Sexist Treatment: Sen. Clinton Weighs In

In ABC News’ “Sexism: Clinton’s Latest Vast Conspiracy?” the framing of the title says it all, doesn’t it? If you wonder about the truth of what’s being said, just read some of the comments on their website. I’ve included several below the excerpted article:

In unusually blunt comments, Clinton told the Washington Post that sexism has played a larger role in the campaign than racism and that it has cost her and her supporters.

“It’s been deeply offensive to millions of women. I believe this campaign has been a groundbreaker in a lot of ways,” Clinton said. “But it certainly has been challenging given some of the attitudes in the press.”

Clinton, the first woman to make a serious bid for a major party’s presidential nomination, said she did not think that racism was a factor in her bruising battle with Sen. Barack Obama.

Instead, she said, “The manifestation of some of the sexism that has gone on in this campaign is somehow more respectable, or at least more accepted.”

She added, “It does seem as though the press at least is not as bothered by the incredible vitriol that has been engendered by the comments and the actions of people who are nothing but misogynists.”

Article comments, which are on the milder side of what’s out there, range from:

Based on my observations and those of others I have shared reflections with, here are the reasons Hillary will not be the Democratic nominee. Many people like myself do not empathize with “whiners” and Clinton was always whining instead of staying focused on the issues. The term is NOT a sexist term.


Give the people a kinder, gentler woman instead of a power-hungry beyotch and it would be a different race. Hillary was smug and arrogant from the beginning, took too much for granted and now is crying that it’s not fair, so she pulls out the sexism card like it was the only reason she lost.


I’m a male, and I have seen comments about Hillary, that my father would have slapped my face for saying. I guess it really is how you are brought up. I truly believe America is dead Morally. It used to be just politicians, now its spreading to the people.
WaPo interviewer Lois Romano, in a May 19, 2008 audio interview posted at top, asked Hillary’s opinion about why women are so “pissed off” (interviewer’s words) about the sexism in this campaign. It’s a great piece, and I encourage you to listen. (If audio player here gives you trouble, you can access it via WaPo link.)
Senator Clinton says that she will win because she is the stronger candidate, and according to the electoral map, she is the one who can win the general election against John McCain, that all people should have a chance to vote, and that MI and FL should be resolved. She is insightful in her understanding of women:
. . . every poll I’ve seen, show more people would be reluctant to vote for a woman than for an African American–which rarely gets reported on either. (LadyBoomerNYC–which is BTW the same thing I told my Israeli hairdresser last year, who didn’t believe me.)
Oppression of women and discrimination against women is universal. You can go to places in the world where there are no racial distinctions, except everyone is joined together in their oppression of women. I mean, the treatment of women is the single biggest problem we have, politically and socially in the world. If you look at the extremism and the fundamentalism, it is all about controlling women at its base.
The idea that we would have a Presidential campaign in which so much of what has occurred that has been very sexist would be just shrugged off, I think is a very unfortunate commentary about the lack of seriousness that should be applied to any kind of discrimination and prejudice. I’ve spent my entire life trying to stand up for civil rights and women’s rights and human rights, and I abhor it wherever discrimination is present.
Beautifully and presidentially spoken, Senator, with the quality, mood, and attitude of a World Leader who understands people.

2 thoughts on “Sexist Treatment: Sen. Clinton Weighs In

  1. Ann: Nobody’s trying to compare or be a victim. It’s not about her; people, anyone shouldn’t be treated so despicably. I want a President who stands up to and calls it what it is. And if Hillary had flicked Obama off her shoulder? Please don’t broadcast hateful, inflammatory Hillary language or opinions here.

  2. I stand by my post and see no misinformation in it, and I stand by my assessment of your reply.

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