She-Deviler Media Gang Unrepentant–Boycott MSNBC!

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Click above to Boycott MSNBC and NBC!

* Author’s note: Subsequent to publishing this article, I learned that MSNBC News Commentator Tim Russert had passed away suddenly. I send my condolences to his family, and wish him well on his next assignment. —LBNYC

Women and men have been decrying the rampant sexism and misogyny lobbed at Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Primary season — made especially clear after she was left standing in a thinning field of candidates over the last four months. It seems that the better she did, the more the MSM tried to knock her down. During this time, millions of citizens took notice and protested using the power of emails, blogs, phone calls, and remote controls to turn off offensive network news, MSNBC, CNN, late night comedians, Oprah, and The View. They protested with their hands and feet, as they walked into voting booths and pulled the lever “yes” for Hillary Clinton; and as they walked away from the DNC, stopped contributing, and mailed back their membership cards.

Now, in their post-analysis, The Media appears to be just fine with what happened. Although millions of citizens have decried their actions as degrading to women, not to mention a former first lady, current US Senator, and Presidential candidate, their protests have fallen on deaf ears. Actually network high ups see the hullabaloo as excessive, but more than that: it’s the candidate’s fault — she used the coverage to try to create momentum. I would say to them, “right, blame the victim,” BUT Hillary Clinton is nobody’s victim.

In today’s NYT article, Media Charged With Sexism in Clinton Coverage, co-authors Katharine Q. Seelye and Julie Bosman write that most outlets assess their coverage was fair:

. . . many in the news media — with a few exceptions, including Katie Couric, the anchor of the “CBS Evening News” — see little need for reconsidering their coverage or changing their approach going forward. Rather, they say, as the Clinton campaign fell behind, it exploited a few glaring examples of sexist coverage to whip up a backlash and to try to create momentum for Mrs. Clinton.

The Media sees no mistakes in their coverage.

Nicholas Lemann, dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University, said: “I have not had a lot of regretful conversations with high-ranking media types and political reporters about how unfair their coverage of the Hillary Clinton campaign was.”

Among journalists, he added, the coverage “does not register as a mistake that must not be allowed to happen again.”

But, never fear, Howard Dean is here. He really gets it now. He’s finally hip to our cause, and I’m sure he’ll handle it.

Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic Party, who says he was slow to pick up on charges of sexism because he is not a regular viewer of cable television, [Good one! I guess he forgot to read all of our emails back in February, March, April, May, and June] is taking up the cause after hearing an outcry from what he described as a cross-section of women, from individual voters to powerful politicians and chief executives.

“The media took a very sexist approach to Senator Clinton’s campaign,” Mr. Dean said in a recent interview.

“It’s pretty appalling,” he said, adding that the issue resonates because Mrs. Clinton “got treated the way a lot of women got treated their whole lives.”

Mr. Dean and others are now calling for a “national discussion” of sexism.

Sure, I’m up for that “national discussion.” Do you think that Sen. Obama will hold those after he does the Town Halls with John McCain?

But really, sexism, schmexism. Give us back our legitimate candidate and our votes! Can you do that? Mmm, I didn’t think so.

Any bets that Florida’s new Obama-selected delegates won’t have full voting privileges restored at the Democratic Convention in Denver? Any one?


12 thoughts on “She-Deviler Media Gang Unrepentant–Boycott MSNBC!

  1. Mmm, that’s sad. I just heard this minute. Odd that I finally published the boycott info today, after receiving it a week or so ago. Russert was tough on Hillary during her campaign, especially during one of the debates, and I sent an email.

    He was a towering presence. We wish him well on his next assignment and send condolences to his family.

  2. The way Tim Russert treated Hillary is why am not mourning his passing. I am not going to pretend I feel anything but a knowledge that all those ever so comfortable men are the enemies of every woman who wants equal rights and equal treatment. My only question is how bad will the sexist be who is chosen to replace him.

    My mother, born in 1918, one of the first women to volunteer in WWII, never any military woman before that bunch, will die not being able to vote for the finest person ever to run for president who happened to be a woman. She is desolate. Thanks to Tim and the men like him. Now I should feel sorry? Didn’t he call Bill a racist or agree he made racist comments on top of his snarky comments about Hillary??

    Russert simply helped make the world a place where his son will have an advantage over all women more qualified then himself. He stood for the patriarchy.

  3. My TV’s off for the rest of the summer. I started to feel nausea watching all those reporters say there was no real sexism around…. In fact I really wanted to put my foot thru the screen (for the first time ever). Somehow I don’t trust reporters any more-not even the NPR and the BBC.

  4. Laurie: I haven’t watched the BBC lately, but yah, what happened to NPR? Mara Liasson has been a regular, I think, on one of the cable networks — I used to remember her as even-handed on the radio. Not any more. Sigh.

    Good idea to give the tube a rest or myself a rest from it. My shoulders could use the rest, as well, from reaching up to my ears with stress. Besides, TV has lost its luster with Hillary out of the picture–she lent class, graciousness, and um, The Issues and Policies, to the race. It’s just a wild west, macho slug fest now.

    Let’s (finally) enjoy the summer — but still work for justice in whatever form or preferred mode of contributing our energies to making things better.

  5. It was to a laughing Tim Russert that Chris Matthews told the joke about Hillary Clinton’s short leash. Russert did not stop him, did not reprimand him, did not call him on it. He just laughed – one of the boys. I’m sorry for his family’s loss, but his death is no loss to me or to our country.

  6. Hello there, LadyBoomerNYC – it’s me again, a big fan 🙂

    In case you’re interested – perfect example of where feminism is in relation to big media right now:

    On MSNBC (i know, i know – asking for it) I tried to address an article entitled “Iowa flooding could be man’s fault, experts say”. Of course, the author was not talking about a single ‘man’, but instead likely meant to represent humans/humankind by saying ‘man’. In addressing this, I was met with some resistance from a commenter, “Dante D’Anthony” who had this to say, among other things:

    “Pssst, rallygrrl. ‘Man’, as used in this term refers to humankind (which includes women already). No need to strive to remake the language to promote your social agenda of Radical Feminism, a proven disaster. Restore the Patriarchy.”

    In previous years I’d have thought this was just some college kid who, between classes, was being a troll. BUT, I’m not so sure – and right now my spider senses are tingling, telling me that this guy (i safely presume) really means what he is saying – and what I’m worried about is that no one else will challenge him.

    I urge you to respond to his comments and help me combat the snowballing sexism in mainstream American culture.

  7. Greenconsciousness — my apologies for replying now, a whole week after you wrote. Thank you for your mom’s story — I’m sorry for her and our loss.

    I felt nothing re: Russert, but will remember his puffed up face as he repeatedly challenged Hillary on NAFTA in one of the debates between herself and Obama. He must have been a real saint, the way he was canonized by the entire media world, save a few. You’d have thought he’d run for President and gotten 18 million votes and had really done something to actually help people in this country. I saw smatterings of investigative journalism in his approach.

  8. I have read Lady Boomer’s various blogs many times. But I always appreciate the phenomenal real feeling she puts into the justifiably angry criticism of the media misogynist frat-boys who pushed The Precious One (as Lou Dobbs called him!) to a fraudulent ‘finish-line’ of superdels!

    Would anyone please be able to inform me if purchasing Hillarygear from the Hillary gear store is considered a good way to donate to Hillary, or an equivalent way to do so? I am currently residing outside the U.S. and have ordered and intend to make further orders if you think it’s a good idea for the money to go directly to our Hillary! Incidentally, the N.Y. mag. Front Page cover story and photo-portrait of Hillary is fabulous and Christine Stansell’s “Like a Natural Woman” story is the best…


  9. sakel–Thank you for reading from abroad, and for your appreciation!

    Click the pretty Help Hillary Retire Her Debt button in the sidebar to your right. It goes directly to her website, and all funds go to her. If all contributions on her site go toward retiring her debt, I can’t imagine that Hillarygear is different. You can write a note to Hillary there, and also delineate your funds to her.


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