altogether and just “select” their nominee! Certainly, this would not ruffle the feathers of people in Florida or Michigan anymore.

    So…I go round and round. But, I WILL vote. “They” cannot take that right away from me. Although I am only one person, I will stand up…for my principles, for my candidate (HILLARY FOREVER), and for my rights. I only hope that a majority of “the 18 million” will join us in reclaiming this party (of which I have been a member for 34 years). Send a message of empowerment. Send a message of hope. Send a message for reform. Send a wake-up call. Blast a missile of independence when you cast your vote in November. Take back your own party before it is too late.

    Thanks for listening.

    p.s. You Obama bloggers are very rude, disrespectul, and vulgar. Get off this cite and find one less intellectual and more profane. You will be happier in your element. Pigs like mud.

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