PUMAs Are Slammin’ In Denver: Don’t Give Up!

Hello All!

Pumas are slammin’ in Denver. I’m telling you, our presence is AMAZING! Puma Headquarters are a beehive of activity. At least 300 Pumas, including several delegates, have been here today. They’re making signs, attending events in protest. Riverdaughter, BettyJean, danceswithpumas, joanofart, and Pagan — are all live-blogging, so stay tuned.

The press dropped by. We were interviewed by CBS, ABC, the French press, Japanese press, and The National (an emerging newspaper from the Arab Emirates that acknowledges the existence of Israel, although their host country does not.)

I’ve met so many Pumas in the flesh whose names I’ve seen online all year. What a great group of dedicated and passionate Americans we are. People who have sacrificed money, opportunity, and many, many things to make sure that the ideals our of country are upheld. What a fantastic opportunity to solidify and build our relationships for now into the future.

There’s been so much activity that it’s taken me all day to write this update!

Tonight is the movie premiere of the “Audacity of Democracy,” by filmmakers Brad and Laurie Mays, which will be attended by Puma and Just Say No Deal members and covered by the press. This documentary shines a light on the caucus fraud perpetrated by the Obama campaign that has plagued this primary election process.

Tomorrow is the Beautiful Protest/The Rise event in Cheesman Park 2-6 pm informal gathering, and 6-10 pm speakers, featuring Darragh Murphy, riverdaughter. I’ll even be taking a turn at the mic to say a bit about how and why I was motivated to hang in there for Hillary, why I’ve been compelled to keep going.

I’ll be posting some pics tomorrow and will be reporting on each day’s activities and goings on, so be sure to return for the latest.

Pumas, Just Say No Deal coalition members, know this: Our voice, our Democracy — live on through all of you. We have just begun to fight for our cause and our country. Know that you all are strong, our movement is strong.

“Don’t give up, cuz you have friends..

Don’t give up, you’re not beaten yet.

Don’t give up, I know you can make it good.

I know there’s a place where we belong.”

Don’t give up, you still have us.

Don’t give up, we don’t need much of anything.

’cause somewhere there’s a place we belong. . . .

When times get rough,

You can fall back on us.

Don’t give up, please don’t give up.

Don’t give up, ’cause you have friends.

Don’t give up, you’re not the only one.

Don’t give up, no reason to be ashamed.

Don’t give up, you still have us.

Dont give up, we’re proud of who you are.

Don’t give up, you know it’s never been easy.

Don’t give up, ’cause I believe there’s a place,

A place where we belong.”

“Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush

5 thoughts on “PUMAs Are Slammin’ In Denver: Don’t Give Up!

  1. http://www.18millionvoices.blogspot.com/

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 2008 – Political supporters and women’s rights advocates will gather in San Francisco on Tuesday August 26th to commemorate the anniversary of Women’s Voting Rights and celebrate the campaign of Senator Clinton. The March will begin at 5 p.m. in front of the Ferry Building and end with a rally at the UN Plaza.

    The San Francisco event is one of several nationwide marches, sponsored by the 18 Million Voices / Rise Hillary Rise grassroots organization, to be held simultaneously with nineteen other cities around the country, and in conjunction with the main march at the Democratic Convention in Denver, Colorado.

    The group hopes to unite those who campaigned and voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries as well as men and women who want to advance women’s equality by building a new movement in support of women’s rights and gender equality.

    Clinton ran an historical campaign that marked a milestone for women in politics. On June 7, 2008 Clinton suspended her campaign and remarked,

    “In the future, it will be unremarkable for a woman to win primary state victories, unremarkable to have a woman in a close race to be our nominee, unremarkable to think that a woman can be the president of the United States. And that is truly remarkable.”

    Mae Rose Tengsico, California State Organizer of the event, said, “We want to mark the 88th anniversary of women receiving the right to vote by honoring the milestone achievement of Hillary Clinton, who has gone further than any woman in campaigning for the Presidency.”

    The marchers also want to point out that those who stooped to using sexism during the primary campaign have instigated a stronger and more united effort to end discrimination based on gender.

    “We saw a great deal of misogyny directed at Hillary Clinton and her supporters by the media and others,” said Ms. Tengsico. “We want to make a statement that this has united women who want to work for changes in the political process. As Hillary said when she suspended her campaign: ‘There are no acceptable limits, and there are no acceptable prejudices in the 21st century.’”


    This nationwide march is sponsored by18 Million Voices / Rise Hillary

    Rise, a true grassroots movement to celebrate Senator Clinton’s historic achievements,
    and to advocate for Women’s Rights worldwide.

  2. Thanks I needed the positive talk…really its been a hard long working day and trying to keep up with friends some are still in route to Denver. I guess they went the loooong way!

    Thanks and do report back on the press reaction to the premier of ‘Audacity of Democracy’. Nite Nite…

  3. Thanks for the update! This is tiring- traveling the net looking for who is posting where! And where is Pagan blogging? I have not been able to find her!

    Keep strong, stay safe! I will be lighting luminaria type lights in my driveway tonight in solidarity with the Denver folks!

  4. ProudMilitaryMom — You’re welcome! Yes, and there’s so much PumaPress, I can’t even keep up with it. We’re kind of in a vacuum here, because we’ve been doing actions morn till nite without TV and the latest news.

    Surprise, as he says many people are: Pagan is a man! He’s posted something tonight on his blog (linked in my broll), but just finished a cross-country trip with BettyJean and Robin in BJ’s RV to make it here, getting wireless at the trailer park. We’re just dancing as fast as we can, trying to keep up.

    I’ve spent the last two hours just reading Puma Pac and The Confluence, and other online news, reading all the comments. We may be in the field, but really you all out there are helping us by keeping us informed about which media outlets are reporting on the hundreds of interviews we’ve been doing.

    I’m bone tired (what is that anyway, I’m too tired to know) after the march and candlelight tonight, so my best intentions to post my pics and report from today will be hitting the pillow with me now. But I’ll try to get something up before tomorrow’s four activities. WE ARE REPRESENTING! Nite nite, LB

  5. Matthew,

    It is misogynist like you that motivate PUMA…and to think that you told us F*** blah, blah, blah on the 88th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage… 88 years and we still can’t get you folks to count the votes! 88 years and we still are striving for equality in a party where ‘women’ represent 58% of the members! WOW!

    Hillary : We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! (Read “More Info”)

    We haven’t forgotten, but thanks for reminding us how much you all respect ‘WOMEN’. Ladies, don’t forget to tell your fellow voters, that YOU OWN YOUR VOTE!

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