Obama Early Investors: Still Time To Get Out

I began this piece five days ago, but blog news years must be like dog years so it feels like five times seven days ago. Hillary has taught me that I should finish what I started, so here’s some of why I stand by her. It’s a heart thing. Sadly, I’m sometimes propelled by the outrageous behavior of her Democratic rival, which typifies the kind of politics as usual that he derides. Here’s my take. It’s not analysis, not based in numbers, but admittedly based in passion.

In his opening remarks in Watertown, SD on Friday afternoon, May 16, 2008, Barack Obama praised Tom Daschle as “an early investor.” (Hmm: All of those early investors. I wonder if it’s too late for them to get out?) Why do I say that?

Let’s begin with the week of the three-way, er Bush/McCain vs. Obama dog fight. Obama’s campaign speech is covered on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News in the middle of the day, to counter the President’s remarks comparing [Obama/Dems] to Nazi appeasers in WWII. There’s a nose scratch as he mentions Bush’ name.

Obama derides Bush that instead of celebrating and offering some new ideas about how to move the Middle East forward, he has targeted his remarks towards our domestic election while he’s in a foreign country, Israel, on occasion of their 60th anniversary. (true)

“Booo, Booo,” says Watertown, SD.

Obama takes the gloves off, and pontificates, as he delivers the one-two:

“So much for civility.”

He goes on [paraphrasing]: If George Bush wants to have a debate about defending the US of A . . . that is a debate I’ll have any time, any where.

Wait. Stop. Oh no heditnt. He’ll go head to head with the leader of the free world (an intellectual midget, also not running), or his presumed opponent, but he’s afraid to go head to head with a girl? (Sorry, but I’m making a point here.) Obama declined to debate Hillary on a flat bed truck. He declined an invitation for a 1/2 hour slot in a Portland Town Hall, so Hillary was offered and snagged the whole hour. Besides that . . . so much for a new style of politics.

In his speech on that day, Obama names every modern American Democratic President–Truman, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Carter–except Bill Clinton as an example of US diplomacy successes. I felt really embarrassed that he treated Bill that way, and I think it’s endemic in his campaign. If I were Bill, I’d be furious about now. Why didn’t he list Bill Clinton for his administration’s Middle East, Ireland, and Bosnia diplomatic efforts? (Wouldn’t that have been the generous thing to do, just as Hillary stood with you in pushing back at Bush?) Every President but Clinton? It was just plain rude. Yes, Clinton made mistakes, so have they all. The black community still loved him, despite or perhaps because of his transgressions, for years they loved him. And now, he’s like dirt in same community? Who caused that, who spread that through the electorate? Obama did. Bill Clinton took our country to unprecedented heights on many levels. But to hear Obama, it was as if he’d been wiped off the map. Goose gander.

Obama goes for direct hits on McCain/Bush: Israel, Iran, McCain’s 100 year Iraq war, tough vs. weak stances, talk, and negotiations.

The reason Bush attacked Obama (and why Obama thought as much) was due to his stance in the debates in opposition to Hillary Clinton. Obama said he would sit down with our enemies, including terrorist and rogue nations unconditionally. Hillary disagreed. She said there absolutely would have to be pre-conditions and that the President would not be part of those lower level meetings until certain standards were met, that it would be foolish to do otherwise. I didn’t hear that mentioned at all in the news on Thursday when the story broke via Bush’s Knesset speech. Then Hillary HAD to support him, but her stance was, and still is, that she would talk to those terrorist-controlled nations with pre-conditions. I support that.

Hillary and Bill weren’t even mentioned in this tussle. Nor did Obama have the good political manners to thank Ms. Clinton for taking the gracious stance on his and the party’s behalf in her statement when the story broke.

“The change that we’re sinking, seeking” — I swear he said that.

Then it turned into a town hall, where a local asked a family farm question, fuel, input costs. He was in bad shape financially, hope-wise. In response, Obama tried to do a Hillary move, which is to listen and be compassionate. The news was beginning to cut away for comments, but I could hear the gist:

Obama listened and repeated exactly what the young farmer had said, “Your prices have gone up, just like those at the pump.”

Wow, that’s a revelation, and an amazing summation.

A fourth generation rancher talked about how all the kids leave the ranches and farms, because they can’t make it, there’s nothing for them there.

Obama’s response, summarizing again, “Capital considerations are prohibitive.”

Dude was all business, pure corporate businessman. I didn’t see an ounce of compassion, and the speakers just sat there looking kind of uncomfortable. Take two aspirin, call me in the morning. I didn’t feel any heart swells, no glorious answers from above, especially no violins, none at all. Farmers, ranchers whose families had lived there for hundreds of years, really pouring out their troubles to him. It was like: Losing the farm. Check. Gas costs are breaking us. Check. It’s so bad that our kids don’t want to carry on in their family business, and we’re afraid of losing it all. Check.

The depth and breadth of Hillary’s heart makes me feel better. I think they would have felt better had she been the one to answer. Then in her typical fashion, she’d offer them some real solutions instead of parroting back their problems. That’s old school for you.

Early investors, I want you to know, you can get out; it’s not too late. You can change your vote.

The interesting thing about being invisible is that you can be stealthy, and use it to your advantage. We used to say that if parents aren’t in agreement, kids will find the holes and run roughshod through them. Things are getting reversed, and Bill and Hillary have proved not to be the establishment but the kids. Idealistic at heart, but wizened enough to have actual plans to back it up.

It’s been well noted that Hillary’s gigantic 41 point West Virginia win was stomped on by Edwards’ endorsement, followed by the aforementioned 3-way. The cherry was when Campbell Brown and many other anchors? at CNN and MSNBC were calling last week, right after Sen. Clinton’s trouncing of Obama, “the first week of the national election between Obama and McCain.” Oh, and then she trounced him again last night, May 20, in Kentucky taking 65.5 to his 30 percent of the vote.

Women and men rallied to her side. None of us could believe ourselves, but independently people were coming to their own conclusions and talking about it. The DNC, who stood by when MI and FL could have resolved ages ago, was warned: You are about to have a voter revolt on your hands.

7 thoughts on “Obama Early Investors: Still Time To Get Out

  1. As a point of clarification from a member of the “black community” it wasn’t Obama who caused Bill backlash. It was Bill and Co. when they made comments like “Jesse Jackson won South Carolina too.” It also didn’t help to have folks say things like “Clinton was the first black president” (thankfully the intelligent folks who made these asinine comments – cough Maya Angelou cough- have since backed down from them).

    Also, candidates who are running out of money (and losing in polls) often call for debates in order to generate free press and get their name out. Why did HRC want a debate in Oregon and not Kentucky? Seems to me like everyone (including and perhaps especially Obama) is interested in playing politics. The only reason people seem to be getting so animated (i think we fall into this category LBNYC) is because of the identity politics hard at work. Why else would Harold Ikes the architect of the plan to strip Fl and MI of their delegates be so up in arms about them being enfranchised now?

  2. thanks for sending me this. Heart only goes so far unless you can back it up with policies. And Hillary’s big wonky brain does that.

    Obama doesn’t care about poor people, struggling people, of any color. We have a long history of seeing that Hillary does. We saw her stand up for NY firefighters when Guliani was selling them down the river. In contrast we have Obama being uber friendly with Rezco while his constituents lived in Rezco’s slums.

    We’ve had 8 years of a country that doesn’t care about people’s struggles (Katrina anyone) and we are about to hit a hailstorm of financial woes that will look a whole hell of a lot like the Great Depression. We need a Roosevelt. A big idea person with the strength to turn those ideas into action. Hillary is that person. Obama just looks like an overwhelmed Hoover in comparison.

  3. Red Queen: You’re welcome, thanks for stopping by and weighing in–absolutely, I agree. Hillary’s got the big brain, the plans, and the compassion. When not trying to combat the rampant sexism flying around in this campaign, and warn about the deep hole America’s jumping into, I try to broadcast Hillary’s extensive progressive policy record, plans, speeches, and talks. I still don’t understand how all these longtime big wig Dems, smart progressive, um mostly men, leaders don’t get the difference. We’re being sold a bunch of snake oil by a community organizer, right here in river city.

  4. Nathan, actually it was Toni Morrison who dubbed Bill Clinton the first black President way back in the 90’s. Before you became the newly energized voter when Bill Clinton was respected for all the work he has done his entire life for the Black community.

    Further, sorry, ladyboomer is right. It was the Obama campaign that started the race baiting.
    It started the morning after they lost New Hampshire and were coming out of the shock,. Jesse Jackson Jr. went on TV and claimed Hillary Clinton didn’t cry for the people of Hurricane Katrina… and intimated that she was a racist because she teared up momentarily.

    Then was South Carolina. Again, Bill Clinton was attacked as racist about the SC remark. I watched when he said it and when the pundits were covering it. It wasn’t till later the meme started that it was racism. He wasn’t saying anything that the pundits didn’t say before him.He was doing a quick analysis. There were only two other Dem’s who have won SC in quite some time. Jackson and Clinton himself. II suppose Ihe could have said “I won SC too. Oh, what wonderful fodder that would give you.

    I think it is shameful what the Obama campaign and the media has done to the clintons.
    The media have had a vendetta against them for some time because they finally closed ranks against them during his presidency, being tired of the tenor of what MSM has become I would imagine… the “gotcha” crap.

    It is disheartening to see the AA community turning on them as well. Not because they are voting fopr Obama. I totally get that, but to turn against them in their support of Obama is very sad. The most despicable elements of this campaign though are the resurrection of neocon meme’s by Obama supporters. The hatemongering and pushing of the lies and rumors about Hillary Clinton put out in the 90’s by the neocons when they were intent on destroying her… and him, but primarily her is unforgivable.

    You wonder why people are angry? You wonder why people are threatening to not vote for Obama? this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    There are many more reasons.

    I will tell you that I was an Obama supporter and stayed one even after he arrogantly proclaimed he could get her supporters but she couldn’t get his. when he added she was too polarizing… a neocon talking point BTW. I was upset, but I stayed. Even after the race baiting by JJ Jr. (his father by the way said when asked no, he didn’t think what Bill said… “we all know what’s going on here.”) duh.I stayed after his wife said she didn’t know if she could support Hillary, we would just have to see. And after SC comments… about the time of the LBJ?MLK acciusations of racism I started getting extremely pissed off. I couldn’t make any more ecuses. It wasn’t a misunderstanding, an over sensitivity,it was a pattern of playing the race card whenever it was time to win another primary.
    It was and is politics as usual.
    If you want to believe any meme that comes down the pike from david Axelrod and the MSM that is your choice, your right. If you experience these things in line with what you are told they are, that is also your choice. Other people see them differently and it is our right. We are not all bitter old tyoical white racists as you seem to portray us. We are from all walks of life and we aren’t supporting Hillary against Barack. (though it often seems Obama supporters are supporting him as an opposition to her.) We are supporting her because we took the time to research both candidates, weight their weaknesses and strengths and make a determination on who we believed would be best for the country. It took the race baiting, sexism and neocon memes for me to take a deeper look at both candidates and research deeper into their backgrounds. I am ashamed to say I was riding a wave of emotion and personality that did feel good but doesn’t live up to the hype if you are an objective human being. Some of us, trained in critical thinking and objectivity couldn’t keep our iontellect from saying hold on there, did you hear what he said? What are they doing to Bill?
    Whoa now.

    Look up some info on Axelrod and astroturfing and see how connected he is in Chicago politics and what his other business is. Business weekly has an excellent article.

    Sorry Ladyboomer. I think I took over.



  5. PS, sorry about all the typos!

    I put your feed into my blog list.
    Good stuff.
    I should go back to mine instead of posting lengthy comments on everyone elses!

  6. Dear ohmercy,

    Thanks for your great comment! Exactly! Some things I hadn’t been too clear on, like what’d happened in SC. I appreciate your giving us the rundown.

    I get so into putting my blog together, reading, writing, expressing what I think is not just my voice and what I’m seeing, but what others must be as well. The synergy of these apparently upsidedown views seems to be building–finally, thank God. I don’t always have the where-with-all or know-it-all or time to answer, although I’ve been sitting here for two months writing. So . . . No apologies necessary, you took a load off.

    Thanks for adding my feed to your list. Please send link to your blog.

    Nathan: What she said.

  7. ohmercy,

    Thank you so much for your comment. It was very informative. I also had trouble understanding the SC comment so I appreciate it having been put into perspective. I will be circulating your comment to my fellow Hillary supporters.


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