Hillary Not For Sale: Retire Campaign Debt (Video)

Video by GeekLove at http://comealongway.blogspot.com/


Hillary Clinton is Not for Sale- Help Retire Her Campaign Debt and keep her pledged delegates.

I created this short video as a fun way to motivate people to help retire Hillary Clinton’s campaign debt. (The idea was suggested by a reader of my blog: Come A Long Way. ) The scene is from the movie, “Baby Boom.” Hope you enjoy it and it motivates you to DONATE.

If she can pay off $10 million a month, she will get it all paid off by Denver and that will be a strong message to the Superdelegates.


7 thoughts on “Hillary Not For Sale: Retire Campaign Debt (Video)

  1. lady boomer – doncha love this video – geeklove produced it – we’ve featured it on JustSayNoDeal.com —- we’re striving to get the word out in the media about the DNC Destrux Politix….off to bed now…Keep sending our gal love$$$ and please visit the dishin’ chics @ hireheels…where we said long ago — NO DEAL!!

  2. I donated another $25. As a single mom with two teenagers, I am tapped out. The stimulous check will be paying for gas to Florida to visit family. Last time we saw them was 3 years ago. I just wish we could somehow hear from Hillary herself. I’m sure there is going to be a book from all of this. That would pay off her debt. Maybe a little too late, but better late than never. I still won’t vote for Obama.

  3. norma calloway, aiden, princess wears prada, and Hillicrat — Thanks for visiting and that’s great that you all donated — Yes geeklove’s new video is a hoot! —

    Good idea Hillicrat — oowee, there’s sure material for a book about this, but it will probably be a while until Hillary can write it.

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