Letter from Hillary, June 5, 2008

Dear Lady Boomer NYC,

I wanted you to be one of the first to know: on Saturday, I will hold an event in Washington D.C. to thank everyone who has supported my campaign. Over the course of the last 16 months, I have been privileged and touched to witness the incredible dedication and sacrifice of so many people working for our campaign. Every minute you put into helping us win, every dollar you gave to keep up the fight meant more to me than I can ever possibly tell you.

On Saturday, I will extend my congratulations to Senator Obama and my support for his candidacy. This has been a long and hard-fought campaign, but as I have always said, my differences with Senator Obama are small compared to the differences we have with Senator McCain and the Republicans.

I have said throughout the campaign that I would strongly support Senator Obama if he were the Democratic Party’s nominee, and I intend to deliver on that promise.

When I decided to run for president, I knew exactly why I was getting into this race: to work hard every day for the millions of Americans who need a voice in the White House.

I made you — and everyone who supported me — a promise: to stand up for our shared values and to never back down. I’m going to keep that promise today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life.

I will be speaking on Saturday about how together we can rally the party behind Senator Obama. The stakes are too high and the task before us too important to do otherwise.

I know as I continue my lifelong work for a stronger America and a better world, I will turn to you for the support, the strength, and the commitment that you have shown me in the past 16 months. And I will always keep faith with the issues and causes that are important to you.

In the past few days, you have shown that support once again with hundreds of thousands of messages to the campaign, and again, I am touched by your thoughtfulness and kindness.

I can never possibly express my gratitude, so let me say simply, thank you.


Hillary Rodham Clinton

5 thoughts on “Letter from Hillary, June 5, 2008

  1. “A Party Held HOSTAGE: Michele Obama Wasn’t Alone in Her Hostility at the Rainbow/PUSH Conference in 2004–Protests Against Jesse Jackson, Threats Against Democrats/Kerry By Ministers in an Eerie Preview of the Rev. Wright Episode”


    PLEASE READ this whole piece!
    We are in big trouble…find out why this Obama enabling is all about APPEASEMENT by the Democratic Party.

    What I have found out is really disturbing!

    Have women been thrown over out of a move to appease blacks? And these blacks aren’t even real Democrats??

  2. Gloria- Do you really peddle this crap all over the internet? The claims about some smoking gung anti white Michele tape is bogus and lifted straight from right wing talking points. I’m not even going to begin to enguage in your comment about “these blacks.” So let me just say iza sorry massa iza gonna just scurry back onto the field now.

  3. As disappointing as the outcome may be, thank you for not pulling a Lopez Obrador. Making Democrats feel cheated by the rules, continuing to contest the results after the winner has been declared, these are not good for the Party nor are they appropriate for a nation based on the rule of law. With your help maybe some of of your supporters claiming they’ll vote for McCain before Obama will reconsider and help the Democratics win in the fall.

  4. A nation based on the rule of law counts all of the votes in it’s elections — at least Democratic nations. And when these Democratic nations count the votes, each vote equals one. Read the Constitution. In Democratic countries, winners aren’t declared until every citizen’s vote is counted. Again, read our Constitution.

  5. Rules, Jay? Can you even begin, without a PP presentation accompanied by charts, post-it notes and a 50-page booklet of footnotes, to explain the “rules” that were used in Texas? Can you produce proof that the “rules” REQUIRED candidates to withdraw their names from the Michigan primary ballot? How about the “rules” that call for a minority party to overturn the law, passed by the majority party, which determined the date of the Florida primary? Can you show me the “rules” that allowed out-of-state supporters to come into caucus states to disrupt the proceedings, preventing the local population from making their own determination?

    The “rules” gave us two terms (so far) of Bush-Cheney. Unless Mr. Cheney has decided that he isn’t done yet, we can look forward next year to either McSame or O-same-a. Neither will have quite the same air of evil as Cheney (who can out-evil Satan?), but either will give a passable enough imitation that, in two years, we can look back and marvel at the seamless transition to the “new” administration.

    I’m just not a “Party” person, I guess. I don’t have the attitude of mindless acceptance that is required to slavishly follow a particular person, group or pretend-friend. Not sure yet what I will do this fall, but voting for either of the Same twins is not part of the plan.

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