Clinton Clinches Kentucky!

Kentucky crusher:

Clinton 449,145 65%

Obama 209,771 30%

658,916 Total votes

Hillary Clinton gave a rousing victory speech as she clinched the Kentucy primary.

What propels us is the struggle to realize America’s promise.

In her speech, we are here to fulfill the ideals our founders promised to uphold.

Senator Ted Kennedy is one of the greatest progressive leaders in our party’s history and one of the most effective leaders in our country’s history. He is my friend, and he is my inspiration. . . five extraordinary decades of service to our country . . . He’s been with us in our fights, and we’re with him now in his.

Important victory . . . sound of your overwhelming vote of confidence. Some have said your votes didn’t matter and the campaign was over. . .that every vote shouldn’t count, but that didn’t stop you. You didn’t give up on me, and I’ll never give up on you.

We’re winning the popular vote.

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