Gallup Presidential Poll: It’s A Tie (Again)

Gallup’s Daily Poll conducted June 12-14, 2008 reports a virtual tie between presumptive Presidential nominees Obama and McCain. 44 percent of the nation’s registered voters are for Obama, 42 percent are for McCain. However, 15 percent are undecided, the highest percentage of the year so far.

This most recent tie brings to mind the one that Democrats just experienced on June 3, 2008, discussed here in “Did Hillary Lose? Not So Fast: Taking Stock.” In that tie, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, while Obama was declared winner due to Superdelegate and caucus wins, which gave them undue weight by awarding similar amounts of delegates for comparatively low representation. Before suspending her campaign one long week ago, Clinton had maintained that she was the candidate best-prepared to beat John McCain in November. (I can guarantee you this: Hillary would not be using gun ‘n knife fight analogies to frame her ideological arguments. Yes, I later found out it’s a movie reference, but still shaking my head — it’s a bit rough around the edges for this lady’s taste. But . . . I digress.)

2 thoughts on “Gallup Presidential Poll: It’s A Tie (Again)

  1. This is a real poll. All day long CNN has had a spot posted about some quinnipac poll. I don’t even know what a quinnipac is. I thought it odd that I haven’t seen a new poll figure on their site for the four combined polls since the 13th, and it must be because it shows Obama slipping.

    I heard a great exchange on CNN XM satellite this weekend. Some guy asked if the Obama campaign actually believes the “blather they spew out”. The other commentator started stuttering when she tried to answer. He said how could Obama not know that hiring Solis as the vice president’s chief of staff would be seen as an insult? If he didn’t know, as they are claiming, he is an idiot. And if they did know he is an idiot for further estranging Hillary’s supporters.

    So, even the MSM, is getting a clue and starting to cut through the bull.

    Then, they had some troll for Obama’s campaign ranting about how the Clintons used the race card against Obama. I never heard any racial crap out of the clinton campaign, but I sure heard sexist propaganda coming out of the MSM.

  2. This quote: “However, 15 percent are undecided, the highest percentage of the year so far.” … technically isn’t true. Only 7 percent are truly “undecided.” The other 8 percent are for another candidate or won’t vote for Obama or McCain. Those people are probably for Barr, McKinney, or Nader.

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