Urgent Action: Sign Petition to Super Delegates


Democrats, Hillary Supporters: Please sign this petition!

This is an urgent action to sign this petition, which pretty much covers it. You can be anonymous on the petition, and also get it off your chest by writing a short note. I seem to be writing so many of these lately.

As a lifelong Democrat, I urge you to consider using the power we divest in you to represent the people. I am ashamed at the actions and silence of what has always been the people’s party. The months’ long pressure by the DNC, DCCC, and DSCC for SDs to decide immediately is illegal and goes against why they even have a role in determining who would be the best candidate to win in November. I am more than ashamed that Sen. Clinton’s misogynistic treatment has not been called out by the candidates, past and present, and the entire Democratic leadership. I hope you’ll do your job at the convention, and not be bullied into doing it speciously now.


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