O’Reilly Rants for Hillary (Video)

Video clip from Bill O’Reilly’s May 29, 2008 broadcast on FOX News. He rants about how NBC and MSNBC anointed Obama and gave Hillary the shaft. These actions, O’Reilly said, “are a stain that will never go away.” He’s so right.

I can’t believe I’m agreeing with O’Reilly on anything or rather that he’s agreeing with me. And I can’t believe how good it feels to have someone rant out loud on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s despicable treatment by the MSM in this campaign. Feels really great!

6 thoughts on “O’Reilly Rants for Hillary (Video)

  1. thank you for posting this. never truer words, coming from a strange, strange bedfellow, Bill O’Reilly – the media’s integrity and the sellouts that work for MSNBC and NBC are worthless.

    The media is out of control. They should be ashamed and by November THEY WILL BE SHAMED.

  2. Bill is correct and I for one will never watch NBC or MSNBC again. CNN is just as bad if not worse.
    It’s about time someone said something and it should have been our entire media!

  3. Bill you’re so right about NBC and MSNBC. I think Fox news has been the only network that has been fair to both canididate the whole primary. It’s so unfair that the media has been so biased for Obama, to the point of manipulating the voters.

  4. If only I believed he cared a whit about any Democrat winning. If Barack was behind 200 or so delegates, that rat of a man would be screaming about her as well.

    Fox is poison.

  5. I find it suspect that a right wing news network defending Hillary.

    And for you all to praise a man who have been sued for sexual harassment just tells me that you all don’t have it together.

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