PUMA 08 Conference: Denver and Beyond

Video by boowitch13

“Surrounded by Liars and Thieves” by Satellite Nation

PUMA is having a Pre-Convention PUMA Conference to prepare and train people for Denver and beyond. If you plan to go to Denver and can also make it to DC — GO!

I’ve included boowitch13’s fresh video, “Surrounded by Liars and Thieves,” for your viewing and motivational pleasure. Do I want to set the mood that the PUMA 08 Conference will be angry and vengeful like the twenty-four year old Obamamen who spew at me? No! But, we can’t forget why we are doing this, and why we are here! It’s because we were swindled out of our votes and our rights as citizens by “liars and thieves!”

It’s time for us to gather, meet each other and plan for the future. Remember: Dean and Donna ‘n them began building their organizations and planned takeover back in 2004. Actually, they began earlier, if you count from when Dean began his Presidential run.

PUMAs have written, blogged, emailed, protested, petitioned, and broadcast our message through the mainstream media, and our own shows on blogtalkradio. Now it’s time to meet in the flesh, plan, and build our energy, vision, and intention for the future.

What can you offer? What’s your skill set to contribute to the planned protest in Denver, getting Hillary on the ballot, or creating our own media messages? What can you add to the movement? Do you connect well with people and like to talk and organize at the grass roots level? Do you like to write letters? Raise money? Network people together? Are you a tech genius? Video producer? Graphic designer? How can you add your talents to the cause?


August 8 – 10, 2008, Washington, D.C.

Wardman Park Marriott

What will be the message and purpose of our movement in Denver and beyond? At the PUMA CONFERENCE:

There will be workshops for those who are starting PUMA chapters, and other informative sessions on media training, fundraising, and boosting traffic to your blog/website during this election cycle.

At the end of the conference, each person will have a solid action plan for Denver and their potential plans through the November election for each possible scenario. They will have a clear picture of the PUMA movement itself, and how we will move forward.

Who Should Attend: Those who want to have an active say about the direction of the PUMA movement in Denver and the role of PUMA as it develops.

Who Should NOT Attend: Those who would need to choose between Denver and DC. Our conference is secondary and meant to act in a supportive role of the Convention itself.

COST: $250—Includes price of ENTIRE CONFERENCE and:

  • Lodging at FIVE STAR hotel – the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C. for THREE nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
  • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday
  • Lunch on Saturday


20 thoughts on “PUMA 08 Conference: Denver and Beyond

  1. Off topic, but worthy of a post..

    Here’s a useful guide I finally got up!!!

    …hopefully, it will help people stay informed more easily (and help keep track of any more Obama road trips)…I accumulated these links while doing the World Media Watch for B…z…

    The “International Press Library” is Up and Running! (Useful Links to the Foreign Media)


  2. Ya know, I had never been punched as a kid… and I had always been kind of afraid of punches as an adult.

    Well, when I was 23, I got punched a whole bunch on night… and I’m kinda glad now… cuz punches don’t scare me anymore.


  3. Yeah,

    and I hope people are also taught not to bitch and whine, when things don’t go their way, and learn how to stay rational instead of inventing conspiracy theories.

  4. Lisa R.
    I’m glad you weren’t there to admonish the founding fathers for their “bitching and whining.” What have you got against Democracy?

  5. Hi Sophie,

    very crude comparison from your side. What do the Clinton supporters of today have in common with the founding fathers of the nation in the 18th century?

  6. You know, I’m afraid of what’s beyond and I don’t just mean the current political season…

    The future of political manipulation??

    Welcome to “Brainwave Analysis”-Where Brainwaves are “Taken, Analyzed, Cleaned-up, Processed” and the Metrics are “Extracted” (Coming to a Future Political Campaign Near You?)




    This is the scariest thing I’ve learned about in a long time. As a former market researcher, I find it absolutely mind-blowing (literally)….

  7. Lisa R. Just a thought, but are we really just bitching and whining or is that what you have been told we are doing? I have seen trolls such as yourself attacking and threatening people because they refuse to give up the rights inherent with being citizens of the United States. Because we are citizens we have the right of free speech and we have the right to decide for ourselves who we believe is best prepared to be the leader of the country.
    There are a large number of people in this country who have decided that they cannot envision Obama as the leader of this country. Some of us have even been so dissapointed in the Democratic National Party leadership that we have actively left the party. How could the party of count every vote have gone so very far from that principal? The new mantra of the party has become, count every vote that is the right vote. This country has a long history of making changes to protect the freedom of voting rights and both parties should be ensuring that this continues. To that end it is becoming increasingly obvoius that in the endeavor to enthrone Obama many in the Democratic party are willingly violating the rights we hold dear. If this is not the case, explain why we are threatened, called names and attacked. If you cannot do this, then please go away and let us communicate with each other in peace. Just a side note to Fred, does having membership that includes decendants of the mayflower and first leaders of the country count a having anything to do with the founding of the country? If so then PUMA has that.

  8. Dear LadyBoomerNYC, et al:

    I am not sure if I qualify as a troll – I mean no harm, but people often say that. I will say that I am a big fan of your blog, LadyBoomerNYC. With that in mind, this is what I’ve been thinking:

    Many of us have been motivated to action by shared beliefs: that the current leadership of the Democratic National Committee has abrogated its responsibility to represent the interests of all Democrats in all 50 states; that they were misleading our party by selecting, not electing, a candidate for president in 2008; that we were being forced to choose between our communities and ourselves; that our voices, while audible, were not heard.

    Survival of the Democratic Party requires healing the wounds of voters who supported Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign and continue to support her to this day.

    It requires healing the wounds of those voters who felt disenfranchised by the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting in May 2008.

    It requires healing the wounds of voters who saw in Barack Obama a political white knight, only to find he was as two faced as any other politician.

    We have the choice to act together while rallying separately.

    Of course we cannot rest until the voices of these voters are once again heard by the leadership of the Democratic party. Of course we will not be bullied, brainwashed, or bossed into falling in line.

    Our future remains ours, however, and we must choose whether we are remembered for our strife, or for our ability to shape our future.

    The past challenges, as a party, continue to haunt our future: Will we be one force, one people, with one common destiny — or not? Will we all come together, or come apart?

    Prejudice and contempt, cloaked in the pretense of political conviction, are no different. They have nearly destroyed us in the past. They plague us still.

    Obsessions over who is to blame cripple both those who are hated, and of course those who hate, robbing both of what they might become.

    We should not succumb to the dark impulses that lurk in the far regions of the soul everywhere. We can overcome them, and we can replace them with the generous spirit of a people who can work together.

    Our rich texture of racial, gender and political diversity will be a godsend in the coming years. Great rewards will come to those who can live together, learn together, work together, and forge new ties that bind together. We must appeal to the better angels of our nature.

    Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies.

    Your initiative in organizing the trip to Denver is commendable; I wish I could join you. Good luck, take lots of video; I’ll be watching for you.

    Hillary Supporter #18,675,309

  9. I signed up for the pre-Denver meeting, but haven’t heard anything official (aside from a mere acknowledgment). Is it on? Should I phone someone? Thanks.

  10. I heard that the meeting might be cancelled due to organisational problems and high costs (by the way I don’t know whether it was really necessary to book a five star hotel).

  11. Does this sound Wrong to anyone else? Denver police are authorized to take action when intent is clear with protesters. The can stop things before anything actually happens.. Is this what Obama learned in Berlin preaching to the masses at the Victory Tower. Have the Bill of Rights been suspended. He isn’t even the nominee and he is ready to end Free Speech and Right of Assembly. Denver is establishing Free Speech Zones????? What is the rest of the City? Martial Law? On fox news at this link

  12. Hi, LadyBoomer, this is my first time here officially.
    I’ve lurked, never posted before.
    I know this is off-topic, but I’ve been keeping a close eye on this primary season and have collected a lot of info.
    Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of America Votes, I tried to post it on NQ, but it wouldn’t take the link.
    They’re a coalition of progressive groups, DFA is one.
    If you google them and go to the “about” page, it lists them all.
    Well, back to lurking and surfing, but I’ll be back.

  13. DFA? Certainly – um, Progressive. If you’ve been surfing or ummm trolling this blog and others you would know that the DFA is the org Coward Dean set up to push his 50 State Strategy through very, um – questionable tactics and means.
    The success of the DFA and Net Roots Nation – despite their clearly ‘corporatist’ (and I’m being kind) overtones is the primary reason we’re in this mess and split down the middle.
    Here’s a progressive cause to consider: How ’bout reading The Constitution? or maybe even The Bill of Rights?
    This country is founded on basic principles – the right to free speech, the right to freely assemble – the right to vote (one person, one vote) which have been tossed aside during this election season.
    One candidate – B. Obama – was advantaged by gaming the system on many levels. He and his people are continuing their internicene warfare to gain political power which by definition involves demonizing their opponents – regardless of who they are or how valid their case.
    In the bargain, the powers that be are silencing the some 18,000,000 voters who cast their votes for Hillary Clinton.
    How any American citizen with even a fifth grade level civics education in this country can say the results of the Democratic primaries were fair is beyond me!

    Look at the historical data on electoral college wins.
    Look at data comparing caucus states – their relative weight vs. Blue states and Swing states.
    Look at the gerrymandering that Donna Brazile installed after the 2004 presidential election.
    Look at the tactics BHO and Co. used during this campaign in caucus states to game the system.
    Look at the RBC/DNC ruling on FL and MI.
    Look at the ‘never done before’ precedents BHO has set by staging massive political rallies outside this country…
    Look at the staging the DNC is planning for his victory speech on the last night of the convention…
    You may think this is fair, honest and even the promised sea change that you so desperately need, you might even think this is good fun or what politicians do…but it’s not.
    None of the above has ever taken place in this country until now and that includes Bush stealing FL in 2000.
    The amount, extent and pervasiveness of all that Coward Dean his cheerful cohorts have wreaked on our system of democracy and the voters is UNPRECEDENTED.
    These tactics and events are dangerous breaks with sacred traditions and practices that have kept this country whole.
    It’s change alright – it’s change that puts America on the path to nowhere.
    You may call it whining – This is a noble dissent, well within every citizens rights, for a noble cause. You should pray that Barack Obama and his henchman do not succeed.
    Some day you’ll thank your lucky stars – swear on the American flag – that PUMAs had the courage to speak out.

  14. Hi,

    I can’t locate the PUMA Washington registration site. I would like to go and add my support.

    I am also a baby boomer who has owned since 1981 an IT Consulting firm – Alpha Info.

    Additionally please send me information on the
    NYCity chapter as I live in Manhattan.

  15. Dont yet the democratic party push us around, we want Hillary not obama. hillary won the most votes!

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