Media Sexism Binge Officially Over

June 11, 2001 — Have you noticed? The blatant, rampant MSM misogyny that characterized their coverage of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Primary Campaign has suddenly disappeared? After praise of her exit speech, followed by a few days of hand-wringing, commentary, and respectful interviews with “Hillary Democrats” about what can be done to woo them, all the nastiness that was slung interminably has gone and dried up. It’s as if none of it ever happened.

Don’t worry. We won’t forget.

5 thoughts on “Media Sexism Binge Officially Over

  1. Obama’s covert,camouflaged sexism was given an able assist from the media misogynist frat-boys’ antics. But everyone should view:

    “Obama Gives HIllary the Finger”–his well-orchestrated performance (JayZrapper) on stage in N.C. day after his pathetic ABC Debate where he whined …”she threw the kitchen sink at me…”paused, smirked and “flip-offed” his fellow female Senator!

    Then he donated $100,000 and actively campaigned on behalf of his SHARIA LAW cousin Odinga in Kenya last year. And couz’s murderous thugs raped and pillaged the country leaving 500,000 refugees—all thanks to Barack! Yup, this is change we can believe in for women especially.

    come November his bitter medicine will be delivered by the ‘invisible Demographic’ that he so maligned throughout…And Obamyopics will, at last, SEE THE LIGHT from the cracked ceiling that’ll fall on his head!

  2. Obama was sneaky and underhanded, when his pals on air blew something out of proportion ie Ferrara, Bill Clinton,Hillary,Governer? Obama let it ride for maybe a week then said no these were not racist remarks wait…all were forgiven except President Clinton.

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