Count Every Vote Rally in DC, May 31, 2008, Sign Up!

A Count Every Vote! Rally for FL and MI is being held in DC on Saturday, May 31, 2008. The rally will coincide with the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting, which is planned to determine the fate of votes cast in those two states. The following text is from their website, and the colorful button up top links directly to a sign up page. Sign up! Pass it on!

See you there!



Dear Fellow Hillary Supporters,

If you believe that the DNC must honor our core democratic principles and enfranchise the people of MI and FL and their respective delegations,

If you believe that Hillary Clinton is best for our party, most likely to win in November and best for our country,

If you believe the contest for the democratic nomination must not end before all of the votes from each State and US Territory have been cast and counted and that nominating conventions, not candidates (or the media), declare the nominee,

If you believe that the media and DNC have underestimated the passion, strength, intensity and determination of Hillary supporters and the power of the women’s vote,

Then Join a group of Hillary supporters who are planning to visit Washington, D.C. on Saturday, May 31st to attend the meeting of the DNC Rules Committee. The Rules Committee will meet at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel -2660 Woodley Road NW, Washington, DC

….the DNC Rules Committee is meeting that day to make a determination with respect to MI and FL and we think it is essential to convene in Washington to support our cherished democratic principles, help enfranchise MI and FL and to show that Hillary has equally high numbers of passionate, devoted supporters who believe fervently that she will be the better general candidate and best president.

Our purpose is not to divide the party or attack the DNC or Senator Obama. At the same time, Hillary’s strong support cannot be dismissed in DNC efforts to unify the party.

17 thoughts on “Count Every Vote Rally in DC, May 31, 2008, Sign Up!

  1. HILLARY CLINTON has proven herself to be the best qualified candidate and the candidate with the best chance of beating McCain.

    If ALL of the votes are counted she will be given the chance that she rightly deserves – to be the Democratic nominee for President of the US.

    She should not give up her fight now or anytime soon. Rather she should proceed directly to Denver where all delegates will have the opportunity to voice their choice for the nominee of their party.

    Howard Dean and the “leadership” of the Democratic Party need to start listening to the ever-growing voice of those of us who will NOT be silenced until we are heard.

  2. The votes should count but SHOULD NOT affect the outcome of the primary. The states broke the rules and ALL the candidates agreed with the penalty. To change the rules suddenly in order to try to benefit Hillary Clinton is not democracy and I will be at the rally to TRULY fight for equitable distribution of the delegates. We need to unite in order to defeat the Republicans and McCain. It is reported that a larger percent of Hillary voters will not support Obama if he wins the nomination. Why? Would the Clinton supporters be happy if large numbers of Obamas supporters didn’t vote for her? If Obama wins the nomination and Hillary and her supporters deliberately try ruin his chances to win in November, I doubt that I will ever vote for her and I’m sure that I am not alone. Let’s stop the in-fighting and come together to defeat the Republicans in ’08!

  3. Personally, I think that the DNC should take back control of the Democratic party from Senator Clinton and her surrogates. Also, they should enforce their original ruling to seat only 50% of the delegates at the Democratic Convention.

    It’s wrong to insist that the rules be ignored simply because your candidate isn’t winning. It shows an lack of respect for the Democratic Party.

    Well anyways, reguardless of what happens in that meeting, Obama is still the nominee and no, he is not going to choose Senator Clinton as his VP. and he is going to win the General Election with or without your support.

    If Clinton supporters cannot lay their egos aside and decide that they want to vote against their own economic and political interests, keep the Iraq war going as well as starting one with Iran. 3 new Supreme Court judges appointed from the far right that is going to overturn roe vs wade, so be it.

  4. vicki: You can donate money or time, make phone calls. Signup at and the instructions will walk you through.

  5. Rudy: You need to be up on the facts. Clinton is very much on the outside of the DNC, which has been taken over by Dean, Brazile, both supporting Obama. You’ve got to be kidding: disenfranchising 2.3 million Democratic voters for a sly move by FL Repubs (oh no not again) is fair to those voters. Please. Clinton leads Obama by over 150,000 popular votes. If the Super Delegates had done their jobs, none would have endorsed until the Dem Convention, which is why they even exist. They are supposed to choose the candidate who can win in the GE. In every recent poll that matches up Obama, Clinton and McCain, Clinton wins the GE.

  6. Ken Johnson:

    DNC Delegate Selection Rules: Florida & Michigan

    True or False?

    1) The DNC Rules state that pledged delegates elected by Florida and Michigan voters must be excluded because those states scheduled primaries before February 5, 2008.

    FALSE: The DNC Delegate Selection Rules explicitly give the Rules and Bylaws Committee and the Credentials Committee ultimate jurisdiction over delegate selection. These committees, each in their independent capacities, can seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida at their discretion.

    2) The mandatory penalty for a state holding a primary before February 5, 2008 is exclusion of that state’s delegates from the Democratic National Convention.

    FALSE: The mandatory penalty is exclusion of one half of the offending state’s pledged and alternate delegates. Unless otherwise provided, the other half of that state’s pledged and alternate delegates will be seated at the convention.

    3) Any attempt to seat 100% of the pledged or unpledged delegates of Florida and Michigan at this point is “changing the rules.”

    FALSE: The DNC Rules explicitly contemplate that excluded delegates will eventually be seated at the Convention. For states in violation of the timing rules, the DNC Delegate Selection Rules provide remedies to reinstate all of their delegates, both pledged and unpledged.

    4) Florida is not entitled to reinstatement of its delegates because the Democrats in the Florida State Legislature did not make efforts to keep the state’s primary in compliance with DNC Rules.

    FALSE: Evidence that that a Republican majority in the state legislature set the primary date in violation of the DNC timing rules in spite of efforts by the state’s Democratic legislators to keep the primary in compliance is grounds for appealing a DNC decision to strip a state of its delegates.

    Though Florida has a 2:1 Republican legislative majority, the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee ruled that the Democratic minority did not make sufficient efforts to keep the primary date in compliance with DNC Rules. The Florida State Party disputes this factual finding. The State Party argues that the Democrats in the legislature were robbed of meaningful power to stop the Republican effort to set an early primary date because Republicans drafted the controlling legislation and packed it with other unrelated issues which the Democrats in the legislature felt they could not in good conscience oppose.

    5) The DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee has taken action and is unable to change the sanctions imposed on Florida and Michigan.

    FALSE: The Rules and Bylaws Committee has the power to lift any and all automatic sanctions along with the power to impose and modify additional sanctions. The Rules and Bylaws committee also has the power to create its own committee to create an alternative process for delegate selection should the state party not cooperate or be unable to resolve the issue on its own. The Rules and Bylaws Committee failed to use the tools it had to independently resolve the matter in good faith before Florida and Michigan voters went to the polls of the ill timed primaries to express their candidate preference.

    6) Hillary violated the DNC Rules by keeping her name on the Michigan ballot.

    FALSE: Nowhere in the DNC’s Delegate Selection Plans is there any suggestion or command that any candidate remove his or her name from a ballot in a state that is in violation of timing rules. This is why Obama and Edwards were on the Florida ballot, in spite of its primary also being before February 5.

    7) Hillary manipulated the process by being the only candidate who kept her name on the Michigan ballot.

    FALSE: Kucinich, Dodd and Gravel also kept their names on the Michigan ballot. In fact the decision of some candidates to remove their names from the Michigan ballot was a tactical move designed to curry favor with Democratic Party officials in Iowa who were concerned that the significance of their first-in-the-nation status was being diminished. The risk paid off handsomely for Obama.

    Because Edwards and Obama were not on the Michigan ballot, that election cannot be considered a legitimate expression of voter preference of a presidential candidate.

    FALSE: According to the Delegate Selection Rules & Bylaws, “Delegates shall be allocated in a fashion that fairly reflects the expressed presidential preference or uncommitted status of the primary voters…” The Michigan ballot included an option for “uncommitted” to ensure that voters could express a presidential preference or uncommitted status consistent with this rule. Nothing in the Rules requires a state to allocate delegates to candidates who voluntarily remove their names from the ballot as John Edwards and Barack Obama did.

    9) The primaries in Florida and Michigan are invalid because voters were under informed due to the lack of active campaigning.

    FALSE: Voters in Florida and Michigan were very well informed. They had ample access to newspapers, television, books, radio, and the Internet. They could have availed themselves of over a year of coverage of the 2008 election. They could watch every campaign commercial on YouTube. They had the same opportunity as the rest of America to watch 17 televised debates.

    Moreover, nowhere in the DNC rules does it specify that candidates must campaign directly in a state to make its primary a legitimate expression of voter candidate preference. Voters in Alaska and Hawaii never get visited by the candidates.

    10) All the candidates signed a pledge to the DNC not to campaign in the states violating primary timing.

    FALSE: The candidates signed no such pledge to the DNC.

    11) Hillary violated the rules against campaigning in Florida and Michigan.

    FALSE: Jurisdiction over determinations of whether a candidate shall be considered in violation of the relevant rule (Rule 20 C.1.b.) lies with the Rules and Bylaws Committee. Because the Committee has not ruled against either candidate, it is false to assert that either candidate is in violation.

    12) Hillary signed a pledge that she violated by remaining on the ballot in Florida and Michigan?

    FALSE: The only pledges signed were between the candidates and the state party chairs in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. More to the point, they were not binding on the DNC, which is the only organization that has authority over seating delegates. Thus, these pledges are not controlling over the seating of Florida and Michigan delegates.

    13) Hillary’s activities in Florida and Michigan look suspicious, between fundraising and holding a victory rally in Florida.

    FALSE: Hillary acted well within the letter and spirit of the rules. The rules stipulate that candidates can fundraise in states violating the timing rules and that fundraising activity is not considered impermissible campaigning. Further, the prohibition on campaigning in any state ends as soon as the primary in violation concludes. Hillary’s victory party was within the rules because she did not appear at a campaign event in Florida until after the polls closed.

    14) Barack Obama would likely win more delegates if there were a new contest.

    FALSE: The rules provide that a candidate who campaigns or holds press conferences in a state in violation of timing may not receive any of the pledged or unpledged delegates from that state. Because Barack Obama campaigned in Florida when, on Sunday September 30, 2007, he held an impromptu public news conference in Florida, when he bought television advertising time on stations in markets which included much of Florida, and when he ran a campaign in Michigan to encourage voters to vote “uncommitted,” Barack Obama may not be entitled to receive any delegates from Florida or Michigan.

    15) Reinstating any of the delegates from either Florida or Michigan would be a travesty against democracy and fair elections. It would be cheating.

    FALSE: There are many good and valid reasons for the DNC to have rules regarding delegate selection timing, but none of these reasons relate to ensuring that primaries accurately reflect voter preference. None of these involve the preservation of democracy.

    Neither Clinton nor Obama has the power to reinstate the delegates unless they already have won 50% plus 1 of the total delegates. Therefore neither has the power to cheat. This matter lies in the hands of the DNC’s Rules & Bylaws Committee which is neutral.

    Were Obama to gain control of the Credentials Committee at the DNC, he would have the power to exclude the delegates from Michigan and Florida. That would be a biased effort to disenfranchise two large states. That would be a travesty and one the Republicans could easily exploit in November.

    16) Hillary has changed her position on Florida and Michigan now that she may not receive 50% + 1 of the total delegates need to win before the pledged delegate primaries conclude.

    FALSE: From the beginning of the Florida controversy, Hillary has consistently stated that if she wins, meaning securing 50% + 1 of the total delegates, she will reinstate the Florida and Michigan delegation at the convention if the DNC fails to resolve the problem on their own before such time.

    Obama has changed his position now that seating the Florida and Michigan delegates would put Hillary in the lead. In August of last year he said that resolving the delegate issue was not his job (“I’m like a player on the field. I shouldn’t be setting up the rules” ) and in September he suggested to Florida donors that if he were the nominee whether he would seat in the state’s excluded delegates, declaring that he would “Do right by Florida voters.”

    Currently the race for pledged delegates is so split that neither candidate will receive the 50% plus 1 delegates they need to seal their nomination before the Convention. Obama now wants to set the rules and insists that the DNC must refuse to seat Florida and Michigan’s delegates, even though DNC Rules clearly provide remedies to include them. His arguments are not based in the rules and are not in the interest of democracy or the Democratic Party, but only in the fact that those delegates reflect a greater nationwide preference for Hillary Clinton.

    17) A new primary or caucus would settle the issue in a fair way that would maintain party unity.

    FALSE: A new primary or caucus that complies with timing rules would have been fair if the date had been set before people started voting in Iowa. Once people started voting, each subsequent primary or caucus was affected. The campaigns have campaigned and spent money in reliance on this calendar. The candidates, campaigns, and electorates are not the same today as they were before voting began. Any new contest would be on an unlevel playing field. It is unnecessary, an insult to the voters who already voted, and unacceptable.

    2008 Delegate Selection Rules for the Democratic National Convention (hereinafter “DNC Rules”), Rules 19-20, Sections C. 4-9, Section D.
    DNC Rules, Rule 20, Section C.1.a.
    DNC Rules, Rule 20.C.5-7 provide several remedies including empowering the Rules & Bylaws committee to implement processes to seat the delegates from an offending state
    DNC Rules, Rule 20 C.7.
    DNC Rules, Rule 20 C.6-7
    DNC Rules, Rule 13 A.
    DNC Rules, Rule 19 B., Rule 20.

    Friendly nod to HillaryResponders for this info.

  7. I don’t know about Dean but Brazile supports Hillary, however as a DNC Official, Brazile is loyal to the Democratic Party. In the end she, including Dean will to support and defend whomever wins the primary and right now, it looks like it’s Obama.

    Clinton may lead Obama in the popular vote but its the delegates, DELEGATES that determine the nominee, not the popular vote.

    Who says that the SuperDelegates are supposed to wait until the Convention? Hillary already had her SD endorsements squared away before the primaries even began. How do I know? Well some of them switched their endorsements from Clinton to Obama.

    I don’t trust polls. There are many polls out there and each one give a different result. Polls change almost everyday. One day, Clinton is ahead the next day it’s Obama or McCain. No one will know who the winner will be until the General Election.

  8. Lady boomer nyc,
    Your arguments are one sided and delusional at best.
    And I would argue disingenuous.
    Or at least your candidate is. They all signed pledges in agreement with the DNC rules to punish Florida & Michigan for moving their dates up. Hillary was in agreement with this until it became obvious that she would not be the inevitable nominee after Super Tuesday.
    She has not been victimized. She has sought to change the rules, and move the goal posts to suit her needs, and ambitions. Not those of the voters. If she truly wants to make sure no voter is disenfranchised, she should be arguing as forcefully for the inclusion of the voters in the caucus states.
    I would also add that it is arguably true that many voters were absolutely disenfranchised in both Florida & Michigan upon being told that their votes did not count. And they stayed home rather than voting. How can you count their votes?
    I think protesting on Saturday, while it is certainly your right to do so, will serve to divide the party further. An organized chaos of sorts!
    Ultimately, I do not believe it will get Mrs Clinton the nomination. What it might do, is extend the chaos into August.
    History shows that brokered conventions have produced nominees that lose in the general election.

  9. Get on the bus and loudly protest Harold Ickes, and Terry McAuliffe, If you are so hell bent on changing the decision of the DNC to penalize Fla. & Michigan.
    Clinton’s own supporters were responsible for this rule.
    Lordy, can’t any of you see the forest for the trees?
    She was the inevitable candidate, this was her race to lose.
    She ran an inept campaign. Filled with truth twisting, deceit,
    cries of sexism. Let’s not forget the reprehensible invocation of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination to validate her continuing on.
    Do you really think she is acting Presidential? She seems desperately obtuse!
    Her campaign is nearly bankrupt. Imagine the good she will do for the economy!!

    The day after the PA primary, Hillary & Terry McAuliffe came out with the triumphant assertion that her campaign had raised $10 million.
    According to the FEC, Clinton took in $1,738,154.61 on April 23 and $2,578,730.28 on April 24.
    Oops, another misspeak.

    As a woman, I would love to see our country elect a woman as President. Not this woman, not this time. She lacks the integrity,selflessness, honesty, & decency to be our President.

  10. Christina…You are useless at the very least!!!! Go play with your toys. You have not been you obviously have no clue to what its like not being heard or what its like not having your vote counted. The people did not choose to vote early…You goofy Howard Dean did. After this election..all Democrats will get together and throw Howard Dean and his cronies out on the street. If you do not likey…then you can join them!!!!

  11. Lets all make some noise at the DNC on Saturday!!!! Throw Ho-weird Dean and the big Brazile woman out on their butts where they belong!!!

  12. I have been a Democrat all my life, but I WILL NOT VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA IF HE IS NOMINATED.–not because he is half black and half white. You talk about Hillary not telling the truth–what about Barack? The lies in his books-Selma got me born, daddy was a goat herder, doesn’t remember Auchi. There is a list of 76 and still counting. What about Farrakan and Wright? That’s where he has gotten a lot of his money or maybe he got it from his great uncle who freed the concentration survivors at Auchweitz. He tells how wonderful his mother was–strange he basically disowned her at the age of 12. He would not know the truth if it bit him in the butt. I’m not even going into detail about rumors of his bi-sexuality, current drug use or his disgusting actions on his airplane. Quit drinking the Kool-Aid and wake up before it is too late.

  13. Brenda – The list of 76 — got one? I’d love to see it and post all or some of it.

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