URGENT: Clinton Website Archives Firesale (UPDATE)

UPDATE: 4:17 PM EDT: All of Hillary’s speeches are now back on her website. I’m not sure for how long, if it was just a glitch, a mistake, or a sign of things to come. If any of Hillary’s speeches inspired you, and you’d like to have a keepsake of their transcripts, I’d recommend capturing them while you can, just in case they do go away.


It looks to me like the Hillary Clinton for President website is shutting down. I went there one hour ago to research her AIPAC speech in writing a catchup article about Obama’s Middle East stance. All of her campaign speeches were still on the website. At 12:30 Monday, June 9, 2008, they are gone except for the previous Saturday’s Campaign Suspend/Obama Endorsement Speech!

It seems to make logical sense, because the Party Unity Pony could not have any Obama comparisons. However, in large measure, Hillary’s speeches were historic in nature, brilliant in policy, and compassionate toward people. They were about what she was FOR, what she WOULD do, and expressed her views about how as President she would improve America in all domains.

I’m not sure if they will leave anything up, so to make sure, if you want any memorabilia of Hillary’s policies, life story, photos, videos, etc., I suggest you go to HillaryClinton.com immediately and grab them. Contact them to let them know how you feel. Here’s what I wrote:

Dear Clinton Website:

Oh, please do not remove the archive of Hillary’s speeches in the interests of Party Unity!!!! There are some powerful and historical viewpoints that I am still catching up with — for instance, Hillary’s important policy speech at last week’s AIPAC. There was nothing anti-Obama about it. Why are you removing it? Are you in process of shutting the website down? Her speeches are part of history, and it’s important that they remain accessible to the public. Please consider or advise where we may access them!!!! Thank you!

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