We’re Off to Rally in DC!

Okay, kids, here we go. I’m off to DC. Wish me a safe trip and that we are successful in our mission to Count Every Vote! I’ll return with rally pics, video (I hope), interviews, and more. Meanwhile, those of you at home, are lucky, because you have the best seat in the house. You can watch the entire Saturday, May 31, 2008 DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting on CSPAN TV from 9:30AM – 3:00PM or online.

Lady Boomer NYC

10 thoughts on “We’re Off to Rally in DC!

  1. I know that there are so many people rooting for Hillary and especially for all the voters in Michigan and Florida who must be counted. I’m very proud of you for getting out there and can’t wait to see the pics when you get back.


  2. Attention, Please don’t treat the democrates like they don’t matter, the poeple in Michigan and Florida aren’t invisable and there not 1/2 a person , there a whole person with a whole vote not a 1/2 a person with a 1/2 vote well thats unheard of, please To The People of The D.N.C.. Count Michigan and Florida like they really matter, if it was me or you and we went to the polls to vote, and let me add this GAS IS NOT CHEAP ! and we cast our vote, and then someone says, later well i’m sorry but you don’t count and if you do, well your only worth a 1/2 vote. How do you think these people feel. Please have a heart and let these states that i mention count. If a tear drop could talk , i wonder what it would say.

  3. For those that have ignored Larry Sinclair and his allegations, especially the MSM, I suggest you pay attention.

  4. Lady Boomer- you seem to have a troll problem. I would suggest troll be gone spray.

    Rudy- I hate senator Obama because he’s an inexperienced, lying, hypocritical, misogynistic, race baiting ass wipe.

    Those are reasons. Real reasons.

    The Unity Pony, most divisive candidate singe George Wallace.

  5. Yesterday DNC said to Floridians: you are only a half people. And today we respond to DNC: go to hell, we then chose McCain!

  6. It was nice to meet you in DC, LadyBoomerNYC! I’ll keep reading if you keep writing!!


    “I’m mad at my teacher – he taught me there were 50 states”

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