Hillary Voters Are Lonely, Imaginary People

So now, in addition to gun-clinging religion-toters, people who voted for Hillary are Eleanor Rigby-types, mere lonely figments of the collective imagination.

This from reader Vanessa:

“In the June 6, 2008 Wall Street Journal, elitist writer Peggy Noonan ripped apart Hillary Clinton. She went on to dismiss HRC’s staunch supporters as ‘lonely people’ and then question whether we actually exist.”

Specifically Noonan says:

“As for reports of their rage, there are always dead-enders, and frantic lovers of this candidate or that. This goes under the larger heading “lonely people.” But there’s reason to think, and some Democratic insiders do think it, that a lot of the supposed pro-Clinton furor is ginned up on Web sites by the Clinton campaign, and even manufactured by the Clinton campaign, to prove Clinton loyalists are real and their demands must be met. In any case, you can see how Mrs. Clinton views her supposed working-class heroes by what she is doing with them now: using them as a bargaining chip to get whatever she wants.”

“Maybe we should let her know that we really do exist and just what we think about her comments. Be nice though — we don’t want to sink to her level.”

Read full article here.

Write to Peggy– http://www.peggynoonan.com/contact.php

Thanks, Vanessa. Geez, Peggy’s quite the hater. She says that she wants to hear from us, so I agree that people should write to let her know what a cynical, sexist pig she is she’s wrong. (I happen to be a civil lady.)

To me, the loneliest is when you make your living by putting other people down, especially outstanding, dedicated, compassionate, accomplished women. Noonan’s inability to see those qualities shows lack of heart and soul, and that she doesn’t have the depth to understand what Hillary’s about. Some people get their kicks like that (ahem, MSM), and it’s just sad and takes us farther from building the kind of world that lifts people up. It’s so much easier to criticize than to come up with any brand new ideas to contribute to the conversation. Onward! To making a better conversation and world!

4 thoughts on “Hillary Voters Are Lonely, Imaginary People

  1. The problem is we are ‘invisible’ to the Establishment media and Beltway gang. We might as well be an
    unknown culture through the prism of an adventurer.
    They cannot relate to the working class, and have even
    less idea of the challenges of the poor. Seems many of them are still in the mindset of the late 19th Century where reformers thought all you had to do was change
    the morality of the masses and give them religion. The
    depression finally showed the problem was abject poverty, but still many pundits blame individuals for their plight and not our system of cultural, financial, and educational inequality.

  2. “So, She Didn’t Release Her Delegates and Obama Played Golf…and CNN Has Apparently SCRUBBED the Report that He Left His Home Carrying Golf Clubs and Was so Hurried in Posting a Substitute Line that They Posted it TWICE (Saying He Watched on the Internet)…BIG UPDATE #1”


    CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Barack Obama …

    “June 7, 2008. Obama reacts to Clinton speech. Posted: 02:43 PM ET … He was seen shortly before the speech leaving his home in Chicago with golf clubs. …”

    So Obama didn’t watch Hillary’s speech, but was off playing golf, according to a post at the Taylor Marsh site…the FINAL INSULT??? What a TOTAL %$#@!&* this guy is! Without handlers, he has a political tin ear…oh, but he has the media hiding that fact for him…

    I searched for the story to confirm the post and found this on the Scroogle results, which I’ve saved along with the substitute story:


    But when I went to the story posted at 2:43 ET, I found this line, but no mention of golf….In fact, they were so hurried in their editing that they apparently put a new line in TWICE:

    Obama watched Clinton’s speech over the Internet on a computer, a campaign aide said. He put in a call to Clinton afterward, but was told by a Clinton assistant that she was speaking with supporters.

    In the final minutes of the speech, a top Obama strategist was pleased with the message, saying there was “no ambiguity” about her support for the presumptive Democratic nominee.

    The strategist characterized the speech as “very generous” and said that he “appreciates it’s hard.”

    Obama watched the speech over the Internet, a campaign aide said. He put in a call to Clinton afterward but was told by a Clinton assistant that she was speaking with supporters.

    If this is the same story, then there’s been a scrubbing…

    There is NOW AN UPDATE on this story!! More funny stuff…

  3. PS–I went to high school with Peggy Noonan, who was always trying to break into our small group which we dubbed “The Resistance.”
    She actually put it under her yearbook picture…but that was a LIE!

    She also made moves on my boyfriend.

    Another classmate and I wrote a story on our interactions with her, both during and after high school under the title “Peggy, We Hardly Knew Ye” which is still floating around the internet (from my old website)….It included her picture from the yearbook….

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