The Media and Misogyny: Kurtz Does His Job

Sunday, May 25, 2008, when people were away, boozin’ n barbequin’ and generally having a good time over Memorial Day weekend, Howard Kurtz was on the job. On his show, Reliable Sources, Kurtz hosted a panel of three women who discussed The Media and Misogyny. The panelists, who were not all Hillary supporters, came to her defense as a woman candidate, and a First Lady, who deserves and has earned respect. The panelists were CNN Correspondent Carol Costello, radio talk show host and Republican Blanquita Cullum, and Washington Post syndicated columnist Marie Coco. They spoke about the sexism that women and women pundits also buy into, which goes largely uncovered by the MSM.

Women voicing for women in concert. Go ladies!

2 thoughts on “The Media and Misogyny: Kurtz Does His Job

  1. Truly historic–a CLASSIC document for the ages. Thanks for posting this video. This is conversation that should warm up the New Agenda founder, Amy Suskind as this is what she believes in. Cullum, the Republican, was right-on in her estimation and Howard did a great job that will guarantee him a place in women’s history! At that time, who else had the guts or gumption to collect this phenomenally diverse panel….

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