Obamaniac Wheel Of Fortune

Courtesy of Lavender Liberal Blog

Spin the Wheel. Which Obamaniac Mode of Behavior will you get? Personally, I’ve been on the receiving end of every single mode. My bet is that these behaviors are universally exhibited, as well as experienced by others. It’s sadly funny that Lavender Liberal could have made such a specific graphic that describes their behaviors and our experience so precisely.

5 thoughts on “Obamaniac Wheel Of Fortune

  1. Did you know that Hiillary Clinton just threatened to assassinate Obama? I have been a Hillary Clinton supporter too and sometimes an Obama supporter but at this point Bill might need to take her to Saint E’s for an evaluation. She’s just not getting it.

    I was really with her as you can tell by the other entries of my blog until today.


  2. blackhippychick: She made a big, bad gaffe, but no such thing was said. She said that Presidential primary races have gone on through the summer, like Bill’s and remembered that Bobby was assassinated in June. It sounded bad, and I can see how you would take offense. However, misinterpreting her or blowing up it up into something she didn’t say is another version of “see what Bill said in SC.” Your exaggerating it is not helpful.

    If you were truly a supporter, you might be cringing right now like me, but you wouldn’t abandon her. I consider Obama’s immense inexperience, non-transparency, flip-flops, and the bully, strong arm, misogynistic, race-baiting treatment by him and his followers toward Hillary’s campaign and her supporters, which have gone on for months and months now, a far more serious issue.

    Abandon her if you wish. Not my choice, though.

  3. Update: Hillary was being interviewed by The Argus Leader Editorial Board about why she’s being pushed out of the race since Iowa, and was saying that she doesn’t understand why.

    Here’s the some perspective from riverdaughter:

    “Personally, I don’t think this history lesson is the end of the world. She was thinking of examples for why we shouldn’t panic just because the nominee isn’t chosen by now and she reached back to the two examples that stood out in her mind: her husband’s primary and RFK’s. It is unfortunate that the one that most readily comes to the minds of people Clinton’s age was marred by the tragedy of RFK’s assassination.”

  4. You know this is a freudian slip by Hillary Clinton and “we” all know that. As I said in my blog entry I have seen several presidential election cycles and this is the first time I have heard assassination mentioned in the same breath as a presidential election. I loved Hillary and still love her but we all know what wishful thought is in the back of her mind. hillary has had a good life but I am becoming very convinced that she should nurture her memories and be grateful for what she’s had in the past. As for Barack Obama he’s beginning to look like the lesser Evil. I would like a candidate who realized that a 25 cent drop in prices does make a difference, considering I could get to my destination and back two weeks ago by putting three dollars in my tank, however since gas has gone up 50 cents since then I had to put five dollars woth of gas last night in my tank , five dollars this morning , and five dollars when arriving because I was afraid I was going to run out of gas, a quarter would have mad e a difference. I also wish Obama would support Universal Healthcare. I have a lump on the side of my breast the size of a robins egg. When I went to the doctor four years ago the doctor said it was not cancer however the growth gets bigger and bigger, if we had universal healthcare it could be taken care of or examined. I love Clinton’s ideas and her policies but a big question mark is what means will she use to get to her end and I can not support anyone who has a psychic desire to see Obama dead and we all know that she does. My values interfere with common sense at times but I can’t help it. I have to be real.

  5. blackhippychick: Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I’m with you on everything, except the two parts about “we all know” she wants him dead. You’re making a giant, negative leap to assume the contents of someone’s subconscious or “psychic desires” (unless you’re Sylvia Brown), especially someone who’s as fair with people as Hillary is.

    As far as your health issue, I would urge you to please consider going in for a check up at a low-cost women’s clinic if you continue to be concerned. With some research, I’m thinking you could find one. Best, LBNYC

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