Too Busy To Endorse: Holdouts On The Hill

June 11, 2008 — Come on, guys, the water’s fine!

Not everyone on the Hill is jumping in to endorse The O One. In his Politico story, Some Hill Dems won’t endorse Obama, Ryan Grim notes they are mostly “centrist Democrats from conservative districts.” Newly elected Mississippi Rep. Travis Childers’ chief of staff, says they’re busy setting up shop, and “the presidential politics just has not been on our mind.”

Rep. Heath Shuler, North Carolina freshman is sticking with HRC:

After Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton carried his district in the North Carolina primary, Shuler said he would cast his superdelegate vote for her at the Democratic convention.

Other Dems who have not endorsed the presumptive nominee include Rep. Dan Boren-OK, Rep. Tim Mahoney-FL, Rep. Jim Marshall-GA, and Rep. Charlie Melancon-LA.

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