Thank you, Harold!

Dear Mr. Ickes,

Thank you for being such a clear, articulate spokesperson for Hillary Clinton, the Truth, and the heart and soul of our country at the DNC RBC Meeting.

I came from NYC to participate in the rally, and am one of those who, for some reason appear to be drawn to a cause here that’s bigger than myself. (Mind you, I’ve lived my whole life based on that, so it’s not like I was looking for a cause.) I began my own blog last March in service of her campaign and have dedicated all my time to promoting Hillary and shoveling all the crap, swatting all the flies out there.

I hope that someone is investigating the reportedly documented allegations that keep floating around about improprieties perpetrated by Obama supporters at caucuses, such as coercion, being locked out, pushed out, and bullied; and at polling places, such as campaigning and turning Clinton voters away. By gosh, that very thing seemed to occur at the RBC Meeting where reportedly 3/4 of the audience credentials went to Obama supporters, while Clinton supporters were shut out.

Thank you so much for taking a stand. All these ship jumpers are so weak. Don’t give up. One thing, now that I have your ear: I can’t understand why there’s all this pressure for the Superdelegates to decide. Isn’t their soul raison d’etre to make sure we have an electable candidate if the voters get it wrong? The voters are getting it right enough to win the electoral college. Why are the SDs being pressured to overturn this? What happened to all my longtime liberal Democratic heroes?

Hillary is the best qualified candidate to run and save us from this mess, and I respect her immensely. I watched the meeting on CSPAN after returning on Sunday. Like many of Hillary’s supporters, I can’t believe we’re having another stolen election — and this time at the hands of our own, plus the mainstream media. Our country is in danger, now more than ever.

Lady Boomer NYC

3 thoughts on “Thank you, Harold!

  1. The DNC has disgraced the entire party. Howard Dean needs to step down for his biased and sexist comments he made against one of his own just because of racial scare stactic and because one of the candidates was a female.

    Obama will not get the vote of this democrat. I want my vote to Count and to be Counted for what it is unlike the votes of FL and MI.

    Democrat 4 McCain

  2. 4 more years of not getting anything done seems so much more exceptable when compared to a man with no leadership skill , no experience, no workable means of getting this country back on track, Hypersailed into his now position just because of the color of his skin and cry that government doesn’t do enough to help black people.

    Obama, The DNC (Dirty No good Cowards) and the congressional democrats that fell to this foolishness are all disgusting.

    Democrat 4 McCain

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