Hillary Clinton Oregon KGW Town Hall Pt 1 (Updated with Pt 2&3)

I’ve been looking for this. Finally, here it is! Check out Hillary’s ideas and plans. She thinks big, and she’s got action steps to back it up. Here’s Part 1 of Hillary Clinton on KGW’s Town Hall–KGW and KGW.com, News for Oregon and SW Washington, May 16, 2008. (Can’t seem to embed so there was the link.)

To recap: Sen. Clinton was gracious in rightfully, but delicately thumbing her nose at Obama for refusing to debate, or show up for the town hall saying, “that wasn’t to be.” (Why would he ever again after his previous stumbles debating her simply on the issues. It was Obama’s stance in the debates that left him open to this last week’s three-way tussle with Bush and McCain, when he declared he’d meet unconditionally with rouge nations and terrorist leaders. In same debate, Hillary said The President needs pre-conditions and why.)

Asked and answered in Part 1: Hillary’s plans for health insurance with background thinking, along with withdrawal of our troops from Iraq. She said she has been there three times, and each time was told the same story by the Iraqi government. She asserted that the only way things will change is when they see they don’t have a blank check. She would also have us engage in an intensive diplomatic effort in the region and determine how neighbor nations will help prevent civil war. (Been there three times, and I can’t push away from the computer and get off the couch?)

She assailed Bush/McCain for attacking the Democratic Party, but also said she would not meet unconditionally with rogue nations. She referred to the 1950s cold war when there were meetings at all levels to pave the way. Clinton reasoned that one wouldn’t want a meeting at the presidential level to be used for propaganda purposes by the other side, and that promise of a visit can be a spur to get it together.

In response to a question, she gave examples of how youth are getting involved with her campaign online and through issues such as aids for Darfur, and The One Campaign’s US education around the world.


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