“The Hillary Democrats Will Determine The Election”

Pat Buchanan, on MSNBC’s The Verdict with Dan Abrams, June 10, 2008.

The MSM is just falling over themselves about the “Hillary effect” and how Obama can win over her voters.

Notice how the rampant, revolting misogyny has miraculously disappeared from TV? It’s as if the MSM and DNC and Obama campaign never hoid ‘o such a thing. All’s peachy, forgiven and forgotten, right? Sure. I’ll call you later.

In fact, we’re all friends now. Barack even dropped me a line today telling me how much he admires Hillary for offering her support to his campaign, and me for my hard work:

Hillary Clinton was very gracious in offering her support to my campaign over the weekend. I admire her and her supporters for their hard work, courage, and tenacity. And I’m grateful for everything they’ve done to build our party.

I also got a letter from Obama’s Campaign Manager, David Plouffe:

People like you have been the heart of Chairman Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy to rebuild our party and empower Democrats to compete everywhere. We’ve all seen the energy and enthusiasm at the grassroots level impact races up and down the ballot over the last three years.

I’m honored that Chairman Dean considers ME to be at the heart of his 50-state strategy. I guess he hasn’t read all the emails I’ve sent to him protesting his Party’s treatment of the Clintons, and the 2.3 million Florida and Michigan voters. And I guess that somebody’s got to hold down the fort for the heart aspect of the DNC — it might as well be me, and people like me:


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