2 thoughts on “Join Hillary In DC, June 7, 2008

  1. FYI: In today’s Wall Street Journal, elitist writer Peggy Noonan ripped apart Hillary Clinton. She went on to dismiss HRC’s staunch supporters as “lonely people” and then question whether we actually exist.


    Specifically she says:

    “As for reports of their rage, there are always dead-enders, and frantic lovers of this candidate or that. This goes under the larger heading “lonely people.” But there’s reason to think, and some Democratic insiders do think it, that a lot of the supposed pro-Clinton furor is ginned up on Web sites by the Clinton campaign, and even manufactured by the Clinton campaign, to prove Clinton loyalists are real and their demands must be met. In any case, you can see how Mrs. Clinton views her supposed working-class heroes by what she is doing with them now: using them as a bargaining chip to get whatever she wants.”

    Maybe we should let her know that we really do exist and just what we think about her comments. Be nice though — we don’t want to sink to her level.


  2. Vanessa: Thanks. Geez, Peggy’s quite the hater. She says that she wants to hear from us, so I agree that people should write to let her know what a sexist pig she is, oops that slipped out–I meant, to let her know she’s wrong. I happen to be a civil lady.

    To me, the loneliest is when you make your living by putting other people down, especially outstanding, dedicated, compassionate, accomplished women. Noonan’s inability to see those qualities shows lack of soul, and that she doesn’t have the depth to understand what Hillary’s about. Some people get their kicks like that (ahem, MSM), and it’s just sad and takes us farther from building the kind of world that lifts people up. It’s so much easier to criticize than to come up with any brand new ideas to contribute to the conversation. Onward! To making a better world and conversation!

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