Clinton Kentucky Crusher Part 2

Part 2 of Hillary Clinton’s March 20, 2008 Presidential Primary victory speech in Louisville, KY where the “nominee whoever she may be” spoke to her jubilant supporters.

Kentucky has a knack for picking Presidents — this state delivered two terms to a President named Clinton . . . and it’s often been said that as Kentucky goes so goes the nation.

Neither Senator Obama nor I has won the 2,010 delegates required to secure the nomination, and because this race is so close, still separated by less than 200 delegates out of more than 4,400, neither Senator Obama nor I will have reached that magic number when the voting ends on June 3. So our party will have a tough choice to make:

Who’s ready to lead our paty at the top of the ticket?

Who is ready to defeat Senator McCain in the swing states and among swing voters?

Who’s ready to rebuild the economy, end the war in Iraq, protect our national security as Commander in Chief?

Who is ready on day one to lead?

3 thoughts on “Clinton Kentucky Crusher Part 2

  1. borealdreams: You aren’t tired of “Yes, we can” and “hope” and “change”? The truth is she wins the states that do help pick presidents, whether because of some historic fluke, like WVa or because they are big electoral states. She can beat McCain. I’d think Democrats would want that, but apparently male privilege is more important than anything else, because party leaders are ready to go down in flames for Obama.

  2. borealdreams: Your second post has been deleted. This is a Hillary friendly site. Go commiserate and rant with your buddies at dk. Not appropriate here, especially to rain on someone’s victory parade after your candidate got trounced by 35 points in the race.

  3. Hans: Please don’t use my site to come over and attempt to start an argument with your inflammatory and accusatory language, blast me and Hillary supporters, then blast me again for not pulling out the welcome mat for you. Why would you want to do that? It’s just uncivil. I have every right to publish who I want on my blog. I made myself clear in the previous post, and you don’t want to take the hint. Waste of time. Bye.

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