Give ’em Hell, Harriet! (Interview)

We pesky older women just won’t shut the @#$% up and skulk away sedately like they want us to. Harriet Christian’s cell phone-captured video rant went viral after she voiced her frustration about the sorry state of the Democratic Party. At the DNC RBC meeting, 30 party officials decided the fate of over 2.3 million votes in MI and FL. It was just too much for her and millions of us. Here’s her articulate June 2, 2008 interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News discussing the roots of her anger. She does not give one inch. Give ’em hell, Harriet!

Hat tip to Vets4Hill for tech help.

4 thoughts on “Give ’em Hell, Harriet! (Interview)

  1. Thank you for posting this. I had not seen it. I still don’t agree with Harriet, but I’m glad she got the chance to show people she’s a lot more than the woman we saw in the first video.

  2. I thought Harriet spoke very well and astutely about the MI ruling I am amazed the interviewer allowed her to speak fully , not just in sound bites. Whoever one supports, what happened to the MI votes is an infamy. Giving the votes cast for another to a candidate that removed his name from the ballot is mind numbing. This cannot be rewarded with my vote, ever.

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